Obama’s Hagel DISASTER (VIDEO)

Today Americans got a much better look at Barack Obama’s intended candidate to be the nation’s next Secretary of Defense.  Chuck Hagel had so many bad moments during today’s hearing it is difficult to choose just one.  Could it be his own contradiction regarding Barack Obama’s Iranian containment policy, his refusal to provide a clear and reasonable answer to why he declared the surge in Iraq to be the most dangerous foreign policy since Vietnam, or why Iran has endorsed Hagel’s nomination likely due in great part to Hagel’s past comments regarding Israel?  Or maybe we should pick this moment when Chuck Hagel declared the Iranian government to be a legitimate elected government that left even liberal supporters of Barack Obama declaring WTF???

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    • charlotte
    • http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/01/how-republicans-got-clobbered-in-tech-in-two-images-and-a-few-links/

      From a highly informative post, Obama, Romney, and GOP Technology: A Chilling Analysis at Red Mass Group:

      This post is about technology, but is written for a non-technical audience.

      You may think you know what happened with the technology of the Obama and Romney campaigns because of what you read about Orca. You don’t know. This article is incredibly long. It will be worth it, and you will never look at technology and politics in the same way. If someone knows where to post or put this so that the RNC sees it, please do so. I am designating this content under a Creative Commons CC-BY license. Distribute freely with attribution.

          • M. Simon
          • EAB,

            Thanks for the advice. I’m convinced. I’m voting for Democrats or Libertarians from now on. And I will be convincing as many as I can to do the same.

            The Democrats WANT my vote. The Libertarians WANT my vote.

            Fortunately for you Republicans don’t need votes. I’ll do my best to see that they get as few as possible.

            I can do OK under socialism. Can you? I do feel your pain. Delicious.

            • E.A.B.
            • There you have it, folks.

              Libertarian openly pledges support for Democrat regime.

              As I’ve been saying all along…Libertarians prefer socialism.

              The Libertarian Party and the Obama regime are one and the same. These people are not on our side.

      • NameBM
      • Charlotte,

        thanks for this link. Excellent read. A must read.

        RI are you reading?

        Is there anybody atr the Heritage Foundation who is listining???

    • Kay112
    • Hagel being nominated for Secretary of Defense proved he and President Obama are both not qualified for Secretary of Defense and President.

      First, Obama found one of the most simple minds for that position of such great importance. The circus show has exposed how very incompetent Prez-O is as Commander-in-Chief.

      Need we say more? Nope! ‘Nuf said.

    • Randall
    • Hmm, why would Iran endorse Hagel? I think that’s pretty damn obvious… THEY DON’T WANT HIM CONFIRMED. They’re one of Russia’s closest allies: they HATE this administration.

      And how about that Ankara embassy bombing? How is it that we’re this stupid?

      Here’s a more circumspect analysis of Syria, Turkey, Israel, Obama, and the Ikhwan.

      Turkey’s Meddling
      Since March 2011, a disparate coalition of insurgents has been fighting to overthrow the Arab nationalist Baath government of Bashar al-Assad. Coalition partners include the domestic Free Syrian Army, foreign Mujahideen (among them Pakistani Taliban), and Kurdish Democratic Union Party – whose position puts them at odds with their close ideological partners, the PKK.

      Backing the insurgents in seeking to overthrow Assad are the countries of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. A recent New York Times article implicated the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia as “funneling money and small arms to Syria’s rebels.” Some of the monies and small arms were American in origin, which coincides with the position taken by the Obama administration to recognize the Syrian National Council as the sole legitimate government of Syria. But only Turkey has engaged Syria militarily: following the Syrian downing of a Turkish F-4 fighter jet in June 2012, the countries’ militaries exchanged artillery fire.

      The ruling party in Turkey is the Justice and Development Party, or AKP. The AKP, like the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt, is the party of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimoon (aka “Ikhwan”), or Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood, founded in 1928 by Egyptian schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna after Kemal Ataturk dissolved the caliphate, believes in re-establishing the Ummah, or the nation of Islam under Sunni Sharia rule. (Inasmuch as he accepts his party’s stated goal, Prime Minister Recep Erdogan fundamentally rejects the founding of the Turkish Republic by Kemal Ataturk.) Is it no wonder that the Turkish government supports the Mujahideen in Syria, a term that emerged in the 20th century to describe the fundamentalists in Afghanistan who battled with Soviets for independence? Al-Assad, a secular ruler by regional standards and close ally of Moscow, is Alawi (quasi-Shia), and therefore of an enemy of a movement that desires a global Sunni-based caliphate.

      Vladimir Putin has used Russia’s place on the U.N. Security Council to protect Assad from American and European maneuvers to force resignation. Many speculate that Assad is residing on a Russian warship in the Mediterranean. In addition to diplomatic maneuvering, Russia also provides heavy arms to the Syrian military. Moscow’s other major ally in the region, Iran, supports Assad with their elite Revolutionary Guard, who helped to suppress anti-Assad protests, and through their proxy Hizbollah. On January 26, as Patriot missile batteries were declared operational along Turkey’s border with Syria, a senior Iranian official warned that any attack on Syria would be viewed as an attack on Iran.

      Of the two neighboring countries of Syria who are American allies, Israel and Jordan, the allegiances are less opaque than they may appear. Despite its historical distrust of Syria and Iran, Israel has been publicly ambivalent on the matter of Assad; for though Baathist Syria and its affinity for Tehran have been a persistent cause of concern for Israeli security, the assumption of power by Sunni fundamentalists, who count among them Taliban and al-Qaeda, is equally if not more disconcerting to the Jewish state. And although in late 2011 King Abdullah II of Jordan did suggest that Assad step down, in January the Jordanian monarch and direct descendent of Mohammed was more measured, cautioning that Assad would not fall any time soon. Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood party in Jordan, the Islamic Action Front, is no friend of Abdullah; not only did they hold anti-election rallies and then boycott voting, but have since sought to sew unrest by calling for change in the Jordanian political system. (Qatari-based Al Jazeera quoted IAF leader Hamza Mansour after the election: “The street is not calm.”)

      Syrian rebels receive support not only from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, but from the U.K., France, and the Obama administration. In this respect, events are consistent with what happened in Egypt when secular Mubarak was forced to step down, ultimately turning the rule of Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood under the banner of the Freedom and Justice Party. Yet in the case of Egypt, Mubarak was a long time American ally, not a Russian proxy; and although Egypt is the most populous Arab country, Syria’s geographic proximity to Israel, Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon presents its own complex strategic puzzle.

      Unsurprisingly, given Syria’s close relationship with Tehran, the Syrian government also has the backing of North Korea, which provides them with Scud missile technology. The presence of North Korea is significant not only because of their considerable military capabilities, but because Scud missiles can be used to deliver biological and chemical weapons. A mix of al-Qaeda-linked revolutionaries and biological weapons in Syria is regarded by Israel, the United States, and Russia as the worst possible outcome. In light of reports of rebels committing genocide against Syrian Christians, the potential emergence of a Syria ruled by al-Qaeda associates is particularly disquieting.

      This sum of all fears perspective seems to be confirmed by Israeli warnings that they are considering pre-emptive strikes against Syrian chemical weapons.


    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • As Obama takes this country apart piece by piece, destroying the private sector, destroying employment, destroying the American work ethic, destroying morality, destroying the Constitution….Guess what Baraka, it’s not working…Liberty is in our blood…we find you repugnant…and we find your creeps and fanatics defining of you..And….We still believe and honor only the one true God…Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be His Name

      UM any comment on Lame’s contentions on the Insiders? Because they did little to help defeat Obama and were too often loathe to tell what they knew before the election…You know many of us feel they never came through…


      The fat man sings a tenor of that which is base.

      My children, I told you the play concerning Uncle Bob……..I asked you before it took place in who it was that knew Bob Menedez was a pedophile and tried to get him destroyed in the elections.

      Such power resurfaces, and now you know more in the headlines, of Obama’s strolling comrade in Christie now will name Menedez’s replacement.

      Chris Christie Would Choose Menendez’s Replacement…

      In a brothel of pedophiles, Bob Menedez has been offered up upon the altar.

      There is so much more to this that has not been told.

      The fat man sings a tenor of that which is base.

      Before the events I asked what you should have asked in who and what was behind this…..Daily Caller. Intelligence feeds……the Insiders of Ulsterman. They knew the hinge pin in this and pulled it in the deal.

      Where is Barry Chin.

      This is an intelligence operation coming from inside 1600 Penn Avenue The Ulsterman Insiders have always been run from there.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • The Insiders teased..so much info….so lttle action…The Insiders never came through…Not once.

      Shouldn’t that tell us something? We were kept quiet with promises of coming action…salvation…. which NEVER materialised…didn’t happen.

      Feeling played? Makes sense that operation of Insiders was a psy-ops campaign run out of Obama and Sunsteins WH…how better to quell the masses and keep them in place…to silence the national outrage while the coup continued and the stolen election plans went forward with SCTYL and SOE…electronic voting fraud making certain the captured country remained captured.

      • Randall
      • Highly unlikely. Independently confirmed. Sometimes people fail… though it does help when they give you public information to corroborate.

        I can’t imagine UM would be releasing ebook after ebook if all he was was psyops. If it IS psyops, it almost certainly is not out of the Oval Office. Obama is not omnipotent.

        Paranoia can be helpful. But over paranoia is self-defeating. Besides, there is plenty to report that requires nothing more than access to amazon.com, a newsstand, and a library. Obama is not invincible, is not 10′ fall, and is not controlling everything. Along the way he’s made plenty of powerful enemies, and more than a few of them are not as timid as the Republicans. Think overseas.

    • charlotte
    • The report that the State Department’s Accountability Review Board published on Dec. 19 refers to the five DS agents who survived only by acronyms: “RSO,” and “ARSO 1,” “ARSO 2,” “ARSO 3” and “ARSO 4.” RSO stands for regional security officer. ARSO stands for assistant regional security officer. Are these their names?

      If the committee wanted the names of the DS agents who were in Benghazi with Chris Stevens during the 2011 rebellion—as opposed to those who were with Stevens in Benghazi during the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack—all they would need to do is go to the State Department’s website and look up the December 2011 issue of State Magazine.

      Mario Montoya

      RSO Mike Ranger.

      DS Special Agent Joshua Vincent.

      Diplomatic Security Service agents Brian Haggerty,
      Kent Anderson,
      Josh Vincent,
      Chris Deedy,
      James McAnelly,
      Jason Brierly
      Ken Davis,
      Agent in Charge Keith Carter
      Political Officer Nathan Tek

      DS agents Jeremy Clarke,
      Chris Little
      medic Jack Van Cleve,
      Security Protective Specialists Domingo Ruiz and Ronald Young

      Hillary Clinton revealed that until then—four months after the attacks—she had only spoken with one of the DS agents who had survived the Benghazi attack. She also said, “I still have a DS agent at Walter Reed seriously injured.”

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