Valerie Jarrett’s All Too Appropriate Sneaky Photo Op…

As the liberal media pretends to voice just a bit of disappointment in Dear Leader due to his lack of diversity in choosing new members of his cabinet with a now infamous Oval Office photo, there was a nearly unseen female in that photo whose positioning in the shot speaks volumes as to the dynamics of the Obama administration.

While the above photo has stirred just a bit of criticism for the Obama White House’s penchant as a nearly all-white male boys club, (ahem) look closely at the person who is closest to the presidential desk in the Oval Office.  That is Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett (her leg anyways)  - the de facto President of the United States.  This photo then is an almost perfect representation of the Obama White House.  Barack Obama sits detached and separated, lounging in a chair, deferring to the true power residing over at the presidential desk – Valerie Jarrett, who herself is hidden behind the distractionary members of the Obama Cabinet.

Remember, Barack Obama hardly meets with his own cabinet – his administration is ruled by an assortment of non-Congressional-approved czars.  And those czars work in conjunction with mandates set down by Valerie Jarrett.

Now on a rather unrelated side-note, has the decor of the Oval Office ever looked so tacky and tasteless? What is up with those drapes?  The couch set looks like something you would see on the curb with a FREE sign hanging from it.  And let us hope those aren’t plastic apples sitting atop what looks like a cheaply made table covered in linoleum.

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14 Comments to Valerie Jarrett’s All Too Appropriate Sneaky Photo Op…
    • ShainS
    • “Now on a rather unrelated side-note, has the decor of the Oval Office ever looked so tacky and tasteless?”

      Well, I’d say it’s appropriate — the entire background screams an overall sense of “Pink!” — which fits the Puppet President so well in oh so many ways …

      • ShainS
      • Hi Jolene,

        It’s the dark pant leg just to the right of the center of the Desk, behind the pudgy dude standing in the center (his head is in the middle window) with the light blue shirt and light brown pants — who’s otherwise completely covering Jarrett’s body …

    • Mark
    • ** Off Topic**

      It appears that another school shooting has taken place a few minutes ago. If you haven’t purchased a firearm for self / home protection….DO IT NOW! You might not be able to in a few days or next week. They are now talking “executive order” to clamp down on high volume magazine clips / weapons.

      The people in the above photo will not rest until disarming has been completed.

    • Jules
    • ValJar the Vengeful is standing behind the boys with a tazer as Barry is saying,

      “I guess you’re wondering why I called you all here. Now boys, what you didn’t know is is [sic - he loves the double 'is'] thaaaaat this was a test.

      “Why did only two of you pick up an apple? I see you taking a bite, big boy, good job.

      “Don’t tell me it’s because you have your hands full. I can see your papers, but you each have another free hand. Valerie will explain the significance, but let this be a lesson to you. Aaaaaah have to go to the gym now.”

    • silverdust
    • What happened to that WHI report that senior dem party members were getting sick up and fed with ValJar and were planning a little comeuppance for the Chicago thugette who didn’t pay her dues?

      • Kat
      • Never was a report like that. I remember though WSI saying the media was going to come out with some expose type stories on Jarrett and about 2 weeks later that is exactly what happened. The we never even heard from her and it seems like she is still laying low. Calling the shots from behind the curtain. And I agree that his Oval office looks awful!!!!! this is what $16 trillion deficit gets us?? My living room looks better than this. Yuck!!!!!!!!

    • ShainS
    • It’s abundantly evident that this Administration the country needs an Oval Office Decorating Czar …

    • gena
    • It looks like, can I say it, a Persian carpet type runner on top of the table to me, which Jarrett probably picked up for Barry last time she ran over there to do his talking to I’maDinnerJacket.
      How can anyone expect class in decorating from this group of clowns when they show no class in anything else. Guess Emily Post wasn’t taught to kids in Shanty Town Indonesia where Barry grew up at least until he was 10 or 11 years old.
      People who wonder why he doesn’t care for our flag or the pledge need to realize that unlike most American presidents he did not grow up saying the pledge or saluting the flag every morning, he spent the equivalent of elementary school attending an Islamic madras school where he was no doubt taught hatred for America and the American way of life, which he does not openly express but obviously feels.

      • SallyAl
      • Gena, I fully expect to see a green flag flying over our White House as soon as the jugeared jackass lies about taking the oath of office again. And you know what? Our Congridiots will not do a damn thing about it!

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