Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton: “Had I Been President – You Would Have Been Relieved Of Your Post”

A much needed glimpse of at least one U.S. Senator willing to demand some measure of accountability from outgoing Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Senator Rand Paul makes clear his views on just how inept was Clinton’s leadership at the State Department, and how much blame she truly deserves for the deaths of four Americans at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

(It would seem Senator Rand Paul found Hillary’s role in the Benghazi Massacre to be less than honorable)


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7 Comments to Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton: “Had I Been President – You Would Have Been Relieved Of Your Post”
    • ShainS
    • “Had I been President …”

      Sounds like Sen. Paul is seriously going to take a shot at the 2016 Nomination.

      Agree with Grail Guardian — where’s the indictment of Obama?

      And will ANYBODY ever ask WHY Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi (at a CIA safe house and NOT a “consulate” as has been perpetrated as yet another Big Lie)?

      • ebysan
      • The Obama administration was moving weapons to our Enemy… al Qaeda to topple the Assad regime!!

        This is an Act of Treason against the United States of America!!

        This is an Impeachable offense !!

    • Kay112
    • Well said, but watch your back, Dr./Senator Paul. You are marching to the beat of a different drum and so it is not well received in D.C. Consider this a warning.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • When Americans volunteer for dangerous active duty for this country …and their bosses Obama and Hillarg LIE about their torture and death, lie about the illegal arms running to the enemy, lie about a preposterous video while standing over their caskets, lie about their failed foreign policy, lie about the mortal danger they put our nation in, lie to get themselves re-elected based upon their lies…and Hillary has the temerity to ask “what difference does it make ”

      Does it matter? That liars and evil lead this country?

      And our media applauds the liar in the White House and the liar running the State Department ? It matters…


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