Obama Bureaucratic Machine Goes After Conservative American Soldiers

The move to transform the United States Military into something far removed from its past, and far more aligned with the Big Government progressive era that is the hallmark of the Obama years, received yet another example of this transformation in the form of a twenty five year veteran of the Army facing retribution for his conservative beliefs…

( “Thou shalt NOT speak out against ME, nor shall you read books that speak out against ME, nor shall you support businesses that challenge  MY DOMINATION OF ALL THINGS!” )


(via Fox News)

Soldier Who Read Conservative Books Now Faces Charges

A member of the U.S. Army Band who said he was reprimanded for having anti-Obama bumper stickers on his personal car, serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at a party and reading books written by conservative authors like Sean Hannity is now facing Article 15 charges – which cropped up shortly after he went public with his complaints.

…The charges were handed down one day after Sommers told Fox News that he was facing discrimination and persecution because of his conservative political and religious beliefs.

“The timing does seem strange,” retired Navy Commander John Bennett Wells told Fox News. “It’s suspicious. No matter what’s happening it looks like a graduated attempt to build a case against him on some really ridiculous charges.

Wells is representing the 25-year veteran who, until last summer, had a spotless record.

The MDW spokesman was either uninformed or was being disingenuous,” he said. “The counseling form clearly stated that he was being reminded of his limited ability to disagree with the President’s policies and implied that displaying the bumper stickers could lead to prosecution under the Hatch Act.”

He said the counseling form also reprimanded Sommers for tweeting about the Chick-fil-A party.

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity expressed dismay at the book censorship.

“What a sad day for American when an American hero can have his personal freedoms ripped away – when that very military he works for is on the frontlines defending those very freedoms for every United States citizen,” Hannity told Fox News. “What’s next – book burning? Government approved reading lists? State run media outlets? Can military members read Obama’s books?”    LINK


Those of you who have watched Barack Obama interact with members of the U.S. Military know he is very uncomfortable in such situations, even when those events are carefully orchestrated and those allowed to be near him go through a rather extensive selection process to ensure they are “supportive” of Obama when in his presence.

Since day one of assuming office, it has been the Obama administration’s goal to transform America.  This must include then, a transformation of the American military.  These cases of soldiers being reprimanded for holding political views that are in opposition to the policies of Barack Obama is very much part of that transformation.  While the president gives speech after speech applauding soldiers for “fighting for freedom”, these same soldiers are allowed NO freedom when it comes to opposing Obama’s own belief system.

And as I have reminded readers before, Barack Obama is the same man who just prior to becoming Commander in Chief, accused  the American military of engaging in a policy of bombing innocent women and children.  That statement revealed his true feelings regarding this country’s military – he despises it.  He does not trust it.  And so, he has set out to change it from within, the very same tactic being performed on the United States as a whole.    -UM





DOMINATUS is an excellent view of of what we could actually be facing in our world – it whispers loudly of a Socialist Nation under the regime of Obama, telling us that the world as we now know it could soon vanish and leave those of us who love Old Glory looking for our own DOMINATUS; our own place of solitude and peace where we can live in harmony with our conservative beliefs, away from Big Brother’s prying eyes and demanding rules that only serve to enslave.   -Niikki Wright    LINK


“Great book, hard to put down. Making all my kids read it because it is so easy to understand issues that may be difficult from the media. I read a lot of medical mysteries and suspense, this is going to the top of my referral list.”   -Melissa Caulk





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7 Comments to Obama Bureaucratic Machine Goes After Conservative American Soldiers
    • bill o'rights
    • UM, I pray your MI and his trusted friends have a plan ‘B’. These arrogant, Marxist f-ckers are taking the gloves off.

      I’m also reading that 56% of the sheep don’t mind being spied on by the government, even though it’s a BLATANT violation of the fourth and fifth (and probably the first) amendments.

      Let’s face facts here.

      As things stand, there is no getting rid of the Marxists without a direct confrontation–whatever that might look like. Either the jackbooted thugs come to our towns and our homes, and it begins there or something else triggers it.

      Either way, I sense that a confrontation is inevitable in thw near future.

    • VTX
    • The military disrespected the Clintons, too, and they loathed him as much as he did them. There is a reason for all this:

      Funny how people turn out: Obama hates women – as his mother was a lowdown, open-legged wormhugger who abandoned him to perverts and commies and dirtbags; Clinton hated his mother, who made him defend himself and her against men of her own choosing, as her gutter-passions were more than equal to her motherly instincts. Both, of course, don’t mind seeing women subjected to genital mutilation – Clinton refused asylum to a woman fleeing from such a procedure; Obama supports the religion of the pedophile.

      Neither can take criticism – it’s too much for their shallow souls to bear – but they really hate it when men who have been raised by decent woman and they hate those who want to protect the remaining decent women. No, they prefer the sullied, dirty, scumsucking versions of women – like Hillary and their own mothers (and Bill’s girlfriends who all have Daddy-issues.)

      They prefer to see women dipped in mud, like the Taliban-types – the Taliban hates women, too, preferring little boys and their “clean” buttocks to “unclean” women (for them, “clean” means 7 years old.)

      No, the American Warrior is not safe, because the American Warrior protects womanhood – kind of like an armed Judge Joe Brown – and the American Warrior represents manhood, the kind Bill and Barry are not and know nothing about and never will be.

      Obama has one-upped Clinton, though, making it safe for his type to rape men in combat. Chris Stevens was only the opening salvo. Sick buggers.

    • VTX
    • Barack Obama and Bill Clinton hate anything that resembles decency, and they resent people who have honor and integrity. Most of our troops have honorable dads and respectable moms, and those Marines who were raised by good single mothers were molded into men and are respectable in their oaths they took. Unlike Bill and Barry, whose father-figures were dishonorable men of low worth and could be counted upon to not be counted upon.

      I do feel sorry for these two, though: had they been adopted at birth, they likely would have worked out their abandonment issues and become successful instead of becoming lying, murderous, treacherous, perverted pretenders.

      What do these men do when faced with this reality? That they aren’t worth licking the boots of those who serve in our armed forces? They ruin it: much like they support abortion – (which is a form of female suicide, where a young woman kills an unborn image of herself.) They prefer to see the rape of the American virgin, as LC calls it. They fantacize about a clean woman all covered in shat.

      What else will they do to humiliate the Services – other than to arrange to have helicopters shot down and Marines denied hot meals? I once got some heat for suggesting that Barry was planning an evacuation-less Dunkirk – stranding our men in foreign lands and pretending that a Sequester caused it. I maintain what I’d maintained.

      These are evil men, Bill and Barry (and Dick Durbin and others) who plot the rape of the Constitution and every man, woman and child who lives under that grand document, and who betray our men and women in uniform: G0D help those Servicemen and women; most of our Senators and Representatives and press and 47% of the public surely aren’t willing to stand up for them.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Face it…Obama and the Clintons are perverts…and the good and decent men and women of the military are an affront to them …

      Until evil such as Bacha Bazi is accepted and approved here…..they will continue to attack American morality and all the Christian-Judeo beliefs that define who and what we are and the Constitution that is our very construct.

      Pigs are pigs..expect them to behave as such.

    • E.A.B.
    • Let’s not forget who is now overseeing this radical transformation of the American military: Defense Secretary Hagel.

      And let’s not forget who voted to confirm him: 54 Democrats, and Thad Cochran, Mike Johanns, Richard Shelby, and Rand Paul.

    • E.A.B.
    • BTW, according to Gallup, George W. Bush now has a higher approval rating than Barack Obama. Bush: 49% approve, 46% disapprove. Obama: 47% approve, 44% disapprove.

    • VTX
    • On a more mundane note: the President tries to take his man out of reach of Congressional questions by making him an “advisor,” as was done with Susan Rice, the Bimbo of Benghazi.

      “The White House immediately announced that President Obama had appointed Morell to serve on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, an independent advisory body.”

      Wants to “spend more time with his family.” That means he’s getting out of Dodge, like many Congresscritters – who are planning to quit their posts because of Obimbocare.

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