Liberal Media Member On Obama Drone Policy – IMPEACHMENT

Tina Brown is a longtime mover within the corridoors of the liberal media as editor-in-chief of both the Daily Beast and Newsweek, Brown has long been an outspoken advocate for all things liberal.  Even she though is expressing concern over the very odd obsession Barack Obama has shown over the repeated use of drones to kill those he deems enemies of America (or perhaps simply enemies of…Obama?)  Watch as Ms. Brown throws out the “I” word in relation to the Obama drone policy – much to the shock and dismay of liberal Hollywood host Bill Maher:

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One Comment to Liberal Media Member On Obama Drone Policy – IMPEACHMENT
    • E.A.B.
    • At the very least the House should introduce a bill banning the use of drones against American citizens.

      If it becomes law, we win.

      If it doesn’t become law, then either Harry Reid has to explain to America why he won’t let it come to a vote in his Senate, or Obama has to explain vetoing it.


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