Democrats Deem Owning A Gun Is A Sin…

Taxing smoking, drinking, and gambling – well known as “sin taxes”, has been around for some time.  (Which doesn’t make it right)  Now a California Democrat is pushing to have a sin tax levelled against gun owners too because the 2nd Amendment is apparently just for sinners in the views of Democrats…


EXCERPT (via HotAir)


Trending: Sin tax proposals on guns and ammunition

And so, of course, you knew this was coming: The latest item/behavior that progressives perceive as a societal vice? Firearms, obviously. Fox News reports that, as a part of the recent wave of gun-control proposals, legislators at both the federal and state level have been floating ideas for sin taxes on guns and ammunition, claiming that the added revenue will be directed toward mental health services, police training, and/or victims’ treatment.

t the federal level, Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., proposed a bill that would impose a 10 percent tax on “any concealable” firearm. The revenue would be used to help fund a national gun buyback program. The bill is still in committee.

At the state level in California, Democratic state Rep. Roger Dickinson last month introduced a bill to impose a 5-cent tax on every bullet. …

Massachusetts state Rep. David Linsky is pushing a 25 percent sales tax on ammunition and firearms. Maryland state Rep. Jon Cardin has introduced a bill imposing a 50 percent tax on ammo, and an annual $25 gun registration fee.

And according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Assembly Majority Leader William Horne is pushing a draft bill that would include a $25 per gun sales tax, in addition to a 2-cent tax for every round of ammunition.   LINK


What an opportunity to glimpse into the despicable Big Government minds of the modern day “progressive” Democrat!  Rail against the evils of guns and ammunition, causing millions to secure said firearms and ammo for fear the government is about to make them illegal, and then increase the taxes on those items that are now selling in greater numbers than ever before!  And…with the full intention of then turning around and using some of those tax dollars to fund the government take back of those guns and ammunition that were just purchased!

Anyone else need a drink?

Oh..wait…there’s tax on that too.


Bloody hell…


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4 Comments to Democrats Deem Owning A Gun Is A Sin…
    • ShainS
    • For accuracy in reporting, Loretta Sanchez and (now) a super-majority of the California State Legislature should be referred to with regard to whose interests they pursue and whom they really represent: D-Mexico.

      Just one of the many reasons we, and other California producers, are “Going Galt” and leaving the former (now bankrupt, morally and financially) Golden State.

      “You call some place Paradise … kiss it good-bye.”
      – Don Henley, The Eagles (himself unfortunately a Dem owing to being an environmentalist)

    • Perceptible Future
    • “Massachusetts state Rep. David Linsky is pushing a 25 percent sales tax on ammunition and firearms.” Perfectly named… Now, I’m sure his dad was named Al.

      I believe the “Original Sin” was to listen to these devils (Progressive/Marxists) in the first place!

    • Randall
    • The religion of the socialist internationale, and not the Democrats. Stupid, silly people. They don’t realize their vision is “unsustainable.” Soon will follow the new way, and it won’t be pretty… or tolerant.

    • CHHR, VA
    • LOLOL I’m laughing too hard to comment… guess those wonderful “evangilists” actually forgot to read the Bible before they opened their mouths on that tower of babble from which they reside?

      LOLOL, still laughing…

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