During 20-Day Zimmerman Trial, Four Chicago Children Murdered – Media Ignores Loss Of Life

Not surprising to those of you already familiar with the rampant hypocrisy of the Mainstream Media and its horrible and dangerously biased coverage of a local shooting story in Florida that was transformed into a false portrayal of some kind of civil rights case wherein a 17 year old Black youth shot dead as he attacked a Hispanic man was set up to once again try and shame (White) America.  And yet, during the twenty days of the Zimmerman trial, four kids in Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago were shot dead – and nary a word from the Mainstream Media.  It begs the question then – if a Black child is killed in a liberal city in America, does that death make a sound?  Sadly, if the Mainstream Media coverage is any indication, apparently not…

(Statistics don’t lie – the more Big Government gun control – the more gun violence)


(via CNSnews.com)

Four Children Gunned Down in Chicago During Zimmerman Trial

(CNSNews.com) – In the 20-day period of the George Zimmerman trial, four minors – three teens and a five-year-old boy – were gunned down in Chicago, according to Homicide Watch Chicago, a Chicago Sun-Times publication, which details every murder that takes place in the city.

On June 28, five-year-old Sterling Sims was killed in a double murder that also claimed the life of his mother, 31-year-old Chavonne Brown. Both were shot in their apartment, and police believe the motive was robbery.

On July 1, 16-year-old Antonio Fenner was gunned down on the sidewalk next to the body of a 32-year-old man who had gang ties. No arrests were made, and no suspects have been named. Fenner’s mother believes her son was in the wrong place at the wrong time, because no one in her family knew the other victim or what Fenner’s association was to him.

On July 3, 14-year-old Damani Henard was murdered outside a high school. His body was found next a bicycle.

On July 9, 15-year-old Ed Cooper was shot and killed while spending time with friends at the park. A gunman got out of a black van and began firing as the boys ran away. Cooper was shot in the street and continued running to a vacant lot where he died.   LINK


As I stated in an earlier and related story, it isn’t random gun violence that is killing so many of our nation’s youth, but rather the terribly destructive and life-draining liberal policies of so many of America’s cities.  Kids are born into a system that marks them as victims, and from that moment, so many of them live according to that label.  They learn to despise themselves and their peers, and sadly turn to the violence that so often marks life for certain minorities in this country.

George Zimmerman, acting in self defense, shot and killed a much larger and more aggressive Trayvon Martin.  One life was tragically lost, while another life is forever changed.

As tragic as the loss of any life is, the death of Trayvon Martin is nothing compared to the millions of lives being destroyed every day under the tyranny of liberalism – liberalism that is literally killing our country’s future one forgotten life at a time…     -UM


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3 Comments to During 20-Day Zimmerman Trial, Four Chicago Children Murdered – Media Ignores Loss Of Life
    • Publius
    • Listening to AG Holder and the other race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson, I am struck by their total disconnect from reality regarding gun violence and the black/white dialogue.

      What I hear them saying is they don’t care about young black people killing each other in cities where only the thugs have guns. But, they are now whipping up mob frenzy against states that have “stand your ground” laws because non-black residents of those jurisdictions are choosing to arm themselves and fight back against criminals and thugs of all skin colors who threaten them and want to take their stuff.

      It is as though these race-baiters see black on white crime as a form of “reparations” – and they don’t like the fact that non-blacks have chosen to stand their ground and fight against a thug culture that excuses racial hatred and grievances instead of promoting education and self-improvement.

      As for Stevie Wonder, I enjoy his somewhat dated music, but I’m not interested in paying to see him perform live. So, he can stay out of Florida as long as he wants. Now, let’s hope our idiot governor, Rick Scott, will not further embarrass himself and the state by pandering to the race-baiters again, as he did by assigning the reprehensible Ms. Corey to prosecute Mr. Zimmerman despite the lack of evidence to support her charge of murder against him.

    • VTX
    • The idiocy of Holder and Obama and Sharpton and all the other race-baiters is clear: they don’t mind seeing their young children murdered by Kermit Gosnell, they don’t care if blacks are murdered by other blacks..

      And this is the clearest definition of their utter stupidity: the NAACP and Holder’s call for repeal or watering down of stand your ground laws. This link shows that blacks benefit from such laws disproportionately, and therefore Holder et al are willfully sabotaging black folks’ G0D-given right to self defense, seemingly making an endorsment of even greater carnage in their own communities.

      Black folks still don’t see who the real enemy is: their leaders. And that suits the Carl Schmittians just fine – as it provides more and more of an excuse for a dictatorship.


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