Obama Signs Tax Increases – Then Flies Off To Resume $7 MILLION Vacation

Barack Obama proves once again he has absolutely no shame.  Puffing his chest out and claiming a fiscal cliff victory and a “balanced” approach that raises taxes without reducing the size of government, Barack Obama then zoomed away aboard Air Force One to return to Hawaii and the golf course – at an estimated cost of $3 million dollars to the American taxpayer.


Obama Returns to Hawaii at an Added Cost of Over $3 Million

Air Force One is known to cost about $180,000 an hour to fly. Based on an estimated 18 hours roundtrip flying time for the jet between Washington and Honolulu, the travel cost alone of Obama’s decision to return to Hawaii amounts to around $3.24 million. And that doesn’t include the price tag for the massive security operation required to move the president or the cost of the cargo plane that follows Air Force One around.

…The price tag is in addition to more than $4 million that is already being spent on the Obamas’ Hawaii idyll, bringing the total cost of the excursion to well over $7 million.  LINK


A seven million dollar vacation from the man who wants Americans to “pay their fair share.”

The Age of Obama rolls on…


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    • SallyAl
    • Ah, but he didn’t sign it. He just flew off on a big old jet airliner! OUR big old jet airliner. He may possibly sign it by Robo-pen. Dickhead POS bottom feeding scum sucker jug eared muslim jackass!

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