The Obama Oval Office – Why Does It Look So Crappy?

An earlier post today indicated shock at how rather…cheap the Obama Oval Office appeared in a recent photo.  From the colors to the wall art to the what may very well be the worst drapes of any current national leader in the entire world.  (They really are that bad)  So let’s take a quick compare contrast of today’s Barack Obama Oval Office and compare it to some past presidents.

Stay classy Barack…


Here is the photo of today’s Oval Office that caused many to remark at how badly the decorating was.  Note the odd linoleum-looking table with what appears to be plastic apples placed as a centerpiece.  The couches, from the material to the coloring, hardly seem fitting for the workplace of the Leader of the Free World.  But perhaps it’s those oddly colored drapes in the background that truly shock most people’s fashionable senses.  And are the painted lines on the wall there to make the Oval Office appear thinner?  Yikes.


This is the George W. Bush Oval Office from 2008.  Much more solid colored – and no sign of any pinkish hue in those drapes.  And that coffee table is proper presidential stuff right there.


Clinton-era Oval Office.  Definitely a red-white-and blue motif going on here, but again, no sign of pink drapes thank God.  And the couches, while a bit bling-bling, do at least provoke the colors of America.  (And are likely great at hiding stains as well.  Sorry…had to go there)


George HW Bush Oval Office.  Just a glimpse of the lighter colored couches – similar to those used by Ronald Reagan.  The gold and grey drapes, though not the best look to grace the Oval Office, are still far superior to those now being used for the Obama years.


Of the last forty or so years, I have been told that Ronald Reagan’s Oval Office was by far the best combination of space and decor of any of his contemporaries.  (Its’ tougher to furnish than you might think, as it’s not nearly as large as most people believe) First Lady Nancy Reagan personally oversaw its update to suite the tastes of her husband and his sunny-California demeanor.  It oozes class, strength, and dignity – just like Ronald Reagan did.  That carpet is amazing.  But wait…those drapes…say it ain’t so!  Ah…the 1980′s…what a growing number are calling the last truly great decade for America…

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28 Comments to The Obama Oval Office – Why Does It Look So Crappy?
    • ShainS
    • LOL. Great research and a great post, UM. That photoshopped picture of Obama is so right on! All that’s missing (or is it simply hidden behind some white boy) is the fuzzy dice! [I don't know where you get these or if you create them yourself, but they're all usually awesome and contribute to the value of the story.]

      And the Reagan Oval Office is awesome, but those drapes — Yikes! — must be the ones Obama used (I’m surprised the Clinton Administration didn’t make off with them and anything else they could get there smarmy little hands on besides the silverware and towels) …

      I’m thinking the Obama desk is really a cardboard cutout (why nobody’s leaning against it) — I don’t recall ever seeing him sitting there working — but, then again, the operative word there is “work” so … maybe it’s legit after all.

    • gena
    • The desk is sturdy enough for Obama to rest his shoes on,have seen him several times sitting back in a chair with the feet up on the desk.
      As to the decor, when you spend your formative years in a shanty town in Indonesia, this is definitely moving on up, you could say. He is probably using the same drapes as Reagan, with forty years of wear and dust on them.
      I would just have to say, the office shows as much class as everything else the man has been involved with or in. Or, to be more specific, very little class. The community organizing offices likely were not too grand and maybe he doesn’t wish to look like a king, yet.

    • silverdust
    • Egads. Barry’s couch looks like something from a 1970′s basement, old, and “give out.” Judging from the way Mooch dresses, that room has her Yeti prints all over it. Who would dare try to offer suggetion re the Oval Orifice when Mooch is sufficiently deluded into believing she’s the epitome of good taste? According to MFM magazine covers, Mooch is the most beautifulest, classiest first lady evah!

      • ShainS
      • LOL. Missed that … excellent observation, Pat.

        There’s nothing else to say that UM hasn’t already said: “Stay classy Barack …”

    • NameBM
    • Irony of Irony, the inserted ad on my page was for just about the same couches starting at $299!!!

      What can we expect from a fraud elected thru fraud and with the support of slakers frauding their way thru the wellfare system?

      A picture is worth a thousand words. This picture speaks volume on many many levels.

    • SBSpecks
    • I think my favorite is either the H.W. Bush or the Clinton layout, personally…Reagan’s is very nice, but I’m not a big fan of the “cream” ambiance personally. I like the darker carpets with the heavy drapes that are a different tone from the walls…

      Good post, UM!

    • Elliott
    • Thank you Ulsterman for the presidential photo-shop. It’s the first sputtering laughter I have had since November.

      Clearance from a Chicago furniture store with the “savings” pocketed would be my first guess. The entire room has a model mobile home vibe. But since the Pres is either on vacation or holed up in his “study” with his ass in a recliner, the Oval Office is only used for photo ops. The study probably looks and smells like an ash tray.

      • SallyAl
      • Hence our “epidemic” flu outbreak that the entire media talks non-stop about.
        Of course, I am a person who back in the 80′s believed that AIDS was a manufactured illness. Still do.

    • Essa
    • It is a grotesque collection of what looks like to be repurposed items procured from dumpster dives, garage sales or purchased from a charity shop. Even the artwork is awful and is an insult on the eyes. The walls and drapes could not clash more, and would make a normal person want to run for their lives as the walls look as if they are going to move in and crush you. The couches look as if they are made from cheap velveteen material with cushions that may swallow a person upon sitting, and the rug looks like what you would find in a low income apartment, making the couches look dirty.

    • E.A.B.
    • I’m no interior decorator, but I don’t mind the colors in the Obama Oval Office.

      What does stand out to me is worn and *cheap* look of the couches. Like someone can’t be bothered to maintain the furniture.

      On the drapes, again I don’t mind the color, but…they don’t even *look* much like drapes. They seem more like fabric trying to look like some kind of alcove.

      Anyone else find it odd that Obama used exactly the same paintings in exactly the same places as Clinton?

    • galloglass
    • It’s really awful. The striped wallpaper, the dorm room couches, the faux stone coffee table, and the pucey-maroon curtains. It’s a train-wreck. Of course ValJar is leaning on her desk.

    • Chunkdog
    • I like Clinton’s and Reagan’s the best.

      I couldn’t stop staring at that Formica 1979 coffee table. Where are the matching beaded curtains?

    • Mark
    • Really? We’re now critquing drapes, tables and color combinations?

      With all of the shit hitting the fan this is the best we can come up with???

      The insiders have provided info on govt sponsored skullduggery ranging from WSI’s info on international banking interests and organized labor activities to WHI’s info on gunrunning, illegal campaign operations and here we sit chatting about drapes, colors, coffee tables, fabric choices in a place we’ll never live in??


      • Kat
      • actually one of the insiders said we should be mocking Obama because that is what he hates the most so it seems like UM is starting to do that. I like it. Obama and all his communist cronies are pathetic jokes. Mock them 24/7 and watch them crumble.

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