Man Turns Outhouse Crapper Into “Obama’s Presidential Library”

First it was a clown wearing an Obama mask, now an outhouse turned presidential library is certain to create hysteria among Obama loving (and newly war mongering) supporters against a New Mexico property owner who let known his feelings regarding the work of one Barack Obama.  The man tells people who might not like the display to shove it, claiming that in America, one is still allowed to have their own opinion.  (for now)

For supporting story of this “Obama presidential library” go  HERE




“If you care about America- You need to read ALL in the DW Ulsterman collection…I can safely speak for other readers of his Benghazi trilogy; we wait with baited breath for his forthcoming book, Mac Walker’s ‘Betrayal.”  -Brie A Garber


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2 Comments to Man Turns Outhouse Crapper Into “Obama’s Presidential Library”
    • Chris
    • This is an insult…………….to outhouses everywhere!

      The contents of the crapper are far more valid than anything that comes out of Obama’s mouth.

      In other news. It wasn’t Obama who said anything about “crossing the red line” it was the world. It only looked like it was Obama saying it.

    • ShainS
    • Funny stuff.

      Just like Bubba’s Presidential Library appearance is the equivalent of trailer-home chic, I’m guessing Obama’s will resemble a cross between a mosque an a Baskin-Robbins, complete with a 57-hole golf course … and Greek columns no doubt.

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