IMPEACH OBAMA Protests Coming To A City Near You This Summer – Find Out How To Join

Taking a page from the Bush years when anti-war protesters effectively got their message out by placing large banners over some of the busiest highway overpasses in the country, a quickly growing group of anti-Obama  Americans are preparing to do the same this summer.  Soon, thousands of Impeach Obama Now signs are to be seen by millions of Americans.  That is, until the Obama government undoubtedly finds a way to shut them down…


(via WHD)

Impeach Obama Overpass Demonstrations Planned

The impeach Obama movement may be coming to an overpass near you.

A new activist group is attempting to launch summertime demonstrations across the country demanding that Congress act to impeach the president. The protests will feature groups of anti-Obama activists hanging banners across overpasses above the busiest highways they can find.

The newly formed Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment – inspired by a June 8 Tea Party protest that snarled traffic in Carlsbad, California – plans to begin protests July 4, according to a report by Organizers hope to organize wave of protests across the nation, dubbed “The Patriot Wave,” in the hope that it will catch the attention of Congress.

Founder James Neighbors told the justification for impeachment lies in the “simply astonishing” and growing list of scandals attached to the administration.

The organization is attracting members through a Facebook page founded earlier this month that has links to subsidiary Facebook groups in most states. While the main Facebook page already has about 2,500 “Likes,” many of the local groups appear to have only a few members and no local leaders at this point.   LINK


Take a little time to check out the group’s Facebook page , and if you like what you see, join up and perhaps even take on a leadership/organizational role in your area of the country.

For those of you who  have often said – “there’s nothing I can do”, well, now you can.  Every bit helps when it comes to educating others to take a more honest look at what the Obama administration has been doing to this country.

We all, in our own way, are part of a newly emerging Patriot Movement in America…     -UM


I read this in one day and had my wife read it the next day, we both love it as it takes a look into what the world could look like if we don’t change the path.”   -Jesse   LINK










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6 Comments to IMPEACH OBAMA Protests Coming To A City Near You This Summer – Find Out How To Join
    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Perhaps reading more of their cavalier attitude toward our murdered fellow Americans will move you to sign up for the Impeach movement…also read at SOFREPdotCom


      Our sources at the State Department have also shockingly revealed that Patrick Kennedy, the under secretary of management, kept both Stevens’ professional journal and his personal laptop computer (both recovered from Libya) locked up in his office safe for close to a month before turning them over to the FBI. We’d like to know what Under Secretary Kennedy hoped to accomplish and what his motive was for holding on to these items for so long before turning them over to the FBI.

      We were also not surprised to learn from sources within the department that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, was requesting to meet with people before their scheduled interview with the ARB. For those of you not familiar, the ARB was set up to conduct an internal investigation on the Benghazi attack. Why would Secretary Clinton and Cheryl Mills want to interview people before they went before the internal ARB? It stinks of foul play.

      And so it seems that before Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Clinton could wash the blood of their colleagues off their own hands, they were busying themselves with a self-interest cover-up strategy that would protect the future careers of two Washington power players. It is behavior like this, regardless of political party, that has become a gross version of cult of personality in D.C., or Washington’s own version of “normalcy.”

      • Essa
      • Last night on the Savage Nation radio show, there was a discussion about the possibility that the onboard computer system in a car could be hacked in order to gain control of accelerator. Makes me think of the show Bait Car, where the thief gets a little way down the road and then the police send a signal to the computer system in the stolen vehicle to disable the car immediately.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes, I posted that story when it first came out. My first thoughts were another “Breitbart”. I was glad to hear this story on Fox the other day also and they actually pointed out how his car could very well have been a car cyber attack. However, unfortunately, it’s like this:

        “But my rule has always been you don’t knock down a conspiracy theory until you can prove it [wrong]. And in the case of Michael Hastings, what evidence is available publicly is consistent with a car cyber attack. And the problem with that is you can’t prove it.”

        Clarke said the Los Angeles Police Department likely wouldn’t have the expertise to trace such an attack. “I think you’d probably need the very best of the U.S. government intelligence or law enforcement officials to discover it.”

        So – knowing what we know, there is NO chance this will ever be investigated and justice brought, just like all the many others.

        • Essa
        • The very thought is chilling, when taking into account how quickly the government has morphed into a monster of fear and paranoia.

          There was also a news story about driverless car technology which is absolutely terrifying, for when you think about it, later on in the future, no one will know how to drive, and then it will be very easy for the government to simply disable the car at their whim or kill you in it.

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