MAC WALKER’S BENGHAZI: “It is, quite simply, Mac Walker at his bad ass best…”

Readers of D.W. Ulsterman’s first two novels, DOMINATUS  and  TUMULTUS  are already familiar with the character of Mac Walker, former Navy SEAL and defender of Dominatus and mission leader in Tumultus.   In the forthcoming prequel to those two novels, “MAC WALKER’S BENGHAZI” readers will be able to learn of Mac’s secondary involvement in the tragedy now known by many of you as the Benghazi Massacre.  It is Mac Walker twenty five years before the related events covered in the stories of Dominatus and Tumultus.  It is, quite simply, Mac Walker at his bad ass best…

Mac Walker's Benghazi Cover Art- SMALLER VERSION




…Ray Tilley looked over to Dasha, indicating he wanted her to provide some input.  Mac turned his head to the left to look down at her, instantly appreciative of how much better looking she was than either Tilley or Mardian.  Taking Tilley’s cue, Dasha began to speak.

“What makes this task somewhat different Mr.Walker, are some of the particulars involved. Libya has been dealing in large arms trading for a very long time.  Some believe there to be the remnants of nuclear capability.  This has become a matter of importance for a great many of us who hope to see Libya’s transition be as…smooth and unfettered by violence as possible.”

Mac stared down at Dasha, looking past her beauty and trying to see what her involvement in this really was.

“And just what is your interest in this Dasha?  Who do you represent?”

Dasha met Mac’s stare calmly, her hands folding across her slender, crossed legs.

“My position with the United Nations involves a new approach Mr. Walker.  For too long that institution has been viewed as something of a joke among the world’s political class.  There are those who feel it must…evolve.  We must move beyond countless meetings and agendas, and idiotic statements that have no basis in reality, and are ultimately, non-binding.  We have been pleased to see this view received rather warmly by the current American administration.  Call it a more…pro-active approach.  We wish to give the United Nations real teeth, so that the world will come to realize if provoked, it can and more importantly will, bite back.”

Inside his head, Mac could hear warning sirens beginning to sound.

“You think the United Nations needs to change?  Become what?  More powerful?  More…militaristic?”

Dasha remained exceptionally composed as she nodded her head.

“Yes, Mr. Walker.  Think of it as a new beginning for the organization.  A…New United Nations, if you will.”

Now the warning sirens in Mac’s head were on full alert, blaring loudly.




Mac Walker's Benghazi Cover Art- SMALLER VERSION

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“When dictatorship is a fact – revolution becomes a right.”   -Victor Hugo






“And if you would have said anything like that say back in 2010 or 2014, you’d have been run out as a crazy racist son-of-a-bitch.   When in fact, what you’re saying is all about saving America.   What you just said there about the immigration thing… absolutely right.   Makes sense now, don’t it?   Why those big government liberal types were so big on open borders and bringing in anyone and anything that hated America.   No need to take over America, or try to openly destroy it – just sit back and watch it eat itself up from the inside.”

Ulsterman, D.W. (2013-07-15). Tumultus (p. 106). . Kindle Edition.     LINK




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