“Obama-Phones” Being Used To Buy Drugs – YOUR Tax Dollars At Work…(VIDEO)

In the months before the 2012 Election, the Obama administration spent over TWO BILLION dollars handing out FREE cell phones to people as part of the “Lifeline” (VOTE BUYING) program.  These phones are now being used to buy drugs, among other things.

(Methinks the Obama IRS will not lift one finger to investigate this massive waste and abuse of American tax dollars…)



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2 Comments to “Obama-Phones” Being Used To Buy Drugs – YOUR Tax Dollars At Work…(VIDEO)
    • Essa
    • My blood pressures goes up every time I see a commercial for the free phones (and that goes for all the other freebee commercials I see too). The lefties use the blame Bush excuse once again on this in order to defend outright theft from customers who pay for their own phone service. Many customers are getting double dipped for fees if they happen to pay for a landline and cell phone service.

      What many do not realize, is that was this jester regime that expanded the program to include cell phones. Landlines at least were non-transferable to the nearest pawn shop or dope dealer.

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