Black Thugs Beat Woman They Call “White Bitch” – Obama DOJ Says Nothing…

How sad that such news must now be used to contradict the repeated misrepresentations of the Obama administration’s race-baiting public statements, but that is now the environment America is currently living in thank you to the racist Eric Holder Department of (Non) Justice…


(Victim Ginger Slepski was brutally beaten by a group of black teens who taunted her with shouts of being a “White bitch”.)


“Ginger Slepski was driving through Pittsburgh’s North Side when a group of black teens threw things at her car.  She got out and asked them “what is your problem?”

Then they proceeded to beat her senseless, calling her a “white bitch” and other racial slurs. WPXI has the video and the story.

…Make no mistake, Ginger isn’t the only victim who won’t get justice from Justice just because of her race. Neither will the parents who were beaten at the Wisconsin State Fair. Nor will the parents in Ohio who saw thugs come on their lawn shouting racial slurs before they beat them.

We get it, Eric. You can tell your friends at the Washington Post and New York Times that your Justice Department doesn’t discriminate because of the race of the victim, but we know the truth. We know that you treat some Americans as second-class citizens. And for that, you are more like one of the old segregationists than the crusader for justice you think you are.”  LINK


Eric Holder is a racist – the first openly racist Attorney General of the United States in generations.  Since he serves at the discretion of Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama, one must then assume they too are racists.  That makes for an interesting contradiction for Barack Obama of course, given his mother was white, and he  grew up in Indonesia and then Hawaii with predominantly white and Pacific Asian friends.

I cannot recall in my lifetime this country having been so divided, with so much underlying resentment and rage boiling just under the surface.  Millions of Americans are getting fed up with this discrimination and mistreatment by an administration that seemingly moves to more openly embrace such divisive rhetoric with each passing day, which in the end is harming ALL Americans regardless of race, gender, or background.  I am reminded of the dire warning given to me by White House Insider two years ago:

“Even if it means the threat of race riots.  They are willing to go that far – go down that road if need be.”

One can now feel what once seemed unlikely transforming into the frighteningly possible.

I pray that such a dangerous and damaging transformation does not occur, but am reminded again of the most recent warning from White House Insider:

“You can only push people against the wall so many times before they’ve had enough and up and push back.”       -UM



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5 Comments to Black Thugs Beat Woman They Call “White Bitch” – Obama DOJ Says Nothing…
    • Randall

      Syria, again.

      WE are led to believe by the President and by the pliant news media, both liberal and most conservative, that intervention in Syria is something required of the United States. Assad gassed his people, they say, breaking international law. And now he deserves to pay the price.

      Well, we don’t know that for sure. The only definitive source of information on the matter is the White House, who claims to have proof. The CIA Radio Free Europe reports that Obama considers the attacks a “big event of grave concern.” UN weapons inspectors who Assad permitted to enter the country were attacked by snipers. Snipers under what flag? Say what you want about Assad, but would he really fire on inspectors he invited into his country? Doubtful. Their identity is in doubt.

      The UN has asked for a few more days to finish their inspection, after which they will certainly offer their opinion on who gassed whom. Obama, meanwhile, has all of a sudden changed his tune. From the bombast of Biden, Hagel, and Kerry earlier this week, yesterday the president declared that he has “not made a decision” on Syria. Interesting how the Vice President, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of State were convinced, just days ago, that Obama had made a decision. Obama insisted the strike, which would likely involve cruise missiles and air strikes, would be “tailored, limited,” apparently serving no strategic aim other than vengeance. Syria, Obama has said, must face “consequences.”

      If this is a war of spite, can’t it wait until the inspectors finish so we can start it on the right foot? Before the United States takes the step of invading a sovereign nation, rather than merely arming the terrorist rebels, shouldn’t the president at least hear what the U.N. and Congress have to say about it?

      It’s hard to overstate the implications of striking Assad, and how lonely this position is starting to look. Russia and China, two members of the United Nation Security Council, are objecting strenuously. There were even reports that the two countries had “walked out” of a meeting, though Russia denies this. Syria is claiming that it is their national interests to allow inspectors to finish their job, calling the position of the White House “categorically baseless.” It is in Syria’s interest to reveal the “reality” of the chemical attacks.

      As a result of this mounting doubt, Jordan, a staunch American ally, is refusing to let the United States launch attacks from their soil. It’s said the Jordanians know all that happens in the Middle East, and so their refusal to participate should give Obama pause. Even the U.K. and David Cameron, whose aggressive rhetoric had matched the White House, is having second thoughts. France, whose president is a friend of the Arab Spring architects, the Qatari royal family, remains willing to proceed with the strikes. In what might be regarded as a small miracle, House Speaker John Boehner actually demanded Obama make the formal case to Congress before any Syrian intervention. Whether he’s trying to prevent the strike, or rather excited about signing off on it, well… that’s anyone’s guess. It is John Boehner, after all.

      What is never quite spelled out for the public is the gravity of this decision. To quote Glenn Beck, the United States would “[would not] survive” a Syrian intervention. According to Beck, the strike would constitute “WWIII in the making.” Those are some words, even from Glenn Beck. Not survive? How is that possible? What is the thinking behind that statement? Here’s (probably) a good amount of it.

      Russia, and likely China, view Barack Obama as backing the same group of Islamic jihadis who terrorize them in their own backyard. Looking at the evidence, it’s not hard to see where they’re coming from. Country-by-country, Obama’s foreign policy in the region has benefited one group of actors – the Islamists – the Muslim Brotherhood – al Qaeda… does not manure by any other name smell as foul?

      In Egypt, Obama sent Mubarak packing, clearing the way for a Muslim Brotherhood dominated government that has subsequently fallen in spectacular and violent fashion.
      In Libya, Obama committed the U.S. Air Force (on behalf of NATO) to bomb Gaddafi forces, clearing the way for a Muslim Brotherhood government. A $1 million bounty was put on Gaddafi’s head.
      In Syria, the United States had been covertly arming rebels through Saudi Arabia and Qatar, before finally admitted to doing so in the open. It is the official position of the administration to arm the anti-Assad forces, and now it would seem that Obama wants to use cruise missiles against Assad based on tenuous evidence.
      In Turkey, Obama ignored the anti-Brotherhood protests in Taksim Square, and looked the other way when Brotherhood Prime Minister Erdogan suppressed them with prejudice. Obama is famously close with the brutal Prime Minister, whose regime has seen the implementation of Sharia law in Turkey. In Ankara in 2009, Obama stated that the United States did not consider itself a Jewish or Christian nation.
      In one of the worst modern acts of betrayal, Obama has done nothing to free Dr. Shakil Afridi, who was crucially important to the tracking and killing Osama bin Laden. Dr. Afridi is being held in prison in Pakistan, whose military, it was determined, had been harboring the terrorist leader for years. Just today (August 29, 2013), a court in Pakistan declared his sentence null and void, and he is set to be retried.
      Israel, the sole non-Muslim Jewish state in the region, has been repeatedly snubbed and embarrassed by Obama. He infamously called for Israel to return to their pre-1967 borders, which would leave the country without a reasonable way to defend itself. By dumping Mubarak, Obama created a security risk for Israel that it had not known since Egyptian President Anwar Sadat made peace in 1978. Kerry forced Israel to free 104 Palestinian prisoners, many whom were convicted of murder and terrorism.
      Qatar, the financial backer of the Arab Spring and its loudest diplomatic proponent, is home to the largest U.S. military base in Middle East. In January 2012, the Telegraph reported that Michelle Obama had spent $50,000 on lingerie at Agent Provocateur while shopping with the queen of Qatar. The company with close ties to the Gulf State. (Note that the original Telegraph story is now missing…) Just this month, Qatar-based Al Jazeera began broadcasting Al Jazeera America across the country… to low ratings. Finally, it was Qatar who sold out Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 9/11 mastermind.
      Jordan, who has been one of America’s closest allies, is not permitting the use of Jordanian territory for any strike against Syria. Obama also snubbed King Abdullah II on his trip to New York in 2012, leaving Abdullah to appear on the Daily Show.

      With such a reckless foreign policy, it’s no wonder that Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister called America “a monkey with a hand grenade.” Make no mistake about it. Obama is attempting to recreate a situation not unlike Libya, in which American air superiority provided the necessary cover for al Qaeda and Brotherhood-linked rebels to overthrow a secular dictator with close ties to Russia. This is seen, rightfully so, as a security risk to the entire region. Oil prices have already spiked on the news.

      Then there are the softer stories, which to Russia must seem no less damning. Christians being persecuted in the U.S. military. A claim that Obama’s brother Malik is a Muslim Brotherhood financier. Claims out of Egypt that purportedly can send Obama to prison for conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood. Further claims that the Muslim Brotherhood is blackmailing Obama.

      To Russia, and to Iran, North Korea, Israel, and Jordan, not to mention other European allies who have been suspiciously quiet in all this (Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, you might say the entire EU minus France and UK…) it must look like President Obama is single-mindedly pushing the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood – aka, the Arab Spring. This is threatening to create a war that will be globally consuming.

      Then there is an entire aspect, never mentioned in the press: that since the Arab Spring, narcotics usage and trafficking have flourished throughout the Middle East. Once the media remember how to conduct investigative journalism, it’s only a matter of time before we learn the true extent to the narcotics traffic as it relates to the Arab Spring. Syria, you might say, is a mere turf war.

      Maybe the media would show some interest? But no, we get endless reports of Miley Cyrus.

      Even if Obama backs down, can his credibility recover? Not likely. Not only Russia, but our closest allies don’t trust us anymore.

      Ever wonder how great nations fail? It’s like this.

    • Mark
    • The saddest part of this story is that it’s going to continue until whites assert their rights as a race. This will not stop until whites actually get off their asses mentally ( physically if necessary) and say enough is enough.

      The SWPL crowd ( Stuff White People Like – Hipsters, Metrosexual, Progressive type) will continue to stick their collective heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. Complacency at it’s worst.

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