Obamacare Set To Crash Entire Private Healthcare System – Force State-Run Coverage

Lost in the myriad of reviews on Barack Obama’s second inauguration was this very interesting (and depressing) column clearly outlining the looming danger that Obamacare now poses for the entire healthcare system in the United States.  And make no mistake – this result was  INTENDED to usher in the era of total government control of how you will be born, how you will live, and how you will die…

(Remember the media ignoring when Barack Obama said at some point a dying patient needs to just “take a pill” and prepare for death?  Well America…that time is now.)



We Told You So

As the Affordable Care Act–otherwise known as ObamaCare–begins to be implemented, we are seeing its first big consequence: it is making care less affordable.

…Lo and behold, we see reports today that insurance premiums are going up partly because of “new federal rules that increase the services that health insurers are required to include in the health plans they sell.”

…The rising premiums are bad enough in themselves, but they raise the prospect of crashing the whole structure of the health insurance system created by ObamaCare.

…But I don’t think that’s any kind of mystery. The consequences of ObamaCare–particularly the built-in “death spiral”–are so predictable that I don’t think the legislation’s architects can profess innocence. From the beginning, I have had suspicions, so to speak, that a stable health insurance industry was not the goal of ObamaCare. Rather, I warned: “It is an attempt to turn health insurance into what the left really wants: another welfare program in which everyone is entitled to free benefits, mandated by the government.”

…It smashes private health care–then leaves us stranded in the rubble, at which point we will be expected to come crawling back to the same people who caused the disaster and ask them to save us.”

The first half of our predictions from 2009 are already coming true. I am afraid that we’re going to have to come back in another few years, after the second half has come to fruition, and say once again: we told you so.   LINK


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6 Comments to Obamacare Set To Crash Entire Private Healthcare System – Force State-Run Coverage
    • ShainS
    • Any rational individual familiar with the history of socialized medicine as well as ObamaCare’s origins (even HillaryCare’s) knew the intended end actual results from the beginning … and why I’ll NEVER FORGIVE Chief Justice Roberts’ irrational, unconstitutional, and — yes even — traitorous ruling on ObamaCare.

    • I.M.
    • One wonders just what might have happened if John Roberts truly had a spine and had voted with the conservatives to strike down Obamacare in its entirety. Instead, Roberts got cold feet, remembered how Obama had ripped the Court about Citizens United, and decided he didn’t want to be part of that again. He went along to get along, and look where we are today.

      There will be a special place in hell reserved for Chief Justice Roberts, but first America must endure four years of hell under the second term of Obama. God save us all.

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