Obama and Hollywood Go All In On Argo To Salvage Carter Presidency…

In what was a laughable attempt to convince the few who actually went to see the film Argo that the Jimmy Carter era was in fact not the disastrous mish-mash of failed liberal policies it truly was, the current mish-mash of failed liberal policies called the Obama White House, along with every bit of help Hollywood could provide, offered up the Best Picture Award to the Iranian-Hostage Crisis historical revision with a personal appearance by…drum roll please…First Lady Michelle Obama, who now clearly enjoys the camera every bit as much as her husband. 

(For the first time in her adult life, Michelle Obama was proud of the Academy Awards…)


Jimmy Carter himself had been promoting the film almost as much as the film’s co-producer, director, and actor, Ben Affleck.  (Argo was also produced by big time Obama supporter George Clooney.)  The former president even manages a voice over appearance at the film’s conclusion.  It is this voice-over that is among the most glaringly dishonest portions of the film, and proof yet again of how odd Jimmy Carter himself has become.  Carter, on the film, expresses regret he was unable to tell of the great and daring rescue of six Americans trapped in post-revolutionary Tehran – a rescue that he, as then-president, was largely responsible for. (according to Jimmy Carter)  Carter even goes on to suggest that if Argo had been made in 1980 and not 2012, he would likely have defeated Ronald Reagan and enjoyed a second term as President of the United States.

The problem is – Argo is almost entirely made up, leaving us then to realize that Jimmy Carter is wishing Americans had learned sooner of a tale that is not even true.  That’s a new kind of weird even for failed president Carter.  Here is an accurate description of what really happened regarding the events Hollywood has now remade in its own image. (And awarded itself the Best Picture in the process)

Yes, a CIA operative (played by Affleck) traveled to Tehran posing as a Hollywood producer.

But the Canadians were responsible for over 90% of the rescue of those U.S. Embassy workers, from safehousing them at the Canadian ambassador’s home to securing their visas to even securing the Swiss Air flight that spirited them out of Iran.

In fact, “Argo’s” final heart-thumping scene at the Tehran airport, where the American diplomats’ cover is almost blown as they race to the gate, never happened. Their exit was a cakewalk.

The Carter administration contributed next to nothing to securing their freedom. It played not just a minor role, but an insignificant one.

The Hollywood cover story had zero to do with their rescue. It wasn’t even needed!

Carter sheepishly conceded on CNN that the Canadians did the heavy lifting, but quickly added, “I was very much involved with the Canadian government.”   LINK


So we have a fake “true story” given an award by possibly the fakest administration in American history at an award show devoted entirely to make-believe.

Yup—that sounds about right.


P.S.  I could not help but notice too that Ben Affleck grew a beard for his role in Argus to capture the facial haired times of the 1970s.  Why then…nearly a year after production for that film is over…is Affleck sporting the same exact beard now?  Perhaps for him, just like Jimmy Carter, fiction truly has become reality as well…

P.S.S. – And for those who might say “who cares – Carter was forever ago?”  regarding this Jimmy Carter revisionism by Hollywood – what actually happened last night is a test run for what Hollywood is going to do for the Obama presidency – and that is something you should care about – a lot.  By the time Hollywood is finished, with ample help from the liberal publishers of the school textbooks your children and grandchildren will be told to read from, Barack Obama will be declared among the greatest presidents of all time – and his Big Government liberal agenda will be glorified right along with him.

THAT is the true end game here, and if you simply continue to sit back and say “who cares?” then your ignorance and unwillingness to challenge the attempts of the mainstream media and all its cohorts in Hollywood and Washington D.C. make you as guilty as those perpetrating that deception.

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