BENGHAZI ALERT: Syrian Sideshow Hides New FOIA Report – Obama White House Let Them Die

Buried beneath the Syrian crisis coverage, the Mainstream Media ignores a shocking FOIA report that states conclusively that the United States had trained resources on hand to assist and defend Americans under attack during the Benghazi Massacre – as well as evidence of the White House stonewalling CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson.  The fact that the Obama White House “let them die” leads to the logical assumption then, that it in fact “wanted them dead.”

(…. there were two separate resources available the night of the attack but neither were activated to save our personnel nor were they used to secure the crime scene.)


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Benghazi FOIA Exclusive Report: “No-notice” U.S. Marine assets never sent to help Americans during Benghazi or to secure crime scene—Syria at stake

Urgent. The road to war with Syria, Russia, Iran and China can be tracked back to the Benghazi attack and cover-up. A Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) provides more evidence that the Obama administration declined to activate available possible life-saving help in the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith –and thwarted the FBI investigation thereby aiding the perpetrators escape from justice. There were two U S Marine Corps response options that were never called in or deployed to Benghazi– Marine Corps Embassy Security Group / Marine Security Guard [MCESG/MSG] and Marine Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams [FAST].

According to The information Paper obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) states:

“The response time to any emergency is predicated by many factors such as time of day, advance notice or no-notice, current activities, and the locations of off-duty members of the detachments. The MSGs [Marine Security Guard] conduct a minimum of two no-notice drills per month, but most detachments conduct more drills than the minimum standard. The MSGs train to respond to protests, mass casualty/bombings, intruders, and fire and bomb threats/searches. This response training is conducted at all hours and usually will include the State Department Regional Security Officer (RSO) or his deputy as well as the MCESG detachment. In terms of FAST … their alert posture is predicated on combatant commander requirements according to threat reporting and assessment. By order of the Secretary of Defense [then Leon Panetta], the dedicated EUCOM FAST Company supports commander US Africa Command for crisis response and contingency situations. An example of this is the FAST Platoon currently deployed as a crisis response force to the US Embassy, Tripoli – it was sourced from the EUCOM FAST Company  LINK


The Wizbang blog reported the findings with the following, which includes the White House completely stonewalling CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson:

FOIA’s Denied

FOIA’s filed by CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson related to Benghazi were denied.  PJ media covered her string of tweets detailing that the FBI told her she cannot have any information – not even a single page. Attkisson also requested photos from the White House of the situation room that night, like the ones taken for the Bin Laden raid. To date, the White House has not responded to that request.  You’d think a big event like that would have been photographed and put in the Situation Room Album.

A different FOIA request brought to light confirmation that there were two separate resources available the night of the attack but neither were activated to save our personnel nor were they used to secure the crime scene.

So the obvious question is why was a FAST platoon deployed to Tripoli, Libya the day after the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi and not sent to Benghazi when the call for help came in or to secure the crime scene and allow the FBI to do their jobs instead of keeping them out for nearly a month compromising and contaminating the evidence?

Ops Team Pulled Out Of Benghazi

We’re just a few weeks from the one year anniversary of the attack and the Obama administration is pulling the plug on the investigation with the withdrawal of the team in Libya.

Question: “Are you going to let these men get away with murder?”

Answer: “Crickets.   LINK


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11 Comments to BENGHAZI ALERT: Syrian Sideshow Hides New FOIA Report – Obama White House Let Them Die
    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • It seems that the reports, investigations and leaks follow the department head. Since Leon Panetta is no longer SOD, any requests for reports on his actions/investigations would necessarily follow him, according to all appearances. Once an employee is no longer employed in a position within a particular department, then the department can no longer be responsible for said actions or inactions. So, should the investigation follow the promoted, retired, fired or transferred department head or stay within the said department? For all appearances the musical chairs style shifting of department heads and/or personnel is the Barry Hussein policy of sweeping those issues under the rug to be ignored and/or forgotten.

    • Randall
    • Is CIA Director John Brennan a Muslim Brother?

      That may seem like an outlandish, even conspiratorial question. But consider the source: a paper authored, in part, by the former CIA Director under Clinton. In 2010, the Center for Security Policy issued a whitepaper entitled “Sharia: The Threat to America.” It’s available for download.

      Listed among the “Associates” in the paper is R. James Woolsey, the former CIA Director under President Clinton. See page 6.

      Toward the end of the paper, there is a case study on Brennan (pgs. 142-144). In part, it reads…

      “In the NYU speech, Brennan also enthused about the very heart of the shariah enterprise, Saudi Arabia, where he had once served as the CIA station chief: “In Saudi Arabia, I saw how our Saudi partners fulfilled their duty as custodians of the two holy mosques at Mecca and Medina. I marveled at the majesty of the Hajj and the devotion of those who fulfilled their duty as Muslims by making that pilgrimage.” The only way Brennan could literally have seen how the Saudis “fulfilled their duty as custodians of Mecca and Medina” and “marvel at the Hajj” is if he himself were a Muslim.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes – have seen other articles on that but no real “proof” ….like everything else…a lot of circumstantial type evidence as far as I know. But it’s obvious his “adoration” of Muslims in his actions, as well as words. Perfect person to have as Obama’s CIA Director, no?

        • Randall
        • I dunno. I think the fact that a bunch of his colleagues essentially tried to blacklist him and failed is pretty telling. That’s as much proof as you get in this trade.

      • Essa
      • Randall, thanks for posting. The white paper linked in the article really puts the current government foreign policy agenda into perspective which is inherently dangerous and treasonous against the American people and Israel.

    • VTX
    • I figure it like this: we didn’t defend the compound because there were people we wanted to kill (our own Ambassador) and people we didn’t want to kill (our “allies,” which included Turks and Egyptians)

    • Essa
    • Additionally, there is the fact that one of the survivors, diplomatic security agent David Ubben was left on the roof of the CIA annex waiting for 20 hours with a horrific leg injury before help arrived. That certainly does indicate that the White House expected to learn that all personal were deceased, for dead men tell no tales.

      It does not go without notice that it appears when ever there is an incident, whether international or domestic, the Saudis are connected in some way every time.

    • VTX
    • The time for a “limited strike,” if there ever was one, was in Benghazi: Americans were being killed and wounded. Now the survivors are in hiding from our “friends.”

      Right now, Jenny McLame wipes tears away for people killed in a civil war – murdered by our so-called “friends.” Just as our so-called “friends” were the ones attacking in Benghazi – the ones Jenny wanted to arm. Lovely, Jenny. (You’ve just proven why you should have never been the nominee: you’re a doddering idiot.)

      So if we can’t find the balls – (excuse me, Miss Bat Faced One, but that wasn’t a reference to your ladyparts) – to defend our own, and we’re expected to commit ourselves to tossing cruise missiles in Syria? No thanks.

      It’s a good bet that Benghazi went down the way it did to protect Brennan’s private enterprises – he says that eggs break and men die and it happens every day – but private wars must go on.

      Congress claims that the intel is “irrefutable” that gas was used in Syria: no shit, Sherlock; we KNOW gas was used; the ones using the gas – that’s the issue. After what we were told about the movie trailor, that it was information derived from “the highest Intel sources?” You believe these people? Who is your “reliable source” this time? Same one?

      Cruise missiles for Syrians, but none for our own men under fire. How’s that sound?

      Never leave a man behind. Never leave a man behind? We left men until they were dead, then we collected the bodies, and then we left the evidence for others to scrub.

    • VTX
    • Unfortunately, dimwits like Michael Savage are now blaming Israel for the gas attacks. Even if there are advantages for Israel if Syria’s air force is taken out, the biggest disadvantage is that they’ll be firing nukes at Iran in retaliation for the missiles the Ayatollahs are sending that way. Israel will be sending retaliatory missiles – meaning that a lot of Israel will be blown to shit.

      Just because something seems to be an advantage for Israel, they’re supposed to be the author? There are other hands in this stew – (and they’ve wiped their butts with the same hands they’re dipping.) The Sauds, Turkey, Qatar -
      if they want to fight Syria, let them go ahead on their own. They have more to gain by the removal of Assad than Israel, especially Turkey vis a vis the Kurds. And thus Kurdish oil.

      And while Israel might like to see Assad removed, so would the others. Let them do the deed if it’s so important to them! If either Israel or the US attacks, we’ll be blamed – while doing the other’s dirty work for them.

      Jordan is wisely sitting this one out. They tend to be smart about things like this.

      • Mark
      • I think the Saudi’s are the main culprits here with them supplying money and materials to the rebels.
        Maybe it’s a combination of the two…both Israel and Saudi to team up on Assad with Saudi supplying cash and materials and Israel rallying their lackeys / Likudniks McCain and Graham and Aipac to apply pressure to Congress and President to attack Syria. As you’ve pointed out it’s a stew….messy one at that. Whodathunk we’d actually be advocating on behalf of groups so closely linked to Al Quaeda???? Insanity!! Not so suprising when we remember that the CIA funded and trained Al Quaeda rebels in Afghan.

        I really hope we sit this one out too……

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