Senator Rand Paul’s Response To Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address

Clearly attempting to position himself for a possible 2016 run for president, Senator Rand Paul offers up a response dedicated to smaller government and more personal freedoms – a stark contrast to Barack Obama’s speech indicating government, not the individual, is the solution.  Senator Paul also manages to give a lighter rebuke to his own Republican Party, warning them against simply going along to get along with the Democratic Party’s liberal Big Government agenda, as well as reminding viewers there are members of Congress from both political parties who want to work together to fix the nation’s problems, but are being undermined by party leaders.  It’s a very interesting speech.  Watch below:

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9 Comments to Senator Rand Paul’s Response To Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address
    • silverdust
    • To quote Mark Levin after hearing about Paul’s speech mentioning the Progressive-driven talking point of immigration “reform,”

      “Why are illegals more important than Americans?”

    • SallyAl
    • I loved this. He was not preaching or lecturing. He was talking to us in common sense language. The tone of voice has sooooo much to do with how somebody’s message is taken. With the jugeared jackass he is always lecturing and acts so righteous and holier-than-thou.

    • Anna
    • I don’t trust ANY of them . . . except Rand. Will he win in 2016? No, he probably can’t speak Spanish so he can pander to the illegals. TPTB will try and marginalize him just like they did their father. It truly and thoroughly sucks.

    • charlotte
    • We have to move with the times and in order to get back in control we have to use the same tactics the Democraps use. If it means Rubio and Cruz, then hell yes. Better than Jeb Bush or Hillary. Let them give amnesty to the illegals and then let Rubio and Cruz appeal to these illegals and get the votes from them! That would be the ultimate irony and bittersweet victory.

      So don’t rubbish Rubio and Cruz and come with natural born citizen mantra. That may be but we will never get anywhere by being rigid. Sometimes one has to be a little crafty. Rand Paul is good, but maybe his his father’s political career and views have turned many off. Shouldn’t have but somehow those high up in the GOP succeeded in getting rid of Paul.

      • SallyAl
      • Oh for heavens sake Charlotte! Give em an inch and they will take a mile or 100! Sure, we have an illegal POS in our White House now and because the Dems did it let’s go ahead and elect one of our very own ineligible candidates! Really, what can it hurt? Are you out of your frikking mind?!?!?!? Mindsets like this is how we got to where we are today. And what ever makes you think that Rubio or Cruz appeals to illegals anyway?

        • SallyAl
        • And furthermore, if the Reps decide to annoint one of these ineligibles, it will just “prove” to the Dems that we only opposed jughead because he is (somewhat) black. That’s all we need.

    • SueK
    • Charlotte,

      Being ‘rigid’ is not the point’ the Constitution IS the point!

      NO on Rubio and NO on Cruz (born a Canadian)and NO on amnesty! For the first time in what looks to be an 8 year gig, let’s get someone *legitimate* in the White House!

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