Senator Rand Paul Exposes John Kerry’s Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Using both Barack Obama and John Kerry’s own words against them, Senator Rand Paul corners President Obama’s soon to be confirmed Secretary of State on both the Constitution as well as the daily foreign policy contradictions by the Obama administration.  If only more members of Congress would challenge the Obama authority.  Perhaps Rand Paul’s example will now lead the way for future challenges…

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4 Comments to Senator Rand Paul Exposes John Kerry’s Hypocrisy (VIDEO)
      • SueK
      • M. Simon,

        The only reason I want Lurch Kerry to be confirmed is so that MA can get him out of here. Since he’s been in the Senate, he’s proven himself to be an elitist snob who has done absolutely nothing in his role as ‘Senator.’

        Will he be a lousy SoS who marches in lockstep with the criminal cabal in Washington? Sure, but right now, I want him out of MA; things in this moonbat state are bad enough without Liveshot Kerry and his ketchup queen wife fouling it up even more.

    • RyanMN
    • UM, I spoke with a friend of mine at an agency last weekend while travelling for work (we happened to be in the same city). The Dems are putting some serious money and manpower into an organization designed specifically to marginalize Rand Paul.

      “Perhaps Rand Paul’s example will now lead the way for future challenges…”

      The Dems are certainly expecting him to.

    • SBSpecks
    • Anyone else find Kerry’s stumbling over words to be humorous?

      I think Rand Paul has come out very strong, but that also makes him a target. The man knows the Constitution, he knows the value of small government, and he knows the risks of big government…we need to get ready to start debunking whatever lies and BS the liberals come at him with, and pray he fights back a lot harder than Romney did.

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