“APPROPRIATE” – Eric Holder Doubles Down On Government Intimidation Of The Media

Just days after CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson confirmed both her work and personal computers were hacked during her investigations into such anti-Obama stories as the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, the Green Energy stimulus scandal, and later, the Benghazi Massacre scandal, Obama Attorney General Eric Holder (who is deeply involved in all of those scandals) issued a letter to Congress indicating the spying tactics used against Fox investigative reporter James Rosen were “appropriate”.  Holder claims Congress may have “misinterpreted” his earlier under oath remarks when he testified that no journalists had been prosecuted by the Justice Department for publishing leaks.


(via Politico)

Eric Holder: James Rosen probe ‘appropriate’

Attorney General Eric Holder is defending his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in a new letter, reiterating that he did not lie when he told the committee no journalists have been prosecuted by the Justice Department for publishing leaks.

Holder called the investigation that involved Fox News reporter James Rosen “appropriate,” saying again that charges were never brought against Rosen and saying the committee might have misinterpreted his remarks.

…Judiciary Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte has pressed Holder on his statements, saying they conflict with an affidavit attached to a search warrant that named Rosen as a co-conspirator. Holder defended that label as being part of showing probable cause necessary to get the warrant, and again said charges against Rosen were never sought.

In his answers, Holder also said neither guidelines nor the law require the attorney general to sign off on search warrants for journalists’ emails, unlike phone records, though department officials got Holder’s approval in this case.  LINK


Please read that last line reader – Eric Holder, the top legal official in the United States government, is excusing his spy program against members of the media as OK – because he claims there are no guidelines for search warrants issued to obtain personal emails from individuals.  In essence, what Eric Holder is saying is that the government, any time it chooses, can crack open YOUR computer and take what it wants because such an act has nothing to do with listening in on your phone conversations.  Holder’s claim is that he has not officially prosecuted a journalist for publishing leaks  – so no infringement against a journalist’s rights has actually taken place.

This position is very similar to someone breaking into your home, looking in all of your closets and drawers, taking pictures, and then leaving and telling you they never committed a crime because they didn’t actually steal anything.

Second, Eric Holder’s testimony actually indicated he believes the press should have a “shield” that will allow them to freely gather information for stories.  He is then saying that because such a law does not currently exist, it is just fine for him to abuse his power and authority as the Attorney General and go on spying on, and intimidating, members of the media.

The entire premise for Eric Holder’s defense of himself, his actions, and the Obama administration is shocking, disturbing, and terribly dangerous, given the high ranking position he holds within the current government – a position that de facto President Valerie Jarrett made clear she intends Eric Holder to keep for some time…











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12 Comments to “APPROPRIATE” – Eric Holder Doubles Down On Government Intimidation Of The Media
    • bill o'rights
    • The ‘shield’ Mr. Holder is referring to is a reflection of the administration’s vision of the mainstream media as state-run media.

      In other words, they want to ‘shield’ the media from free speech and narratives that could conflict with the state narrative.

        • Chunkdog
        • This was a great article. The majority of the information that this “insider” usually reveals is accurate, so that also makes it pretty scary.

          It really pisses me off thinking, that if the MSM did their job, honestly, factually and unbiasedly, the way a real journalists are supposed to, the US wouldn’t be in this situation. The people who own the stations, and who are in charge of running them are to blame. They had an agenda that they wanted to push, and it worked great for a while, but now it has spun out of control and they are scared and clueless on how to handle it.

          It’s kind of like bringing a lion cub to live with you. It’s amusing and entertaining while you’re still in control, but as time goes on, you lose all control and now the lion is eating your children, and it has you cornered.

          Hopefully, Obama will overplay his hand and back the news media so far into a corner, that their only recourse is to push him back…harder. I think that is what it is going to take to wake the majority of the MSM up. Once that happens, then the rest of the dominoes will start to fall.

          I really believe that the death spiral for the US was the first day CNN premiered. It ushered in an age of 24 hour news, that needed to be filled by something other than just news. I think at that time, no one realized that 24 hours of solid, factual news could be fairly boring. So, you bring in commentators and talking heads to discuss things and elaborate, and try to spice it up. Before CNN, that discussion shows was fairly rare, and when shown, they were labeled as such.

          But, due to CNN, the “news” show has morphed from the original concept of broadcasting news, into nothing more than a 24 hour “opinion” show.
          Today’s news shows are about 90% opinion and 10% actual news facts. So when you have MSNBC running in the background, the opinions of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, etc. are feeding into your brain constantly. If that isn’t bad enough, Obama is telling them exactly what they should and shouldn’t say. It’s nothing more 24 hours of Obama propaganda funneling into the brain of anyone who watches. And, he wants to make sure it stays that way.

          I mean, isn’t this one way that governments brainwash people?

          Constantly being fed one side of a situation, especially when it is being presented as legitimate news, is bound to make you believe there is only one side. Most “news”, that is being presented today with the exception of Fox, is liberal, progressive manure. People who see the other side are the ones who read news blogs, and for them that’s when the light bulb turns on.

          The sad thing is, most of those in their teens, 20′s, 30′s, and even some in their 40′s, have grown up on this crap. They really think that Lawrence O’Donnell challenging Mitt Romney’s son to a fight, is real news. They think Al Sharpton is an actual newscaster and Chris Matthews is a genuine journalist.

          I don’t think anyone ever knew if Walter Cronkite was a republican or a democrat, because he did his job the way it should be done.

          The more public this administration’s criminal acts become, the harder it will be for Obama to intimidate, scare and threaten the whistleblowers.

          This administration is like a Jenga tower. You can pull a lot of blocks out, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fall. You have to find the right block to bring it crashing down.

    • truthandjustice
    • How about Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings?

      “The revelation that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was working on a story about the CIA before his death and had contacted a Wikileaks lawyer about being under investigation by the FBI hours before his car exploded into flames has bolstered increasingly valid claims that the 33-year-old was assassinated.

      Hastings died early Tuesday morning in Hollywood when his car allegedly hit a tree at high speed. The Los Angeles Coroner’s office has not yet been able to officially identify the body as Hastings because it is so badly burned.

      Skeptics of the official narrative have highlighted eyewitness accounts which state that Hastings’ Mercedes “exploded”.

      Images of the vehicle appear to show more damage to the rear, around the area of the fuel tank, than the front, leading to speculation that a car bomb which ignited the fuel could have been responsible for the incident.

      “No matter how you slice this particular pie, a Mercedes is not just going to explode into flames without a little assistance,” writes freelance journalist Jim Stone. “Car fires in new cars happen for three main reasons — running the engine out of oil, or running the engine out of coolant, or after an absolutely huge car mangling accident, having the hot side of the battery short out against the frame before it reaches the fuse panel. And for all 3 of those normal reasons, which account for virtually all car fires in modern cars, the fire would have started in the engine compartment, progressed slowly, and scorched the hell out of the paint before ever reaching the gas tank. That clean paint is the be all tell all, Michael Hastings was murdered, and the rest is detail.”

      Stone also questions why a white sheet has been draped over the vehicle in the image below.

      The questions surrounding the precise nature of the “accident” that killed Hastings are given more weight by the fact that the journalist had made enemies within both the FBI and the CIA.

      “Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him,” the official Wikileaks Twitter account announced yesterday.

      Hastings “had the Central Intelligence Agency in his sights” and was set to release an article exposing the agency, according to L.A. Weekly.

      The Obama administration and the Justice Department have openly claimed the authority to assassinate American citizens anywhere in the world if they are deemed a national security threat. A number of American citizens have already been killed as a result of this policy. Is it really that crazy to suggest that Michael Hastings was merely the latest victim of this doctrine?

      The New York Daily News highlights the fact that Hastings had received multiple death threats before his demise.

      Following his role in bringing down Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, Hastings was told by a McChrystal staffer, “We’ll hunt you down and kill you if we don’t like what you write.”

      “Whenever I’d been reporting around groups of dudes whose job it was to kill people, one of them would usually mention that they were going to kill me,” said Hastings.

      Hastings was renowned for being “only interested in writing stories someone didn’t want him to write — often his subjects,” according to Buzzflash editor Ben Smith, adding, “He knew that there are certain truths that nobody has an interest in speaking, ones that will make you both your subjects and their enemies uncomfortable. They’re stories that don’t get told because nobody in power has much of an interest in telling them.”

      The fact that Hastings had made a plethora of enemies as a result of his hard-hitting investigative journalism has prompted a deluge of online comment speculating that the writer’s “car crash” was no accident.

      “Hastings’ wreck might make sense on the freeway, but I doubt he’d be dumb enough to go 100 mph on Highland. He’s not some dumb college kid,” said one commenter on a local news site.

      “A warning to other journalists to not dig too deep,” another Reddit user wrote. “Stick with the party line if you want a long, happy life.”

      If this was an isolated incident then there wouldn’t be so many questions swirling about Hastings’ death. However, he’s certainly not the first individual to go up against the military-industrial complex and wind up in a coffin.

      Other journalists who have proven to be a thorn in the side of the establishment have met the same fate, from Andrew Breitbart who was about to release damaging pre-election information about Barack Obama before he collapsed and died in strange circumstances, to Gary Webb, the Pullitzer prize-winning author who exposed the CIA’s involvement in the drug trade and subsequently committed “suicide” after apparently shooting himself in the head – twice.

      It’s virtually inevitable that the true cause of Michael Hastings death will never be known and that the mainstream media will demonize anyone who questions the official narrative as a conspiracy theorist. Meanwhile, journalists and others who pose a threat to the military-industrial complex will continue to die in bizarre “accidents” that stink of foul play.”


      • Chunkdog
      • Wow, this is even worse then expected.

        The fact that Obama always seems to disarm the military whenever he is around a large group of them is very telling. That alone feels a lot about the character of the man.

        When a commander ( and I use that term very lightly) can’t trust the men in his command, it’s time to give up.

        Also, I think we all know who the Supreme Court Justice is who was wiretapped. The Obamacare ruling made that more than obvious. It’s also pretty obvious which republicans have been threatened just by observation. I think McCain is one, and I think they have the evidence that proves he left POW’s to rot in Vietnam. If I can find the story, I’ll post the link here In the comments. It’s very interesting and very bad for McCain.
        I also think they have something on Boehner.

        The only way this is going to end is when people start coming out in numbers, telling what they know, and exposing them all.

        It’s time for people to show some character and tell what they know.

    • ebysan
    • *******************************************************************

      New Whistleblower: Financial Aid Given To Obama
      As Foreign Student With Indonesian Citizenship


      A whistleblower from the Higher Education Corporation in Albany NY approached Dr. Orly Tiatz @ the Rally in front of the US Capitol in DC on June 19, 2013.

      She gave Dr. Orly Taitz her name phone numbers …… She stated that she personally reviewed the microfilm of Barack Obama’s Financial Aid & it shows that he received Financial Aid as a Foreign Student,
      Citizen of Indonesia….. Dr Orly Taitz verified all of the woman’s information & she does work for the Higher Education Corp. in Albany NY. She & several employees in the department made copies of this microfilm in-case it was destroyed by management.

      She came forward because she is concerned about Fraud being committed & that Obama being a Citizen of Indonesia he is not eligible to be POTUS!

      This whistleblower is concerned about retaliation!!


      • Chunkdog
      • I read this and I really hope she isn’t being set up.

        There are many things people write about Orly Taitz, but she is a real patriot, who is not afraid to put her neck on the line, for her adopted country.. She is sometimes over the top and out there, but she stands up for what she believes in, despite the constant threats, ridicule and harrassment. I think history will judge her kindly.

        But, Orly has been fed false info before and they are not beyond doing it again. If this whistleblower is genuine, she did it the right way, by getting copies of her info to other people and letting those around her, that she trusts, know what is going on.

        If the judge is on the level, this could be big.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • RIP Hastings …his last article I repost in his honor:

      Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans

      Besides Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall, most Democrats abandoned their civil liberty positions during the age of Obama. With a new leak investigation looming, the Democrat leadership are now being forced to confront all the secrets they’ve tried to hide.

      Michael Hastings

      For most bigwig Democrats in Washington, D.C., the last 48 hours has delivered news of the worst kind — a flood of new information that has washed away any lingering doubts about where President Obama and his party stand on civil liberties, full stop.

      Glenn Greenwald’s exposure of the NSA’s massive domestic spy program has revealed the entire caste of current Democratic leaders as a gang of civil liberty opportunists, whose true passion, it seems, was in trolling George W. Bush for eight years on matters of national security.

      “Everyone should just calm down,” Senator Harry Reid said yesterday, inhaling slowly.

      That’s right: don’t panic.

      The very topic of Democratic two-facedness on civil liberties is one of the most important issues that Greenwald has covered. Many of those Dems — including the sitting President Barack Obama, Senator Carl Levin, and Sec. State John Kerry — have now become the stewards and enhancers of programs that appear to dwarf any of the spying scandals that broke during the Bush years, the very same scandals they used as wedge issues to win elections in the Congressional elections 2006 and the presidential primary of 2007-2008.

      Recall what Senator Levin told CNN in 2005, demanding to “urgently hold an inquiry” into what was supposedly President Bush’s domestic wiretap program.

      Levin continued, at length: “It means that there’s some growing concern on Capitol Hill about a program which seems to be so totally unauthorized and unexplained…The president wraps himself in the law, saying that it is totally legal, but he doesn’t give what the legal basis is for this. He avoided using the law, which we provided to the president, where even when there is an emergency and there’s a need for urgent action can first tap the wire and then go to a court.”

      There are two notable exception to this rule are Senator Ron Wyden, from Oregon, and Sen. Mark Udall from Colorado, who had seemed to be fighting a largely lonely, frustrating battle against Obama’s national security state.
      As Mark Udall told the Denver Post yesterday: “[I] did everything short of leaking classified information” to stop it.
      His ally in Oregon, Ron Wyden, was one of the first to seize on the Guardian’s news break: “I will tell you from a policy standpoint, when a law-abiding citizen makes a call, they expect that who they call, when they call and where they call from will be kept private,” Wyden said to Politico, noting “there’s going to be a big debate about this.” The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, admitted he’d mislead Senator Wyden at a hearing earlier this year, revising his statement yesterday to state that the NSA didn’t do “voyerustic” surveillance.

      The state of affairs, in other words, is so grave that two sitting Senators went as close as they could to violating their unconstitutional security oaths in order to warn the country of information that otherwise would not have been declassified until April of 2038, according to the Verizon court order obtained by Greenwald.

      Now, we’re about to see if the Obama administration’s version of the national security state will begin to eat itself.
      Unsurprisingly, the White House has dug in, calling their North Korea-esque tools “essential” to stop terrorism, and loathe to give up the political edge they’ve seized for Democrats on national security issues under Obama’s
      leadership. The AP spying scandal — which the administration attempted to downplay at the time, even appointing Eric Holder to lead his own investigation into himself —was one of the unexpected consequences of one of two leak investigations that Obama ordered during the 2012 campaign.

      It’s unclear where a possible third leak investigation would lead. However, judging by the DOJ’s and FBI’s recent history, it would seem that any new leak case would involve obtaining the phone records of reporters at the Guardian, the Washington Post, employees at various agencies who would have had access to the leaked material, as well as politicians and staffers in Congress—records, we now can safely posit, they already have unchecked and full access to.

      In short: any so-called credible DOJ/FBI leak investigation, by its very nature, would have to involve the Obama administration invasively using the very surveillance and data techniques it is attempting to hide in order to snoop on a few Democratic Senators and more media outlets, including one based overseas.

      Outside of Washington, D.C., the frustration that Wyden and Udall have felt has been exponentially magnified. Transparency supporters, whistleblowers, and investigative reporters, especially those writers who have aggressively pursued the connections between the corporate defense industry and federal and local authorities involved in domestic surveillance, have been viciously attacked by the Obama administration and its allies in the FBI and DOJ.

      Jacob Appplebaum, a transparency activist and computer savant, has been repeatedly harassed at American borders, having his laptop seized. Barrett Brown, another investigative journalist who has written for Vanity Fair, among others publications, exposed the connections between the private contracting firm HB Gary (a government contracting firm that, incidentally, proposed a plan to spy on and ruin the reputation of the Guardian’s Greenwald) and who is currently sitting in a Texas prison on trumped up FBI charges regarding his legitimate reportorial inquiry into the political collective known sometimes as Anonymous.

      That’s not to mention former NSA official Thomas Drake (the Feds tried to destroys his life because he blew the whistle ); Fox News reporter James Rosen (named a “co-conspirator” by Holder’s DOJ); John Kirakou, formerly in the CIA, who raised concerns about the agency’s torture program, is also in prison for leaking “harmful” (read: embarrassing) classified info; and of course Wikileaks (under U.S. financial embargo); WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (locked up in Ecuador’s London embassy) and, of course, Bradley Manning, the young, idealistic, soldier who provided the public with perhaps the most critical trove of government documents ever released.

      The attitude the Obama administration has toward Manning is revealing. What do they think of him? “Fuck Bradely Manning,” as one White House official put it to me last year during the campaign.

      Screw Manning? Lol, screw us.

      Perhaps more information will soon be forthcoming.

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