Rand Paul Set To Take On The Clinton Machine – And Likens Obama To A Monarch

Clearly testing the national stage waters ahead of a potential 2016 run for president, Senator Rand Paul is already levelling harsh criticism of outgoing Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ahead of her testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

(Don’t think Senator Rand Paul’s words will go unnoticed by the Clinton machine…)


EXCERPT (via Business Insider)

Rand Paul To Hammer Hillary Clinton On Benghazi: ‘It Was A Career-Ending Mistake’

“I think she has to accept responsibility for Benghazi,” Paul told Business Insider during his recent trip to Israel. ”That’s the problem with government — government is anonymous and so no one is accountable. The reason you want somebody to be accountable is that you don’t want someone to make that decision again.”

Paul added that he plans on demanding Clinton explain what she knew about the deteriorating security situation in Libya and provide details about who denied requests for additional security personnel at the consulate in Benghazi. 

“In government, there is usually an incentive to overspend when it comes to security,” he said. “You’re in charge of security in Benghazi and someone asks you for a 16-person detail — and the security people on the ground in Libya are asking you for it — it’s impossible to say no. So how did someone possibly say no to that security? That’s an incredible ineptness.” 

“It was an enormous mistake,” he added. “It was a career-ending mistake, I think.”    LINK


Senator Paul has done a couple of things here.  First, he is giving a rather strong suggestion little to nothing the Obama administration has said by way of explaining the Benghazi Massacre makes sense.  Second, he is already sizing up and dealing a blow to a potential 2016 political rival in the form of Hillary Clinton.

Rand Paul is already proving himself a capable politician and emerging leader within the GOP.

In addition to his comments about Hillary Clinton, Paul made certain to take on Barack Obama directly as well – likening the current president to a monarch, and reminding reporters that the American people already fought to overthrow one monarch, and would be in no mood to accept another.

Strong stuff.

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4 Comments to Rand Paul Set To Take On The Clinton Machine – And Likens Obama To A Monarch
    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/2013/01/kill-thy-muslim-and-love-thy-obama.html?m=1

      FTA: an except from the always interesting, stream of consciousness…of LameCherry

      Have you noticed after ANALGATE in all the election crimes of B. Hussein Obama, that he just has disappeared from the foreign policy stage after Hillary Clinton’s brain exploded?

      You do remember that dashing Obama of four years ago who was launching predator strikes as often as he was pulling his dick out of his pants to take a piss right?

      You remember the tens of thousands of dead Muslims Obama piled up in four years, including the twice dead corpse of Ossama bin Laden, whose hidden photos will either reveal a stand in, or a problem revealing a date signature of wrong cause of death as he was killed in 2001 by Pakistani’s and not SEALS……..

      I digress………

      See there is a problem in the Barack Obama playground, as someone has ordered him to go back to America and assault Americans on gun control and illegals or they are going to wise up and put ANALGATE together and start a revolution and bring B. Hussein to Justice.

      What is behind this is Obama is being blackmailed by everyone in Eurasia. I’m surprise the Lebanese Ossarians have not published this in their press as they can not keep a secret. It though has all affected the Obama master nuclear plan in the Middle East.

      You do recall just a few months ago how Bashir Assad was on the Obama hit list in Syria just had to be given over to Obama’s al Qaeda terrorists. Now Assad is setting the terms in this “humanitarian disaster” in stating he is going to run for re election.
      What is that 30,000 Syrians butchered by Obama terrorists, set off by his Iraqi ambassador a year ago, and all Obama has to show for it, is Bahsir Assad dictating how the new elections are going to be handled.

      Do not count Obama out in any of this, as he really wants the Jews out of nukes. The problem in this though for Americans is Obama has been ordered to focus upon you. That was sort of unhealthy for former Obama friends like Khadaffi and Mubarak.
      Hell Mubarak’s stocks are rising too in he is supposed to get a new trial.

      The entire Middle East is in bedlam, and Barry Chin is the cause in trying to put this communist caliph together. It though all went up the arse over Chris Stevens, and now Americans are the target by this foreign agent, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin.

      Perhaps it is not funny, but in ways it is amusing that Obama’s terrorists have degraded from suicide bombers to getting their 70 virgins in Syria as rape is the choice of terror in Syria by Obama forces.
      Muhammed had a sex problem and the Germans remember Stalin’s lust of using rape on all things female there after World War II in breeding a new mongrel Russian German race.

      Yes we heard in the debates with Mitt Romney how Obama was going to do all these magical things, and the interesting part is, Obama literally has disappeared from the foreign policy stage in the worst of events and times.
      His terrorists in Mali are handed off to French for extermination. Nuclear Iran is not even mentioned. No one hates Netanyahu of the Jews any more. Libyan anal terror in tracking down those Obama donors is not mentioned. Egypt is in bed with Iran. Turkey arming terrorists and Obama is AWOL.
      Yes it is a new order in the Middle East and Obama has been sent back to America to have little blonde school girls between his legs.

      I can give you a little of the chessboard to start you thinking on this. Turkey has been promised in part a “greater Turkey” or a lesser Ottoman Empire in this, including parts of Syria, Armenian and Kurdish Iraq…..IF things get simmering again.

    • Jules
    • HRC has her own sob story. ” AFTER being rocked by a string of devastating med­ical problems, Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON is now facing her most heartbreaking challenge – going completely blind…

      “She cried out, ‘I’m going blind!’ after doctors presented her with a worse-case scenario.”

      “While Hillary’s physicians have said there was no neurological dam­age associated with the blood clot and they expect her to make a full recovery, sources close to the family believe that the prognosis is a smoke screen to cover up the severity of what she’s really facing.”

      Yeah, so the Clinton Machine’s greatest weapon, Bubba, known to turn the water works on and off with ease, may be cryin’ real tears for the camera if anyone goes after poor, beleaguered Hillary.

      “She cried out, ‘I’m going blind!’ after doctors presented her with a worse-case scenario.

      …”Hillary’s had a history of health woes that began more than a decade ago. She suffered a blood clot in her knee in 1998. Seven years later, she passed out in public from a stom­ach virus. Four years after that, she broke her elbow in a fall, and in 2011, she collapsed while boarding a plane.

      “But going blind is the last thing Hillary ever thought she’d face,” said the source. “She’s worried sick about what’s to come.”


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