Senator Marco Rubio’s Charm Offensive Has Democrats Concerned…

Senator Marco Rubio, just days after Barack Obama was sworn in for a second time, seized upon the immigration reform issue in such a way that several Senate Democrats are joining him, and the most liberal factions of the Mainstream Media are gnashing their teeth in frustration over their inability to effectively diminish the rising star within the GOP.  Yesterday even Rush Limbaugh, long an opponent against earlier attempts to reform immigration law in America, praised Rubio for his efforts.  When a Republican proves capable of convincing both Democrats and conservatives on one of the most divisive issues in American politics, is it any wonder liberals in the media are sounding the alarm against the most powerful Hispanic member of the U.S. Senate?

(When it comes to dynamic up and comers, it appears the Republicans hold the clear advantage over the tired and increasingly dysfunctional Democrats.  Listen to Marco Rubio’s conversation with Rush Limbaugh below.)


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26 Comments to Senator Marco Rubio’s Charm Offensive Has Democrats Concerned…
    • BigTexas
    • I really like Rubio. The guy is smart. That interview with Rush shows just how quick on his feet he is. He cold pummel a soft head like Obama easy. Just watch some people say he isn’t a “natural born citizen” though. Theres the fringe people who will throw that crap at him and I would not be surprised if its actually coming from Democrats. They really fear Rubio big time. Rubio was born in Florida. He is a natural born citizen. Period. Stop with all the conspiracy crap that gives conservatives a dumb as rocks name. Here’s a great article that makes the case and will hopefully shut up most of the idiots out there trying to shut Rubio down. Nice try democrats. We are on to you.

      • E.A.B.
      • It isn’t exactly the Democrats. It’s the Libertarians and Paulbots, mainly, the same ones who refused to vote for Romney and handed Obama his second term.

        They just like socialism better than either Mitt Romney or Marco Rubio.

        • M. Simon
        • The Republicans could always try attracting the votes they want.

          But I like your campaign of driving votes away.

          I assume when the pain gets great enough you will change your mind. Or you might just stay stuck indefinitely. Excellent!

      • Mark Anderson
      • I kinda have a hard time with voting for people who want to hold office who are newbies to America. From personal experience, it is my observation that it takes at least three generations to become truly American and to move away from ethnic polarity. Look at Obama and Sotomayor as classic examples of unAmericanized “naturally born” American citizens. They don’t care about this country more than their own personal vendettas. Even though she was born here, Sotomayor didn’t begin to speak English until she was eight, and even then, she lived in what amounted to Puerto Rico Ville in New York. As far as I can tell, her entire career has been lopsided favoritism for PR causes. I shudder to think that she has been foisted onto us and may be with us for decades to come unless it can be proved that Obama is illegal, thus negating all his appointments and legislation. May God be so merciful!!

        The past six years have been like running over those`noisy, annoying grooves the DOT cuts into the asphalt to wake people up and make them aware of their surroundings when they are about to run off the road or cross the yellow line. There are so many issues that I was not aware of that I know so much more about,i.e., the Fourteenth Amendment and that it was illegal because it was not passed by a 2/3 majority of the states; and the IRS not being part of the U.S. Treasury, but is controlled by some group in Puerto Rico. As tax season rolls around, who wants to float that balloon?

        1. The IRS is NOT a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF. Diversified Metal Products v IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.I. Public Law 94-564 Senate Report 94-1148, pg 5967 Reor ganization Plan #26 Public Law 102-391.

        • BigTexas
        • Guess that means nobody should have voted for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Sorry, but your whole “it takes at least 3 generations” argument is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. My grandfather on my moms side was Canadian. My grandmother on my dad’s side was from Mexico. Guess that means I should never consider running for public office? Ok then, now we know why we lost the last election. This country is chock full of idiots like you.

          • mark anderson
          • If you take your head out of that dark place… you are offensive and exactly what you called my comment. No matter. I do agree with you that you should not run for office, we have enough narcissists ruining the country.

        • cobra
        • I am split here.
          While I understand your point, I can assure you that I, as a naturalized citizen, would lay my life for this country and for our Constitution.
          I am confident that many people, like me, who came from ex communist countries would do the same, because we know what America is and what it stands for.
          Above all, we know that should this country fail under the totalitarian spell, it will take a very long time to recover the freedom in the world.

          • mark anderson
          • You do not fit the profile I described. Just like George Washington and the other patriots who fought, bled and died to be free of tyranny,you are very thankful for the great blessing that is the US.:-)

      • bobbi
      • There are different types of citizens, just like there are different types of trees. According to the Supreme Court (Minor v.Happersett 1875 ) a natural born citizen has three qualities: TWO American parents, and born on American soil.
        Senator Rubio has one of those qualities (jus solis) . However, neither of his parents were naturalized when he was born in 1971. They, like many other Cubans thought, of returnng to Cuba. After a while (1975),they were naturalized inAnerica.
        The same can be said of Bobby Jjndal and Ted Cruz
        However I think Nikki Haley’s parents may have been citizens when she was born.

    • Jackson T.
    • Great article. The birthers are killing the Republican party for sure. I get them being suspicious about Obama. He’s spent millions hiding his records, but somebody like Marco Rubio who was born and raised in America is obviously qualified to be president. That article pretty much lays that out very clear. Obama says he was born in hawaii which had just become a state and did not keep very good records. His dad was a radical communist from Africa and his mom also a radical woman also his grandparents. Then Obama lives in a Muslim country during his childhood. So to try to say he’s anything like Rubio is total nuts. From what ive seen and heard so far id vote for Rubio for president in a heartbeat. Seems like a very smart man and great american success story of hard work. The American dream.

    • cobra
    • While Rubio makes some sense, the fact of the matter is that we can not afford it!
      The vast majority of the illegals is illiterate or semi-literate in their own language.
      Therefore they will not pay any taxes, yet they will receive benefits.
      Besides, a majority of them will always vote socialism.
      If you want to make the commies squeal, pass a law that promotes limited immigration from civilized countries and of those who can really contribute to the society, i.e., with education.
      And if you want the commies to melt in panic, add a preference for those from ex-communist countries, who are vaccinated against the marxist virus, the Americans are exposed day and night.

    • E.A.B.
    • Ignore Mark. He and the Liberaltarian peanut gallery he represents just hate real conservatives like Rubio.

      Anything that isn’t either socialist or saboteur, they label “neoconservative” and refuse to support.

      We can’t allow these wolves in sheep’s clothing to have any influence on who we nominate.

      Rubio 2016.

    • E.A.B.
    • To all the naysayers:

      This immigration issue is killing conservatism. It’s made us a poison to the fastest growing segment of the American electorate.

      And the fact is that the opponents of “amnesty” have not put forward any viable solution to the problem of illegal immigration. (No, a mass deportation so far-reaching as to be indistinguishable from ethnic cleansing is not a viable solution.)

      As long as this issue is on the table, it’s going to kick us in the face, over and over.

      We need to bite the bullet and get it over with.

      • cobra
      • There is no turning back after amnesty.
        The ethnic and cultural composition of our country will be changed for the worst, for ever.
        And for the record, I am not a WASP, but I am a naturalized citizen who came here LEGALLY.
        The 30 million people will bring another 50-60 millions in 50 years.
        It is foolishness to think the latinos will vote repubic in the near or medium future if they give amnesty.

      • Mark anderson
      • Let’s start with the easy solutions first. Find n deport the expired work/student visas n people who began the legal naturalization process, but fell by the wayside. Take the burden off the states/counties to provide free services for illegals. I know of several counties inmy state that are bankrupt because of the massive influx of illegals. This is justice for the taxpaying members of society. Good fences make good neighbors.

    • Kat
    • If any of you didn’t actually take the time to listen to that interview you really should. I knew Rubio was a solid and smart conservative but he really does a great job explaining his position. Wow!!! Rush does give him a hard time at first but by the end Rush is praising Rubio tons. Def. would consider voting for Rubio now. And I totally agree that the whole immigration issue needs to be dealt with and taken off the table. The Dems have used it to divide conservatives and everyone else allowing them to win the big elections. That has to stop IMO!

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Cobra, agree. We cannot afford 11 million more demanding and receiving their entitlement checks …and that is simply a start. The bill entitles the illegal immigrant to bring their extended families into the USA…every cousin, nieces, nephews and grandparents. This must stop…this is exactly how the liberal destroyed Great Britain in order to gain permanent control…These communists are too short sighted to realise they will run out of other people’s money and the power won’t last,

      A contract was made between the government and the USA taxpayer citizen for Social Security ….and our filthy politicians are instead buying votes with the people’s retirement fund….spending the country into oblivion. Obamacare was conceived and now implemented simply as a billy club to threaten an angry, betrayed citizenry.

      When the offices for unemployment and disability are filled with 30 somethings… who cannot speak English…that tells the whole story…the liberals are sinking our ship of state with a festering parasite class and Obama is encouraging it.

      We need more educated citizens to add to our taxpayer base… not more leeches…

      The government allowing these open borders is inviting terrorist in …isn’t that and should that be referenced as treason in every illegal immigration discussion?

    • cobra
    • Why ignore Mark?
      He is entitled to an opinion.
      furthermore, I think the GOP must become more libertarian, to regain traction.
      Libertarian-ism is varied, so, let’s not place all the libertarians in the same basket.

    • Mark
    • Well it seems my earlier posts along with some from a few other people were eliminated. I hope it was an honest mistake and not censorship because of our opinions on the neoconservatives championing Rubio.

      E.A.B. I see you’ve got your pom pom’s out and shaking vigorously for Rubio….all well and good but you once again step in it big time when you start talking like you’re a spokesperson for everyone on the blog or within the conservative movement.

      You’ve repeatedly resorted to ad hominem attack by calling people who disagree with you “socialists,” or ‘saboteurs” and have even pulled out the “anti semite’ card because they don’t champion the neoconservative ( Trotskyite) position on continuing big government Republicanism. It’s as if you stick your fingers in your ears and shout, ‘nyaa nyaa nyaa” when challenged on your neoconservative (Trotskyite) point of view and offer nothing of substance in return.

      Fact – When George W Bush was elected he was given a full Republican congress and senate for a full term and then some. They FAILED to curb spending, social programs, reign in runaway medicare, medicaid, or establish any immigration that slightly resembled being conservative at all. We did get “bi partisan” legislation that Bush signed off on which was big govt No Child Left Behind Act and Medicare expansion….prescription drugs that included illegal immigrants in the coverage. This is a fact. They also created the monster we know as the Homeland Security Dept and gave us the Patriot Act ( which there is nothing patriotic about it) which robs American citizens of their privacy and erodes liberty. You say that these folks are conservatives? What planet are you living on?

      The same cast of characters rig the Republican National Convention in a manner that would make Obama piss his pants in envy by shutting out the grass roots of the party and then turn around and expect those disaffected Republicans to support their candidate….the apex of arrogance if ever I saw it. They then have people like you spouting off about how Libertarians and the like should not be allowed to have any influence in a nomination….are you kidding me? You’ve just made my point for me with that comment and have proven that you’re not interested in a fair democratic voting process unless it’s your candidate and all others should be excluded.

      Now you’re calling Rubio a “real conservative” after he proposes allowing 11 million (minimum) illegals in the country who are likely to vote Democrat and who’s votes are guaranteed to keep Republicans (ecspecially conservatives) in the minority and out of the white house and left begging to be relevant. The same Rubio who has partnered with Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Bob Menendez to propse this, is someone you call conservative?

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