Investigative Report – Eric Holder And The George Soros Weather Underground Terrorists…

The name “Weather Underground” has received some attention during the Obama years given Barack Obama’s relationship with former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers and his wife (and former member as well) Bernardine Dohrn.  It was Dohrn’s home in Chicago that was the alleged launch for Barack Obama’s political career.  What many don’t know is that President Obama’s current Attorney General, Eric Holder, who now faces the very real prospect of being forced to resign under the weight of numerous Department of Justice related abuses and scandals, ALSO has a strong link to this infamous domestic terrorist organization.  Is it mere coincidence that both men – President Barack Obama, and Attorney General Eric Holder, are inextricably linked by this seemingly odd association?  Not bloody likely…

(Bill Ayers back in the day when both he and Eric Holder were calling for revolution in America…)


First, just a quick refresher of what the Weather Underground was:

**The far-left organization was founded in the late 1960′s.  It’s goal was simple – the overthrow of the American government.

**Several bombing attacks were initiated by the Weather Underground - primarily against government buildings and banks.

**Called for a domestic army of radical white people to join with the radical black people of America to overthrow the government.

**The Weather Underground declared itself strongly opposed to what it called “American imperialism” – a stance that was also taken by Barack Obama’s father as well as Obama’s childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis. Both men were advocates of socialist and/or communist forms of government.  Obama himself was a featured guest of the Democratic Socialists of Chicago as his political career was started.

**Ayers personally congratulated the actions of Charles Manson, and Sirhan Sirhan. (the anti-Israel Palestinian who assassinated Robert Kennedy in 1968.)

**Former members of the Weather Underground robbed a Brinks bank truck in  1981, killing a Brinks security guard and two policemen.  One of the killers, a woman named Kathy Boudin, is now an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of Social Work. (A university once attended by both Barack Obama, Bill Ayers AND Eric Holder.  During his time there Holder staged what some witnesses indicated was an armed protest and takeover that lasted several days.)


In essence then, the Weather Underground were very bad people engaged in very bad things – namely the destruction of property, open declarations of war against the United States, and ultimately, the murder of innocents. (Bill Ayers has always maintained he never killed anyone personally.  Maybe that is true – but if so, the argument is very similar to that of Charles Manson, or Osama Bin Laden.)

So what then of the connection between this domestic terrorist group and the current top law enforcement official in the Obama government?

That brings us to yet another member of the Weather Underground – a woman by the name of Susan Rosenberg.  Here is but a small list of this domestic terrorists “accomplishments”:

**Arrested in 1984 while unloading 740 pounds of explosives from a van.  The intent was clearly to engage in a significant terrorist act.

**Was a key figure in helping Black Panther terrorist Assata Shakur escape from prison.  Shakur was involved in the killing of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster during a 1973 shootout.  Shakur was later charged with murder, attempted murder kidnapping, armed robbery, and bank robbery.  With Rosenberg’s help, Shakur was able to escape prison and has been living in Cuba since 1984.  The FBI has long considered her a domestic terrorist and the placed a $2 million dollar reward for her return. (Though the Holder Department of Justice has made no real effort to bring her back from Cuba of course)

So what is the connection between Eric Holder and domestic terrorist Susan Rosenberg?

Rosenberg, like fellow cop killer Assata Shakur, was tried, convicted, and sent to prison in 1984.  Her sentence was 58 years but she actually served less than one-third of that sentence.  How did that happen?

Eric Holder.

In January of 2001, Eric Holder was Deputy Attorney General for then-president Bill Clinton.  Many reports have pointed to Holder as being the one who organized and implemented the infamous pile of pardons that were signed off by Clinton in the final days of his presidency.  The Washington Post declared Holder the “gatekeeper” of the Clinton pardons.  It was Holder who selected those to be given freedom.  It was Holder who scheduled those pardons  on Bill Clinton’s very last day in office.  It was Holder who made certain Susan Rosenberg, former member of the Bill Ayer’s Weather Underground, was allowed to walk free from her prison cell and rejoin society, write books, and re-affirm her belief in the need for a communist revolution in America.

Upon her release, Rosenberg also was instrumental in forming what was to become the “American Jewish World Service” organization – a group she remains heavily involved with.  Now as is so often the case with far left groups, don’t let their name fool you.  The American Jewish World Service is a radical far left, anti-Israeli group that focuses on community organizing and social/global justice. (Very similar to the foundation upon which Barack Obama himself stands)

Here is an excerpt on this organization and its involvement in Barack Obama’s most recent inauguration ceremony:


Obama’s Inauguration Prayers Featured Three of George Soros’ Anti-Israel Rabbis

All of Obama’s inauguration rabbis were members of the same radical leftist groups opposed to Israel and funded by George Soros.

… These connections aren’t a coincidence. Obama has gone out of his way to meet with Jewish clergy who are affiliated with left-wing radical groups. White House invitations have neatly gone across the JFJ, American Jewish World Service and J Street nexus, and their associated affiliates and front groups, such as the pseudo-orthodox Uri L’Tzedek.

Sharon Brous sits on the board of Rabbis for Human Rights, whose Israeli affiliate works to drive Jewish farmers off their land and is a rabbinic adviser to the American Jewish World Service. Rabbis for Human Rights is funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute and gave an aware to Aryeh Neier, the president of George Soros’ Open Society Institute. RHR-NA also named Rick Jacobs as one of its supporters.

While Brous tries to conceal her extremism behind the “love and peace” exterior that some of the anti-Israel clergy have begun to throw up, she got her start as a “Rabbinic fellow” at Bnai Jeshurun, the most Anti-Israel “synagogue” in the city which is linked to extreme left-wing groups, including supporters of suicide bombings. Americans for Peace Now included Brous’ ravings in their annual reading.

The Soros Lobby’s push against Glenn Beck for his criticism of the Nazi collaborating billionaire used Sharon Brous as its front for a venture that it described as Al Tirah USA.

Obama’s selection of three left-wing extremists belonging to a small group of interlinked organizations funded by a man who has been at best hostile to the Jewish community, is itself a hostile act. It shows that rather than choosing Jewish Rabbis who authentically represent America’s large community, he instead chose three polarizing figures who reject Jewish values and represent his movement’s biggest financial backer.  LINK


Please pay close attention to that last line – Barack Obama (or more likely his handlers and investors) chose three Jewish speakers for his inauguration.  Each of those three are closely linked with anti-Israel George Soros funded organizations such as Susan Rosenberg’s American Jewish World Service.  The same Susan Rosenberg who is a former Weather Underground member with Bill Ayers.  The same Susan Rosenberg who, along with her other anti-Israeli organization, gave considerable funding to Barack Obama’s re-election efforts.

Susan Rosenberg would not have been able to help provide that financial backing had she remained in prison.

She was let free though, having served less than 17 years of a 58 year sentence.

The man who made that happen for her was Eric Holder.

Just helping an old friend out it would seem…





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    • Kat
    • Amazing job UM. We are facing evil. These people hate America. I count Obama among them too. Can’t believe he is president of a country that he hates so much. I guess his job is to destroy it and he is doing a pretty good job of it. So I guess this means 2014 is very important. As mad as the Republicans make me, they really are the only thing standing in Obama’s way these days. Without them it would all be over by now.

    • VTX
    • If there really had been a “vast, rightwing conspiracy” (as according to Hillary) then none of these dopes would have survived. On the other hand, if dopes like this continue to ruin American politics, the potential for a nazi-like state to emerge is possible. That would suck, obviously – but so is the US as it is being run by these dweebs.

      Ayers can best be compared with James Holmes (the mugshots look amazingly similar) though his actions resemble the Boston bombers in practice. His fellow-travellers wanted to make a slimy, bloody mess at a military dance, and that would have made the Boston terrorism look small by comparison.

      I’m calling for a Vast Middle-Right Conspiracy – to end the reign (of terror) of these incredibly evil nincompoops. MRC. Middle-Right Conspiracy.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Come on…where’s the cred for our guy…he was cool ….he was radical…he sought out the radicals and the Marxists..he belongs in this headline too…give it up for bambi…he be Kool …

      You know what the right hands doing…but notice what appears to be a butt…is that a pistol in your hand, or are you just glad to see me???

      enlarge the image…posted for his first inaugural…in the NYT..just can’t help themselves ….like the big red X’s on Mooche’s dress..

      Now we have something in common…we like guns too

    • charlotte
    • Something funny happening at this site. I open the article URL and my post is gone. I repost it and it appears. I come back later and its gone. I repost, and then my prev post reappears. I guess there’s some info the trolls don’t want to be out there

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