Senator Rubio Reaches Out To New Media Bloggers (R.I. Related)

In a move unfamiliar to almost any member of the GOP establishment, Senator Marc Rubio took both time and consideration to respond to readers over at RedState regarding his views on the immigration reform proposals currently being considered by members of Congress.  This is the very thing Republican Insider said conservatives must do – get out in front of the message, and utilize the new media to do so.  Whether or not you agree or disagree with Marco Rubio’s stance on immigration reform, you cannot deny how refreshing and inspiring it is to see a national politician willing to speak to the “little folks” throughout America.  It is also interesting to note, that Senator Rand Paul has come out in support of the two primary considerations in Senator Rubio’s plan – border security and an exhaustive path to citizenship. Senator Paul insists Republican immigration hardliners must “evolve” on the immigration debate. 

(Both Senator Rand Paul and Senator Marco Rubio are among best and brightest of the new Republican Party)


EXCERPT (via RedState)

Applying Conservative Principles To Immigration

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to Erick’s post last night regarding the principles for immigration reform I have recently developed. Before diving into the details of the plan, I want to take a moment to point out how the debate about immigration reflects positively on the conservative movement in general. Unlike the left, whose default tactic is to attack and destroy the personal character of those who disagree with their views, the conservative movement is capable of accommodating a vibrant internal debate on important issues solely on the merits. RedState has always been a welcoming forum for that sort of debate.

First, let me identify the problem we face. We have a legal immigration system that doesn’t work, we don’t have an effective system to enforce our immigration laws, and we have by some estimates as many as 11 million human beings living in the United States without the proper immigration documents in a state of de facto amnesty. It’s a problem that has both political and economic ramifications on our nation.

Read the entire commentary by Senator Rubio  HERE


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11 Comments to Senator Rubio Reaches Out To New Media Bloggers (R.I. Related)
    • SBSpecks
    • It seems in a time of weak leadership and the race card being thrown around by opponents, Sen. Rubio has taken up the torch and not just pressed on, but strode boldly into the spotlight. I’m very impressed by this guy…seems to have quite the head on his shoulders, and not just because he knows a lot, but he’s pretty quick-witted too. Just as a leader should be!

      I’m looking forward to seeing just what this guy can do to help bring the GOP together and unify them as something different from the Democrats. If he and Rand Paul band together and really attack in their own ways, things may start changing very quickly. Hopefully these two men are smart enough not to get in each other’s way, if nothing else for the good of the party and the country.

      • Randall
      • Lyndon Larouche is a long time nut job. To be dismissed. They were the same folks who wanted to impeach Dick Cheney. Best option there is to ignore… they’re not worth your time.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful

      The true story of gun control….

      Do not trust the evil that tries to sell you on incrementalism. I ask: would you trust a man whose father was an admirer of Stalin and Hitler? Who was a communist?

      Pass the video on…stand for your rights and recognize the force of an all powerful state. In this country our representatives are to work for us…not issue demands and directives. If our government is bypassing the constitution now, do you expect those doing so are accidentally grabbing and consolidating power because they mean the individual well? Why did our government arm themselves with so many millions of rounds of ammo and so many arms for the homeland? When you’ve understood both Holder and Obama’s background, the very last thing citizens will do is disarm …

    • ebysan
    • ** Off Topic**

      Union Leaders ‘Epiphany’: ObamaCare is going to drive up costs!!

      From the WSJ:

      Labor unions enthusiastically backed the Obama administration’s health-care overhaul when it was up for debate. Now that the law is rolling out, some are turning sour.

      Union leaders say many of the law’s requirements will drive up the costs for their health-care plans and make “unionized” workers less competitive. Among other things, the law eliminates the caps on medical benefits and prescription drugs used as cost-containment measures in many health-care plans.

      It also allows children to stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26.

      To offset that, the nation’s largest labor groups want their lower-paid members to be able to get federal insurance subsidies while remaining on their plans. In the law, these subsidies were designed only for low-income workers without employer coverage as a way to help them buy private insurance.

    • Mark
    • There is a rift between the leaders promoting immigration reform represented by Rubio (neocon), Judge Napolitano and Rand Paul (Libertarian leaning)….and the grass roots conservative Buchanon types that needs to be dealt with.

      Rubio and Paul are supporting some form of amnesty for the illegals living here now. Libertarians (Judge Nap) make the argument that private property rights actually allow for mass immigration as the govt does not have the authority to keep people off others private property and has no standing in the matter. Furthermore under private property and freedom of movement you are in theory, unable to deny the right of movement of others…thus allowing anyone who wants to come into the US who so desires. They use natural law as the legal basis for this just as Lysander Spooner fashioned his legal arguments in the 1800′s. These anarchist/libertarian interpretations of laws cut both ways and can easily make hypocrites out of the best of the liberty minded in that many want to preserve the country’s culture and yet enjoy the freedoms and liberties at the same time.

      I understand these arguments rest on solid ground of natural law, private property rights etc…..but I also happen to agree with Pat Buchanon(paleocon) that a massive influx of illegal immigration and open borders will in time, doom our way of life, culture, and place an undue burden on the American society in educating, feeding, providing healthcare, sheltering many of these illegals.

      This is a nasty catch-22 that we’re bound in and needs to be bridged or dealt with quickly. My position in wanting to keep illegals out and have to go through a process to be granted access to residence in US, is contrary to private property rights and freedom of movement.

      What a pickle we’re in.

    • silverdust
    • I must be a hardliner, because this Hispandering is sickening. Last night Mark Levin gave Hispanic voting stats back to the time of Reagan. These people do NOT vote majority Republican. They have NEVER voted majority Republican. They’re never going to vote majority Republican. In fact, they were more likely to vote “R” when the candidate WASN’T catering to them! The Commie-rats are laughing all the way to the voting booth. Rubio is on the same side as Shmucky Schumer. Guess which one is going to get rolled.

      Our “side,” (I should say my former side) is about to legalize 11 million illegals who are here for FREE STUFF, according the Heather McDonald, DEMOCRAT researcher. These are going to be permanent D voters, and our side is helping! Hispanic immigrants have little regard for higher education, sky-high H.S. drop-out rates and soaring out-of-wedlock birthrates. The “famiy values/natural conservative constituency” was the shiniest bill of goods the Repubes have bought to date.

      Rand Paul has been a major disappointment in accepting Democrat talking points on “why Republicans lose” too. Do you honestly believe the Commie-crats have our best interests at heart when it comes to gaining voters? Wake up!

      If you can’t win voters with your strength in principles, forget it. Our side has no principles left any way.

      • M. Simon
      • “Our side” stands for Freedom. Liberty. The Constitution.

        Oh. Wait. No they don’t.

        Don’t matter. I don’t vote for Progressive Republicans (the majority) anyway. Don’t vote for Progressive Progressives either.

        Now if Rand Paul gets nominated – I’d vote for him.

        What does it say about a Party that can’t attract immigrants?

    • NameBM
    • California was a dreamland in the 80′s. The California school system was the best in the world. Sylicon Valley came out to life as a direct result of the school system there.

      Fast forwards a generation: Califorrnia is on the verge of bankruptcy. Productive people are living by the thousands every week. Entire portions of the state are gang war zones. The school system is a disaster. No parent who can afford not to want to send his/her child there. Voting places are indicated by signs “Aqui” (don’t you need to speack English to pass your citizenship exam? So why American citizens need Spanish signs to oriente themselves?) And the population just voted the organized theft on a minority (the wealthy) by taxing them even more.

      And by the end of 2013, whites will be a minority in the State.

      Do we need to say more….

      Well I’ll say more: Why is it that on one side of the border you have a country with public services functioning and that on the other side, let’s say 20 miles away, you have a country where mailing a letter is fruitless because the postal services (public or private) are a joke barely existing for the purposes of opening packages and stealing their contents, or loosing the letters. Show me a house with a mailbox in Mexico. I dare you.

      Hispanics have not achieved the status of civil society in their own countries. Accepting en masse immigration from these countries is suicide. There is no way we can absorb them all the while teaching them the benefits of living in a civil society in such a short time. California is a prime exemple.

      Another exemple is Sweden where the immigration en masse to the point that native swedes will be in minority in Sweden in less than a decade, has led in a total collapse of civil society. In four years the rape rate has increased more than 500%!!!! It is now to the point that 1 out of 4 women is raped in Sweden.

      Massive immigration to western societies is another systom of Globalism. It is facilitated to assure “equality”. We ought to be all equal on this planet according to them. Equality of opportunities equals Freedom of movement. People who want opportunities offered by the Western civilizations ought to be able to come and get them, even if it means getting them for free or getting them at unsustainable rates. It is all justified because these western civilization have achieved prosperity at the expenses of the rest of the world anyway. So in fact is it just payback. IT IS REVENGE.

      Hence the destructive undercurrent of the movement. Immigration nowadays is for renvenge, not for investment in future generations. Accepting immigation in masse it atonement from the Western Civilizations.

      • cobra
      • Since I work in the valley I can attest that’s true.
        It is rare to find an American born engineer there nowadays.
        In the Central Valley, the latino population exploded because that’s where the illegals settled, primarily.
        California is like a third world country now.
        I will move out, hopefully soon.

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