Eric Holder Gunning For Texas – Claims Lone Star State Among Most Racist In Nation

Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s Department of Justice made clear this week their feelings regarding Texas  – namely that it is a state (they believe) still mired in racial discrimination that requires Big Government intervention.  In the brewing war between the Obama White House and Texas, who will win?


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Is Eric Holder Right About Texas’ Elections?

The attorney general wants changes to the Lone Star state’s voting laws to be subject to federal approval

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the Obama administration would seek to require Texas to clear any changes it makes to voting procedures with the federal government. This policy comes after a Supreme Court ruling last month that struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act, a 1965 law that sought to prevent voting discrimination.

Holder called the court’s ruling “deeply disappointing,” and said that the law was still needed to address inequalities in the election system. The court struck down Section 4 of the act, which determined the formula used to dictate which states and jurisdictions were subject to Section 5. Also known as the “preclearance provision,” Section 5 requires some jurisdictions to get federal permission before changing election laws.

Holder said that although preclearance was designed to stop discriminatory voting practices during the Civil Rights Movement, it is clear that places like Texas have not yet reached a point where such laws are no longer necessary. The attorney general called for a bipartisan effort in Congress to restore and strengthen the Voting Rights Act, and also said the department was taking steps to enforce the parts of the law that were not affected by the June Supreme Court ruling:

“The Justice Department will ask a federal court in Texas to subject the State of Texas to a preclearance regime similar to the one required by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act … Based on the evidence of intentional racial discrimination that was presented last year in the redistricting case, Texas v. Holder – as well as the history of pervasive voting-related discrimination against racial minorities that the Supreme Court itself has recognized – we believe that the State of Texas should be required to go through a preclearance process whenever it changes its voting laws and practices.”   LINK


That last paragraph is nothing more than Eric Holder coming right out and calling Texas too racist to be trusted with its own election laws.  Texans (and other states) would likely counter that claim by indicating they in fact want to more fully PROTECT the sacred trust of its election results by ensuring only legal voters be allowed to cast ballots.  And therein you find the real contention between Texas and the Obama White House.  As Attorney General, Eric Holder has repeatedly pushed back against any state trying to secure more honest election results, and the playing of the race card has been the number one option in this administration’s tool kit.  It should also be noted that Holder’s entire premise is based on blatant hypocrisy – he claims to want to protect voters from discrimination, but is hoping to go about doing so by actually discriminating against an entire state – Texas.  And make no mistake, if the Obama regime is allowed to get away with this against Texas, other states will soon follow, the Supreme Court ruling that says otherwise be damned.

Some may wonder why the aggression and energy being expended to punish Texas.  I would simply remind you of this quote, which is the foundation upon which the entire Obama second term now stands:



The premise of the book is designed to get people to think about the condition of the world today. I would ask that everyone read this book. I would also think that it would be a great discussion text in history and political science.

I found the book hard to put down once I started reading it.

Outstanding book!!!!!! ”   -KEITH BROWNMILLER     LINK



“When dictatorship is a fact – revolution becomes a right.”   -Victor Hugo



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MAC WALKER’S BENGHAZI: “It is, quite simply, Mac Walker at his bad ass best…”


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54 Comments to Eric Holder Gunning For Texas – Claims Lone Star State Among Most Racist In Nation
    • bill o'rights
    • The administration’s efforts to go after Texas in earnest speaks volumes.

      They are going after the strongest of the states, first.

      This is Chapter One of Civil War II. This is the beginning of the ‘soft war’.

      • Anna
      • Yeah, Bill . . . THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN? It reall does seem like the Obama administration is pushing too far too fast. Is the rest of world watching us to see what we’ll do?

    • Anna
    • Texas is NOT the state the feds want to mess with at this time. I hope Rick Perry laughs on Holder’s lapel. Push Texans too far and they might make good on their threat to secede from the union. Now wouldn’t THAT just chap Jerret’s ass!

    • CHHR, VA
    • He doesn’t say crap like this unless he’s shopped for and already bought a federal judge to do his bidding…

      1) Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson, Place 1, appointed chief justice September 14, 2004, by Gov. Rick Perry. Term ends 31 Dec 2014

      2) Justice Nathan L. Hecht, Place 6, first elected in 1988, term ends 31 Dec 2016

      3) Justice Paul W. Green, Place 5, re-elected to full term in 2008 which ends 31 Dec 2014

      4) Justice Phil Johnson, Place 8, elected to full term in 2006 which ends 31 Dec 2016

      5) Justice Don R. Willett, Place 2, appointed by Perry in 2005, elected to full term in 2006 which ends 31 Dec 2016

      6) Justice Eva Guzman, Place 9, appointed by Perry in 2009… need to watch this one, she was named “Latina Judge of the Year in that same year. Her bio says nothing about when she will be re-elected.

      7) Justice Debra Lehrmann, Place 3, appointed by Perry in 2010…

      8) Justice Jeffrey S. Boyd, Place 7, just joined in Dec 2012 through appointment by Perry. He was Perry’s Chief of Staff since 2011.

      9) Justice John Phillip Devine, Place 4, elected to court Nov 2012

      It’s not hard to guess what this person may have been promised. But one thing is for sure, one of those two judges Jarrett talks about is in this list.

    • cobra
    • If this doesn’t tell you how determined are these commies to completely destroy our country, nothing will.
      Unfortunately, we have the sapless Boehner and McConnell as our “opposition leaders”.
      Folks, we need real representation to stand up to these revolutionary marxists.
      This is not a joke, it is our country on the line.

    • truthandjustice
    • Yes, CHHR – no doubt – here is more from our paper (S.A., TX):

      After the Supreme Court decision, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced that the state would implement a new voter ID law that had been found to be discriminatory to minorities by the three-judge panel in Washington.

      The state’s redistricting maps are also being challenged by minority rights groups in a federal court in San Antonio under another provision of the Voting Rights Act over intentional discrimination in drawing new political lines.

      Gov. Rick Perry was sharply critical of Holder’s action, saying it would weaken voter integrity.

      “Once again, the Obama administration is demonstrating utter contempt for our country’s system of checks and balances, not to mention the U.S. Constitution,” Perry said. “This end-run around the Supreme Court undermines the will of the people of Texas, and casts unfair aspersions on our state’s common-sense efforts to preserve the integrity of our elections process.”

      Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, issued a statement assailing Holder’s action as politically motivated.

      “By first going around the voters and now the Supreme Court, Attorney General Holder and President Obama’s intentions are readily transparent. This decision has nothing to do with protecting voting rights and everything to do with advancing a partisan political agenda,” Cornyn said.

    • truthandjustice
    • Also I noted that in the most Hispanic counties voted about 50-50 (D v. R) Interesting also what Ted Cruz said (who is against the amnesty bill) – and he won about 40% Hispanic vote:

      “As the son of a Cuban immigrant, as someone who received over 40 percent of Hispanic vote in the state of Texas, I think it is condescending to go to Hispanics and say we’re going to buy your vote with amnesty,” Cruz said.

      “I’ll tell you in Texas a whole lot of Hispanics there want to see the border secured and legal immigration improved,” he added.

      Think maybe “they” have misjudged the Hispanic/Latino voters – but
      what we all need to fight as much as possible is the upcoming Senate immigration amnesty bill along with the voter fraud issues of course.

      • CHHR, VA
      • According to information I’ve found, the Soros funded Tides Foundation is behind this move… The Advocacy Fund’s lobbying efforts showed a very low $10,332 in the first quarter of 2013 and then suddenly jumped to $2.1 Million in the second quarter on…”comprehensive immigration reform.”

        What’s the best way to “providing a legal and fiscal home to those advocating for social change” and claims to offer clients “quick mobilization and efficient management” to pursue their causes? Simple, erode the system that provides checks and balances… starting with open voting especially for justices in a state that has proven to be a thorn in your side.

        Oh yea, they’re a 501(c)(4)… so the donor list is not disclosed… BUT all you have to do is look at their website to note the group is closely associated with the liberal Tides Foundation, sharing similar board members and the same addresses. They especially pushed for preventing changes to Social Security or the authorization of the KeystoneXL pipeline.

    • VTX
    • I’m looking forward to the day when Eric Holder is charged under state law and is arrested – without bond. There will be a day. There will be a charge. There will be a state. There will be consequences.

      When there’s a federal confrontation, there’ll be a standoff – but the end result will be that Holder will remain in jail. He’ll be considered a risk for flight.

      Let Holder keep breaking state laws. He’ll find that Washington is powerless to help him. All he has to do is to keep effing with the wrong state at the wrong time. This has gotten serious.

      Jump, froggie, jump.

    • truthandjustice
    • On to the other tragic topic of defunding Obamacare coming up — here is a sample of how the RINO’s “think” – probably something RI and WHI already knows of course and highly frustrating:

      “There seems to be a schism within the Republican Party in the U.S. Senate. Lawmakers are taking sides as Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) leads the effort to defund “Obamacare.”

      In fact, fellow GOP Sen. Richard Burr on Thursday called Lee’s plan the “dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of.” By Burr’s estimation, “as long as Barack Obama is president, the Affordable Care Act is going to be law.”

      Burr lectured “some of these guys” in the Senate who he says “need to understand that if you shut down the federal government, you better have a specific reason to do it that’s achievable….

      “This strikes at the heart of two very big problems in our republic,” Lee said. “One, is the problem of federalism being ignored…only a few powers are supposed to go to the federal government.”

      “The other part of that power is separation of powers,” he added. “Laws are supposed to be made by Congress, not by a court…and not [by] the president, who has now amended Obamacare twice…

      Burr isn’t the only Republican in the Senate to criticize Lee’s proposal.

      Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) warned the GOP that the American people don’t want to see another debt ceiling fight and government shutdown “shenanigans.” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) also refused to support the plan.

      In the House, Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) likened the effort to a “temper tantrum.”

      “Seems to me there’s appropriate ways to deal with the law, but shutting down the government to get your way over an unrelated piece of legislation is the political equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum,” Cole told Fox News Wednesday.

      Instead, for Cole, it’s about the Republicans’ chances in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

      “It’s just not helpful. And it is the sort of thing that creates a backlash and could cost the Republicans the majority in the House, which is after all the last line of defense against the president. And it could materially undercut the ability of the Republicans in the Senate to have the majority in 2014, which they have a decent chance to do,” he added. “And it could materially undercut the ability of the Republicans in the Senate to have the majority in 2014, which they have a decent chance to do.”

    • Seen
    • Not long after the 2012 election, there was discussion of transitioning Texas from a Red State into a Blue State. This seems to fit into that evaluation that the administration is attempting to use racism to fuel countering both a large state predominantly made up of people who support liberty and limited government opposed to Big Government and governmental ordained and revokable privileges.
      To make it plainly, the whole purpose behind the dissolve the Electoral College rather than the Committee on Presidential Debates stems from neutralizing Texas from the equation. Since this hasn’t been fruitful, the next best thing is turning Texas blue.
      To simply explain this, California and New York make up both the biggest population centers as well as the biggest Electoral College votes. Both are predominantly both Bismarkianist supported and Democratic aka Blue States. Texas is the 2nd/3rd largest populated State as well as a Red non-Bismarkianist leaning State with the exception of few counties/districts. If the EC was dissolved, the battleground States largely remain battleground states largely due to State population sizes; however, Texas becoming blue with the EC in tact or not every other State can vote the opposite direction, which Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and etc wouldn’t likely do guarantees a 1 Party system.
      Remember, the purpose behind any centralization, consolidation, and expansionist operation is to continually centralize, consolidate, and expand until there is no further centralization, consolidation, and expansion left aka 1/One.

      Why would the administration want to do this? Centralize, Consolidate, and Expand.

      • VTX
      • Hastings’ murder – yes it was – is evident now that hackers have proven they can take over an automobile computer:

        This has been happening for awhile: though they denied it, the Toyota “gas pedal” emergencies were OnStar-type systems-gone-awry. Remember that the accelerator doesn’t actually connect to the engine, but to the computer. Absolutely not a physical malady – entirely a hacker event. No doubt it was Intel from somewhere (Korea, North or South? China? Russia? US?) These were managed events, someone using them as test-pilots (a little black humor there.)

        Of course, they’ve shown how a Smartphone can be used to commandeer an airliner, too. No big deal, unless you’re on the same plane with someone they wish to sanction.

        Hastings’ car, though: doors locked, no brakes, steered by remote, windows locked, taken on a death ride by the NSA…and yes, now Putin has evidence that Obama is not legitimate. Proof – blackmail-proof, more proof than they have on Dirty Weiner. Hastings had this – and more.

          • VTX
          • Remember Lightsquared? The attempt to obtain perjured testimony from General Shelton by this assministration? For a GPS-disabling 4G broadband range?

            That should have brought about charges of treason – whomever attempted to get the General to perjure himself, as it would have potentially blinded our military, disabling communications and leaving us vulnerable to foreign enemies (in addition to the foreign enemy known as Princess Barry.)

            Who the eff is in charge? Graham and McLame always talk tough, but they’re total cowards when it comes to doing something about the Constitution’s enemies. (Oh, I forgot: they’re enemies of the Constitution, too.)

        • NameBM
        • Exactly. This was murder by highjacking the car computer. I thought so from day one. I know the street where it happened and you do not speed like that there unless you have a death wish… or somebody else has one for you.

    • VTX
    • On Cobra’s link:
      The NSA overplayed its hand with Princess Barry, thinking him a manageable asset with his balls in a sling. They figured they were the only ones who could pull his strings. They didn’t believe that anyone could get what they had.

      The NSA created the problem; it is up to them to solve it. And that doesn’t mean sanctioning more reporters and bloggers. The asset is no longer useful.

      Boys? Just because the Princess and the Bat send out Sharpton and Jackson, who then trot out their rent-a-crowds, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done; the exposure has to be managed, and soon. Russia isn’t going to be playing softball.

    • truthandjustice
    • Cobra’s link: yes, highly possible. For the “informed”, most of what he “connected” was already connected by us. The only thing I didn’t know was that the Fed. Reserve was up for renewal – most people don’t even know about that. But I did know about the 100th birthday — which I think is curious that it comes at this time and is “significant”. “Things” happen on certain birthdays and anniversiries – not just with our enemies but with God – Who already knew this was coming. Many prayers out about exposing the Fed. Reserve and ending it (along with the IRS & NSA messes). “Unexpected” events, as well as “miracles” happen. I expect some kind of bad false flag event (or more than just one) but perhaps can be thwarted and/or not end well for “them” somehow…in ways we do not see or cannot see.

      • CHHR, VA
      • The Fed’s charter is perpetual… unless and until Congress does something about it… so no, the Fed is not up for renewal in the strictest sense because of the perpetual nature of the charter and Congressional unwillingness to fix the problem.

    • VTX
    • T&J,
      I’m expecting more than one false flag event – because there will be more than one country doing the flagging. While Princess Barry screws up, then sends out his Sharptons, he’s dividing a country that badly needs uniting. We do have foreign enemies.

      But then, he’s a foreign enemy, too.

      There are too many variables right now to predict exactly what’s going to happen: LC says Chitcago, and I’m thinking Houston or Dallas or San Antonio, because the feds would like to get their troops into Texas. I’d suggest that the Governor take a really good look at security, and make use of the many valuable Texans who know how to protect themselves and their neighbors, and who have many eyes and ears. Erica Holder will be looking for an opportunity, just as they did with Waco. They’ll likely plan to make this into Alabama, 1963, and to turn the Governor into the caricature of George Wallace. Erica Holder is spoiling for a fight. He doesn’t mind seeing dozens of children dead, or hundreds of people as in OK. Texas might be home-grown (Holder) or from outside (Russia.)

      Russia is now in a position – (through the Clintons, the highest mole(s) ever to reach the level of President until Obama, and through the information that Snowden possesses) – to set up ugly events anywhere and everywhere. And we won’t be able to tell if they’re from ours or theirs. That’s a big problem.

      We need a President, a real one – not the Bat Faced One and Princess Barry – and we need the Intel folks to remedy the mistakes and offenses they’ve committed. With Russia, China and others wishing us no sunny days and blue skies, we’re in serious danger.

      But most of all, we’re in danger because the current administration wants to see us fail as much as any of these others.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes, after I posted that, was thinking that it’s not only Obama regime that will/is planning false flag events, we have Russia and China, etc. that will more than likely strike us with “real” events & NOT be from our own domestic terrorists & NOT what they were expecting – I’m expecting that. Heard also that NYC is still on “their” list of course, DC, and a dirty bomb going off near a “port city” in the south — Houston? We know about the subs the Russians have lurking around us. So – yes – maybe multiple disasters. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. And….maybe now that this “Chicago” story is “out”, that won’t happen & pick another one. Who knows — I get very tired and don’t like thinking along all these evil scenarios. But unfortunately, one must KNOW THEIR ENEMY, prepare for the worst if we’re to win in the end. We have REALLY fallen down on “know your enemy” b/c people just can’t and don’t want to believe it or think about it. Life is hard……..

        • NameBM
        • Most people do not know that Tampa is a very important strategic military command center…hence the Russian sub stationed and spying in the Gulf of Mexico in Florida waters for months last year. It went “undetected” for months, meaning it was operating as not to be detected. Why, if not for spying?

    • VTX
    • Holder is desperately trying to get the info back – because there’s a dead man’s switch on the package. Promises, promises, eh, Erica? (Like the promises you made to Tim M?)

      Which means that all those Senators and Congressmen are so panicked…that they call Snowden a traitor: railroad engineers, they are; it’s got their information, too. The information goes so deep, it gets to the roots of the corruption – the press, too, including some old-timers who worked for China and Russia and others, or who were so sexually demented they make Dirty Weiner look like John Edwards, who only bagged one bimbette.)

      Princess Barry can promise the Russian anything – even a BJ – but they won’t get their boy back. And the President of Russia really isn’t into dudes, Barry, no matter how much you wink at him.)

      20 SEALS ghosts cry out – and who believes Erica Holder, anyway? One day, they’re heroes, make their story into a movie (which made the Princess jealous) and the next…poof.

      Chrusty the Jersey Cow is another of the latest on the list of people who are vulnerable to the release, and has gone so far as to attack Rand Paul in order to justify his support of the junta.

      Ah, but the timer ticks and tocks, minute by minute. The countdown is closer; Snowden has to personally shut it down. For that, he has to be in a very safe place. 20 murdered SEALs ghosts are telling him to keep his mouth shut. They will be avenged.

    • CHHR, VA
    • Interesting… out in the open infiltration of the RNC by Tom Hofeller…. an RNC “consultant”

      Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the Justice Department will seek to recapture Texas and return it to federal oversight for approval of all election law changes such as photo voter identification. Holder’s move comes after the Supreme Court in June freed Texas and other states from the requirement that all state election laws be approved in Washington, D.C. Holder’s move prompted outrage from Texas Senators Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and Governor Rick Perry.

      The three should also be angry with the Republican National Committee. PJ Tatler has learned that staff at the RNC have been spending RNC donations plotting to do exactly what Eric Holder is seeking to do – return Texas and other states to federal oversight.

      According to RNC sources frustrated with the race-based effort, paid RNC consultant Tom Hofeller ( is spending RNC donations to develop race-based criteria to grab Texas and other states and place them back into federal receivership. The sources tell Tatler that nearly all of the members of the actual committee have been kept in the dark about this effort, and no mention is ever made in RNC fundraising efforts — for good reason, because GOP donors would be furious.

      Hofeller, a long-time RNC consultant on redistricting, has devised ways to force several states back into federal receivership by amending the Voting Rights Act to grab states and force them to obtain Washington, D.C. approval. He is hopeful that Congressional Republicans will use his RNC-generated ideas to accomplish this goal.

      So far, the Republicans in Congress have shown more sense than the Republicans paid by the RNC, and are cool to the idea of returning states to federal receivership.

      According to congressional sources, Hofeller has also been misrepresenting the importance of the law struck down by the Supreme Court. Hofeller has told Hill sources the federal election oversight law is essential to elect Republicans, something most Republicans on the Hill no longer believe is true. Hofeller has spread this message while being paid by the RNC.

      RNC fundraising is down this year. If the rank and file learn that donations are being used to place states back under Eric Holder’s boot, to attack voter ID, and pay race-obsessed consultants like Hofeller, expect RNC fundraising to suffer further. Why should donors pay the RNC to help Eric Holder attack Texas?

      The bigger question: why is the RNC paying anyone like Tom Hofeller one red cent to do something that the overwhelming majority of Republicans oppose?

      • truthandjustice
      • RI won’t be happy, huh?! (among a few others) Or did he already know? How many are shocked? And if so, why? How many up there really know about all the horrible corruption & deceit going on?
        We had already decided not to send them anything awhile back. Strangely, heard Mark Levin saying that yesterday to a caller. Just confirms to me what we’ve been saying about the “one party” rule. We really have no opposition party.
        Have a feeling they will have some problems with donations this time around…..

        • CHHR, VA
        • This article is important on so many fronts… especially the one that touts the “schism” in the party.

          Sure does explain the mountain of donation request letters I’ve received this year… FYI: I’ve returned every one with a picture of a red penny… and my gun ;)

          My money, as little as there is, goes only to independent campaigns… no RNC filtration, or should I say, infiltration. I am more convinced now than before that our objective is a complete house cleaning (pardon the pun) beginning with the party itself. Not that I’ve been one that’s prone to party blindness. This also tells me that RINO rulers are just a tad nervous… I like that.

    • truthandjustice
    • Seeing more and more of the black Consvs. rising up. Yes, I know it may not be much, but it’s something anyways – a start. I know it will not change anything re Holder but it was a good thing:

      “Officials at a leading black organization say Attorney General Eric Holder’s attack on the state of Texas regarding voting regulations is out of line.

      Horace Cooper, co-chairman of Project 21, the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives, called the announcement by Holder that he wants to retain oversight over the way states conduct elections – even though the Supreme Court invalidated part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act – a crass political move.

      “With today’s statement, Attorney General Eric Holder proves he is more interested in political stunts than enforcing the law,” said Cooper, a native Texan and former constitutional law professor and legal counsel to then-U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas. “It may aid the political efforts of Mr. Holder to bring these phony claims to court, but his win-loss record in these matters is becoming clearer and clearer.”

      “The courtroom is no place to roll the dice to find out what the law is, and the attorney general of the United States should know better,” Cooper explained. “Whether Mr. Holder chooses to admit it or not, the burdens have shifted and the process is changed. Instead of Texas having to disprove the Obama Justice Department’s claims, it is now up to Mr. Holder to put up or shut up.”
      The issue arose because Texas lawmakers had created ballot safeguards last year by requiring identification for in-person voting. The DOJ said that wouldn’t be allowed to happen.

      But when the Supreme Court opinion was released, the door was opened for that very action.

      Project 21, an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research, filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court case.”

    • VTX
    • Think I have their itinerary decoded (not computer code – behavioral code.) This will be the self-protection of the endangered.

      The fallback for the tryants is to “let” an act of terror happen – (false flag that we’ve been deciphering) – and that’ll be at the same time when the Snowden-trigger releases all of the information, all around the world. That’ll mean a total press shutdown – and internet, too. They’ll claim it’s for our “protection,” but it’s for theirs instead.

      The Europeans have begun to think about not covering up the information when it’s released – Merkel might, but others remember both Nazis and Commies, and want no part of the Statist-state.

      I believe this can be avoided, the trigger shut down, but a lot of heads will need to roll. Lots and lots – and the SEALs deaths avenged. Resignations of certain Senators, the President, the Attorney General…and the CIA Director. But then, I’m not negotiating. You have to ask Mr. Snowden what will satisfy him completely.

      • CHHR, VA
      • VTX, many believe Clinton allowed Bin Laden to get away to allow an attack on US territory for that very reason. Americans seem overwhelmingly accepting of war once we’re attacked, but not so accepting as a preventative measure. So, for me, the theory is not far fetched, and history proves we’ve been here before.

        In WWII, news of Hitler was not enough to get America to accept the need to join the effort in Europe… Japan, one thing, but Hitler no. Japan attacked us and we acted quickly and swiftly. But when it came to stopping the atrocities of Hitler, Americans were soundly in the camp of “it’s not our war.” What’s interesting are the pieces of information that show that the US potentially knew of the intent by the Japanese to invade our western door. Unfortunately though, Americans were solidly against going to Europe and the often cited “the great war, the war to end all wars” narrative was openly discussed.

        I don’t know who, why, or how come, but it makes sense to me that public opinion is everything. So, if America was actually going to enter the conflict in Europe, they needed a huge public relations campaign to gain support. First stop? Tell a story on the big screen.

        Goldwyn Mayer went to a WWI hero to beg him to allow his story to be told on the big screen…It’s purpose was to highlight a conscientious objector’s decision that war can sometimes be justified. He fully endorsed American preparedness, but showed sympathy for isolationism in saying he would fight only if war came to America. Germany was a challenge though, Hitler had no intention of attacking America… we have the 2nd Amendment and he couldn’t overcome that reality. It is said that this one movie was the one most convincing reasons behind the changing of American minds regarding it’s position of isolation and even the wisdom behind the Neutrality Act signed into law in 1935/36.

        Excellent movie by the way… I highly encourage you to see it.

        Second stop?

        Get and keep Americans feeling patriotic… enter George Cohan… another excellent movie… Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942). Cohan received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his commitment to American Patriotic songs in support of our boys in WWII.

        I love history! For me, it proves that for all the change we’ve undertaken, little actually changes.

        • VTX
        • CHHR,
          Thanks! I would like to add my own two cents – no agreement neccessary. These are my opinions only, and limited in scope.

          There were a lot of Nazi sympathizers in the US, including Joseph Kennedy. A recent book had JFK speaking in admiration of Hitler and his system, calling it a good fit for the German people. Communists, likewise, didn’t want to attack Hitler – until he attacked their pet pony, Stalin – then the unions and other Leftists argued strenuously for entry into the war.

          But you’re right: the American public had grown tired of European wars, in spite of the claims that we had to become a bulwark against a wider war.

          The same refrain – to enter a European conflict in order to prevent a wider war – was heard before the Clinton war in the Balkans. The Clintons claimed that we would prevent a wider war by nicking this conflict early enough.

          The old question: what would have happened if Hitler had been taken out early is a viable question – one that Dubya answered when we took out Saddam. The answer? The seething rage that preceeded the war – mostly fueled by anti-Semitism – still remained, and would have remained had Hitler been sanctioned. Luatics always blame “the Jews” for their maladies. It is almost a ritual bloodletting – by the insane. (Case-in-point: Farakhan and his Merry Muleskins and the NBBP, all criminally insane.)

          But what separated the Germans from others – including the Japanese – is their combined nuclear program (which had problems, but also had heavy water plants and was making progress until we slowed them down) and their eventual ICBM program, which was in its infancy. The mistake they made was to alienate good scientists – and ironically, Jewish scientists. The Japanese scientists weren’t too fond of the Emperor, either, and didn’t work too hard to develop their own nuclear WMDs.

          But had Hitler been unopposed – had GB not troubled him sufficiently, and had GB not survived through American cooperation, and had Hitler been smart enough to create the long range bombers that could have ruined Stalin’s eastern plants – then the marrying of nuclear power and missile technology would have been eventually devastating to the US. Hitler was working his way north from South America, and had a somewhat solid ally in Mexico (a sore point for me against the Mexican government.) It is not hard to imagine that he would have little compunction about making both Washington and New York into red and black cinders.

          We would have faced the Nazis, one way or another: as victims or as evil allies, with the Kennedys and certain of the industrialists making peace with Hitler’s evil scheme. Same with our own, making peace with President Haman.

          I once warned the last real President – have no idea if he read it or not – that we should expect a growing isolationism after Iraq, regardless of any success. No country can maintain a wartime footing forever – and the Presidunce we suffer under is under the delusion that we can. Not only that, but that he can extend the State of Emergency indefinitely. His actions remind me of Hitler’s political theologian, Carl Schmitt, who had a number of very strange notions of Democracy and dictatorship.

          I would consider myself a supporter of our two great wars and a critic of how the two following wars were prosecuted –

          I supported both Bush’s wars, but have a deep hatred of how Obimbo has lost both of them after they’d been somewhat successful – because Obimbo was inartful, neglectful and incompetent, leaving our men to suffer for his naiivete and foolishness. A change of strategy was called for, and the Parasite in the White House bungled all of his duties, reminding one of Czar Nicholas or the son of Edward Longshanks.

          History does indeed repeat itself – and so do historical failures.

          • CHHR, VA
          • I know you would prefer I not respond… but I just can’t help myself… apologizing up front because it’s not my intent to upset.

            Question: If history does repeat itself, including failures, why don’t we take a look at both the good and bad and respond effectively by weeding out the negatives and using positives more efficiently?

            And you asked, what would have happened had we not intervened in Germany… the estimated 6 million Jews slaughtered would have easily been doubled as we watched…

            While I supported the two Bush wars too, I became increasingly frustrated at the thought of using our “lean mean killing machine” called the military to do nation building. We should have gone in there, done what we had to do and leave the so called “nation building” to anyone else other than the military.

            My only point is that when the decision to enter war is made, then all politics should be shut down and replaced with nothing more than a war winning strategy. The idea of nation building did not and still does not belong in the hands of the military. This whole idea of coordinating multiple agendas into a “comprehensive” plan became too muddled and very easy to politicize… IMHO comprehensive is the new term for an outcome that can never be achieved.

            For what it’s worth, I am definitely in the Reagan camp… peace through strength means simply that our military is to be feared not loved.

            I served during Grenada, to the UN’s dismay, we went in there as requested by both the RSS in Barbados and the Governor General of Grenada himself. We did our job, and two months later, got out no fanfare. Unlike with the wars Bush oversaw, we didn’t stick around handing out candy afraid to offend the enemy. Whatever you feel about the war, history does prove that Bishop’s PRA lost and the socialists never did take over that little island. Oh yea, and the “resentment” that remains is more focused as it should be… the injustices pre-war not post. Quite frankly, we weren’t there long enough to allow the enemy to make us the focus of what was wrong in their society.

            IMHO, what went wrong in Iraq had more to do with Bush I first gaining Iraqi support to overthrow Saddam then abandoning those citizens under UN pressure. With the UN watching, Saddam then got even with those citizens by mass murdering whole villages.

            Despite lessons that should have been learned in Viet Nam, we allowed politicization of the war here on our own soil… and unfortunately Bush, with amazing public support, squandered that support in favor of a totally failed policy of using our military to do nation building. How pathetic.

            Somehow I just don’t believe we learned anything… we still talk about nation building using what used to be a “lean, mean, fighting machine” that has ultimately neutered our young volunteer force in the field. As much as I distain Obama’s actions against our military, the disintegration of our forces has been going on for over 20 years. We don’t need history to know this has been an abject failure. Since Obama though, I couldn’t agree more, he’s made a bad situation worse and we’ve lost thousands needlessly as a result… now I’m not just frustrated, I’m angry. Because, unlike you, I don’t think Obama is “ neglectful and incompetent, leaving our men to suffer for his naiveté and foolishness.” Given all his rhetoric, I am convinced there’s purpose behind his neglect.

            • VTX
            • CHHR,

              I’m happy that you did respond – I didn’t want to begin any micturition contests, and your reply is a good one. We are mostly in agreement – and I have a few addendums I’ll splice into your observations.

              “And you asked, what would have happened had we not intervened in Germany… the estimated 6 million Jews slaughtered would have easily been doubled as we watched…” Totally agree. And this would have happened in the Americas, too.

              “We should have gone in there, done what we had to do and leave the so called “nation building” to anyone else other than the military.” The military had made some pertinent observations in Iraq, though: there needed to be Iraqi workers instead of Kuwaiti workers (and others,) because unemployment was making the Iraqis resentful. The military made some good points, and once followed, there was an impprovement in circumstances. The idea of nation-building, as in the Marshall Plan, isn’t totally unrealistic – but it has to be eyes-wide-open. And the fact that How-weird Dean was undercutting our efforts helped send educated Iraqis fleeing to other countries, knowing how they were being set up (same as the Shiites under Clinton.)

              “we allowed politicization of the war here on our own soil…” Two things: Repugnicans ran away, deserting Bush (and abandoning the Surge) and Howeird Dean should (still) be charged with treason for undermining our efforts. McCain supported the Surge – about the only thing he’s done right – but other “Republicans” folded under pressure. Meanwhile, Princess Barry had a deal with Nadhmi Auchi, an oil-for-palace broker who was profiting under the embargo, and Princess Barry’s opposition to the war was never based upon principle. It was entirely based upon corruption.

              I have to disagree somewhat about Princess Barry’s neglect: in the beginning, he neglected Assghanistan. (Perhaps that neglect was better than when he actually paid attention?) Once he started focusing on the region, he screwed up the ROEs even worse than they’d been. Certainly I agree with your assessment that he is determined to undermine the military – I’ve thought he was trying to strand our troops in a Dunkirk-like situation (minus the evacuation.)

              Japan and Germany were rebuilt – a form of nation-building – but then, they were civilized, even though they were brutal. I always believed that Iraq had more potential than Assghanistan – and I’ve always believed that a Ghengis Khan strategy was in order in Assghanistan, since they were once his subjects and many are his descendants (I can explain what that strategy means some other time, but I suspect you already know what I mean.)

              Thanks for your reply.

          • cobra
          • Right.
            Hitler made a couple of strategic blunders. If he wouldn’t have opened the Easter front war he could have had his wonder weapons. The german engineers were brilliant.
            Furthermore, nazis were very unlucky japs attacked us, that was not expected by them.
            As for Iraq I thought from the beginning that it will prove to be in the end a grave strategic blunder, by strengthening the shia/Iranian camp. You can see now in Syria the consequences of that. Plus, Bush should have strengthened the economy above anything else. The war divided the country and allowed the demagogues in the demshevik party to take control. In effect Bush gave us Obama.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Grathwohl was an expert. He was FBI trained to analyize and assess the sick, twisted, violent mind of fugitive Weatherman commisar Bill Ayers and his considered opinion about Ayer’s propensity for future acts of violent anarchy does not bode well for America. Grathwohl’s views should be factored into Ayers access and history with the Obama administration …and Ayers tutelage of Barack Obama. Who could possibly think Ayers and Obama just happened to land in New York simultaneously? As the FBI is wont to say…There are no coincidences.

      Keep that in mind as you watch Holder and Obama’s race baiting.
      America is in peril…and so are we.

      The Midnight Ride of Larry Grathwohl

      By Daren Jonescu

      Larry Grathwohl, the man who informed the world of the coldest truths about Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, and the Weather Underground,has died.

      When I say “informed the world,” I mean that he made the truth available, although most people blithely ignored it. When I say “the coldest truths,” I mean, among other things, his report of the Weathermen leadership’s icycalculation that after their communist counter-revolution, approximately ten percent of the U.S. population would be recalcitrant to their Marxist re-education program, and would therefore need to be killed.

      And when I say “most people blithely ignored it,” I am not thinking of the diminished infants and illiterates who have already made their way in good standing through Ayers’ actual re-education camps — i.e. American public schools in their latest stage of degradation — and have thus been rendered morally and intellectually incapable of recognizing inhumanity and tyranny, perceiving them only as “new rights” and “the safety net,” respectively. I am thinking, rather, of the reasonably intelligent members of the Washington elite who were capable of understanding Grathwohl’s words, and knew of Barack Obama’s connection to Ayers, but who chose to keep these two realities tucked away in separate mental compartments, rather than face the fact that the man they were actively or passively supporting for the presidency in 2008 began his political career in the private home of a communist terrorist and advocate of mass execution.

      I never met Larry Grathwohl in person, but I had the great honor of becoming an e-mail acquaintance, and of interviewing him at long distance this year. In January, I wrote an article about public education that paid ironic homage to Grathwohl’s famous firsthand report about the Weathermen’s projection of the need to kill twenty-five million Americans. The article, Good News: You May Be Spared Execution, appeared at American Thinker, and also at Patriot Post, where, to my surprise, I found the following reader’s comment:

      Great article and analysis of what has happened during the time since Bill Ayers made those comments to me. I’m not certain I agree with the estimate of how many will be “eliminated” but do believe the number has decreased due to the educational system run by individuals trained by Ayers and many others who are former members of the weather underground. I will not go quietly when they come for me as I’m certain that I will be eliminated. God Bless America and those who defend Her. Larry Grathwohl

      Needless to say, though flattered, I was skeptical as to the true identity of the commenter. However, a friend, radio host Guy Green, who had interviewed Larry, passed along an e-mail address. Swallowing hard, I sent a message inquiring as to whether the comment was really his. It was, and Larry could not have been more gracious — so much so, in fact, that I was immediately struck with the idea of tying my interests and his crusade together, and interviewing him with particular emphasis on the relation of former Weathermen to the public education establishment. He expressed enthusiasm for the idea — he relished any opportunity to inform a new audience of his startling and vital information — and, once I’d had some time to figure out how to conduct an interesting interview with someone who had already been interviewed five million times, the result appeared as a three-part series here, here, and here.

      Looking back over his answers to my questions, I continue to be impressed at how dedicated he remained to the cause of exposing the truth about Ayers, Dohrn, and the others. He had seen them in action, and heard them speak in unguarded contexts, and was therefore immune to the excuses and apologies we typically make for bad men in our midst — “he seems so normal,” “he’s a respectable educator now,” or “he’s just a guy in my neighborhood.”
      In fact, I asked him about this precise point. His answer fascinated me at the time, and still does:

      DJ: Please give me some insight into this issue: did the WU, even during those violent early days, sometimes seem like relatively normal people? Could someone meeting them in a non-WU context see Bill Ayers or Mark Rudd as ordinary, or even likable?

      LG: While there were some members of the WU that I took a personal liking to, I cannot say that of the individuals that I knew as members of the leadership collective. This would have included people like Bill Ayers, Mark Rudd, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeff Jones, and others. These people were absolutely vicious in their dedication to overthrow the government by any means necessary, including the use of bombs and shrapnel in order to create the greatest injury and death to people they deemed enemies. There were some whom I knew as part of the operational personnel who were more to my liking, and the difficulty surrounding these individuals was knowing that I was betraying them and their friendship as I continued to pass information to the FBI. So the answer to this question is yes, there were some who were relatively normal and therefore likable, but this did not include the leadership, which was extremely focused and intent upon destroying every remnant of democracy, including innocent bystanders who might unfortunately be in the way.

      Perhaps it is only now, looking back at this exchange, that I understand to what extent Grathwohl’s answer spoke to a reality much broader than the ugly little world of the Weathermen. There is always a distinction to be made between the progressive leadership, political and intellectual, and the larger mass of progressive dupes, the “operational personnel,” as it were. The latter may lack practical reason, critical skills, and a moral compass, but they are not intrinsically evil — or, to say the same thing another way, their evil is borrowed. The former, smaller group, the leading progressives, cannot and must not be given the same benefit of the doubt. They know their own hearts, which is to say they know what they hope the rest of us will never realize, namely that progressivism is not, and never was, a political philosophy, so much as a propaganda campaign or set of rationalizations for authoritarianism. In identifying this social dynamic and hierarchy among the Weathermen, Grathwohl had provided the perfect Petri dish view of progressive politics.

      Grathwohl’s detailed description of his time as an FBI informant within the Weather Underground, Bringing Down America, was rereleased this year. I know that this project meant a great deal to him, and was a major preoccupation at the beginning of 2013. (He sent the new cover design, provided by Tina Trent, around to some of us, canvassing opinions.) How satisfying that he was able to see it through to completion.

      It has become common of late for today’s American patriots to compare one another to Patrick Henry or Paul Revere. This has inspirational value, as well as reminding modern men, suffering through their nation’s darkest hour, what real steadfastness and dedication look like. Larry Grathwohl was the genuine article, a real latter-day Paul

      See whether these words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow do not ring true, as you reflect upon the life, courage, and patriotism of Larry Grathwohl:

      So through the night rode Paul Revere;
      And so through the night went his cry of alarm
      To every Middlesex village and farm, –
      A cry of defiance, and not of fear, -
      A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
      And a word that shall echo forevermore!
      For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
      Through all our history, to the last,
      In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
      The people will waken and listen to hear
      The hurrying hoof-beat of that steed,
      And the midnight-message of Paul Revere.

      Larry has done his part. It remains to be seen whether America, in its present hour of darkness and peril and need, will once again waken and listen to hear the midnight-message of Paul Revere.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes, and here is another if you missed it: excerpts

        “He feared these New Left revolutionary communists might actually make headway with their totalitarian program.

        “The Weathermen’s government will be one of total control over each individual in the society,” he wrote. “In Weathermen terminology, this new society will be ‘one people working in total unity.’”

        “This means an elimination of all the individual freedoms we are accustomed to having; it was my absolute belief in the freedoms offered by our form of government that drove me to fight the Weathermen in the first place.

        But Grathwohl’s secret project, which put his life at risk, showed Americans that the WUO aspired to liquidate those people who stubbornly clung to the American ideals that took a daily pounding throughout the national suicide attempt known as the 1960s.

        Grathwohl attended a kind of Wannsee Conference at which WUO members plotted the murder of 25 million Americans. At the Wannsee meeting in 1942, Hitler’s cabinet members and senior bureaucrats set in motion the “Final solution to the Jewish question,” that led to the systematic murder of six million Jews.

        At the meeting Grathwohl attended he said the Weather Underground planned to exterminate those who resisted the communist revolution. In a discussion about internal debates within the group, he told an interviewer:

        I brought up the subject of what’s going to happen after we take over the government: we become responsible then for administrating 250 million people. And there was no answers. No one had given any thought to economics, how you’re going to clothe and feed these people.

        The only thing that I could get was that they expected that the Cubans and the North Vietnamese and the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States.

        They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter revolution and they felt that this counter revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing reeducation centers in the Southwest where would take all the people who needed to be reeducated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be.

        I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can’t reeducate that are diehard capitalists and the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. And when I say eliminate I mean kill – 25 million people.

        I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious.”

        One chilling idea WUO leaders entertained was working enemies of the revolution to death in labor camps, something many so-called progressives today would no doubt favor doing to Tea Party supporters.”

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • RePosting Hazymac’s comment on the Affordable Care Act and strategies:

      Rush Limbaugh outlined one of the two possible strategies, urging Republicans to fight every step of the way to purge the worst portions of the ACA, prefatory to (maybe) a better political climate, meaning a Republican Senate and president who´ll sign a total repeal. What are the chances of that happening?
      Are there or will there be too many “undocumented Democrats”? If Republicans go after the most objectionable parts of the ACA piecemeal or defund the bill in the House they´ll surely be demagogued by Obama and Democrats, and the LoFo contingent will blame them for the unpleasantries. But we´ll never be friends with the Left. They´re incapable of learning. How would a political chess player, a grandmaster, handle the situation?

      Well, that involves sacrificing a lot of valuable material to work the opponent into a losing position (think of the astonishing “Immortal Game”: Adolf Anderssen v. Lionel Kieseritzky, 1851*). In this case, allowing the wholly Democrat-owned ACA to proceed untrammelled until it destroys the medical profession and completely wrecks the economy could lead to a reversal of the FDR era Depression ´Thirties, which led to three generations of creeping–now galloping–socialism and $220 trillion of unfunded political promises. But if we do nothing to mitigate the damage, the damage will be monumental, and many Americans will never live to see better times. Choices, choices.

      * (If you´re a chess player, you won´t believe this!)

      As intimated above, the choices are to step aside and allow the disease to run rampant and destroy America totally–which could lead to a wholesale repudiation of the Democrats (who are de facto socialist now) after the bottom falls out. Or we could fight back, point by point, accept the unfair political lumps, and slow the progress of the statist cancer without completely eradicating it. Whichever course we choose, there will be a lot of pain, either protracted or else something that feels like death, but will lead back to economic and political health. As a short to medium term pessimist, I´m still thinking about a move to Central America. What´s happening in Detroit could–and probably will–spread across the nation.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • See video at link:

      Video: Victims slam Obama’s “phony scandals” talking point

      Bruce covered part of this story earlier, but it merits a second spin — with must-see video included. Kudos to the production staff at Fox’s Your World with Neil Cavuto for lining up a powerful segment to refute the administration’s latest smarmy narrative; namely, that the various concurrent scandals in Washington are “phony,” and are rudely distracting from The One’s super-important recycled speeches tour. Guest host Stuart Varney opened the program with a pair of blockbuster interviews, embedded below. If the Left can confer Absolute Moral Authority status upon the likes of Sandra Fluke, conservatives sure as hell ought to acquaint the American public with women like Becky Gerritson and Patricia Smith:

      Every time I see Smith on television, my mood inevitably swings from heartbroken to enraged. This woman is the opposite of a political operative. She doesn’t doll herself up for the cameras. Her eyes dart around the studio as she speaks. She’s not prepared with any smooth or rehearsed one-liners. She’s simply an un-polished, grief-stricken mother looking for answers about her’s son’s murder, and her treatment by the Obama administration has been nothing short of shameful. Yours truly had the unenviable task of immediately following Smith on the show. I don’t generally do the whole “angry pundit” thing, but it’s almost impossible not to come out spitting bullets on a topic like this. The administration’s “fake scandals” sneering isn’t just broadly insulting to the public’s collective intelligence — large majorities take all three issues quite seriously — it’s personally insulting to victims like Gerritson and Smith. As for the “phony” stories themselves, here’s where they stand at the moment:

      IRS – Congressional Democrats’ attempts at misdirection and false equivalency have fallen flat, prompting Elijah Cummings and company to resort to attacks on the Inspector General himself. As more disturbing strands shake loose, the agency’s initial lies have been thoroughly debunked by sworn testimony. The White House at first parroted the IRS’ claim that the improper targeting and abuse of conservative organizations was the work of rogue “line” employees based in Cincinnati. We now know that the targeting program was run out of — and in some cases micromanaged by — Washington, DC. The paper trail leads (so far) all the way up to the IRS chief counsel’s office, which is led by an Obama appointee. That appointee, incidentally, is a long-time Democratic donor who logged a lengthy White House visit just two days prior to agency brass implementing new targeting methods. We’ve also learned that top Treasury Department officials became aware of the brewing controversyseveral months before the 2012 election, and that Jay Carney has changed his story roughlyhalf-a-dozen times regarding how and when the White House first found out about everything. Oh, and one of the senior officials at the heart of the scandal has refused to testify before Congress, invoking her constitutional right against self-incrimination. Phony.

      Benghazi – We still don’t know why the administration repeatedly denied urgent requests for enhanced security measures on the ground in Libya during the months preceding the attack, especially with conditions in Benghazi severely deteriorating. Nor do we know exactly what the chain of command looked like during the seven-hour raid, and who ultimately made the final call not to nix any potential rescue mission — even as ex-SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were under siege and begging for help. Where, precisely, was the Commander-in-Chief as the horror played out? And we still aren’t entirely clear on which elements of the State Department’s “building leadership” applied political pressure to rewrite history in the immediate aftermath of the massacre, leading to the creation of those infamous and genuinely phony talking points. We do know, however, that the lone administration-approved lesson to be drawn from Benghazi hasn’t been learned at all, and that several key eyewitnesses to the attacks have been muzzled with non-disclosure agreements. Also, we’ve identified and located several of the terrorists responsible for sacking our consulate, but haven’t touched them for ideological and political reasons. Phony.

      DOJ – Remember when the Justice Department engaged in “unprecedented” snooping onAssociated Press reporters and editors as part of a over-broad and heavy-handed leak investigation? And how their motives turned out to be highly suspect? And do you recall when DOJ went judge-shopping in order to secure approval of an Eric Holder-vetted warrant that treated Fox News correspondent James Rosen as a criminal co-conspirator for committing journalism in America? And when Holder arguably lied about it under oath? How about when Eric Holder was tasked with investigating Eric Holder, then attempted to smooth things over with the press by hosting off-the-record “listening sessions” in his office? I do. Well, good news: Holder is imposing some new guidelines on himself, so problem solved! Phony.

      But never mind all that unpleasantness. Focus on the president’s endless words, even if you’ve heard them before — over and over and over again.

      • truthandjustice
      • Talking about “phony scandals” ——-

        The PHONY President

        by Larry Klayman

        ….Plain and simple, Obama is the most despicable, criminally minded fraud to have ever occupied the Oval Office. He is not merely a disgrace, but a dangerous man whose allegiance to Islam, disdain of Jews and Christians, and favoritism toward all things black have cast him into the role of a very cheap, bigoted and hateful man. In contrast, Obama makes the felonious former President Bill Clinton look like a Boy Scout…

        Obama has a clear mindset to further what he perceives to be the interests of “his” people, meaning blacks and Muslims, at the expense of everyone else. He is thus a Hitler-like figure, finding scapegoats such as whites, Christians and Jews to use to rally the shock troops for his black-Muslim crusade. These words may sound harsh, but not in the context of the “fraudster in chief’s” actions during his first five years in office. Coupled with his words, the nation is on its way to destruction unless this dangerous man is legally stopped in his slimy, prejudiced and hateful tracks.

        And, this is why I have said on many occasions that Obama is even more of a dangerous tyrant than King George III. The king may have wanted to rape the colonies of their wealth and exert his monarchical control over their populace, but he was never a racist Muslim socialist bent on remaking our Judeo-Christian culture and roots and furthering an agenda that seeks to destroy our Anglo-American heritage. It is now clear that Obama will use whatever means are at his disposal to reduce the United States to the equivalent of a socialist, African-Muslim nation.

        Time is short before this man succeeds at this mission. And, that is why the so-called phony scandals to which he refers must be used as a means to remove him from office, before all is lost.

        I am doing my part through lawsuits and a citizens’ grand jury in Ocala, Fla. But now is the time for others to also seriously step up to the plate, in what has become a “life and death” struggle for the heart and soul of the nation. We have seen the eyes of the enemy, and they are clearly focused on the destruction of the inspired vision of our Founding Fathers and our way of life as one nation under a Judeo-Christian God.

        Indeed, there is room for all races and all religions (save radical Islam, which is not a religion at all but instead a terrorist apology that all “infidels” to Allah must be killed), under the big tent of our United States. But to have this big tent and harmonious relations among its inhabitants, we must have a president who respects the rights of all and does not play one race and religion against the other, does not seek to dismantle and destroy our Judeo-Christian roots and national culture, and does not dismiss his criminal activities as the phony cynical imagination of those majority of Americans who still believe in what our Founding Fathers believed in.

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