Hey Parents – Get Your Public School “Fat Letter” Yet?

San Fernando Valley parents may be getting a surprise notice from their district in the early weeks of the school year – a notice that they are sending a fat kid to school…

( Dear Mr. and Mrs. So and So – you got a fat kid.  Sincerely, Public Education )


Schools Sending ‘Fat Letters’ To Parents About Overweight Children

STUDIO CITY (CBSLA.com) — Many schools are sending notes home to parents, telling them their children are overweight.

Lauren Schmitt, a registered dietitian, starts the school year by checking out the weight of hundreds of preschoolers in the San Fernando Valley.

“We look at growth charts and percentiles. And when a child is at 95 percent of their…we can look at weight for age or weight for height…that child would be considered obese,” she said.

By October, CBS2’s Suraya Fadel reported that parents will get what is called “healthy or unhealthy” letters. Kids call them “fat letters.”

…Experts said 19 states around the country are cracking down on childhood obesity with similar letters.   LINK


Ok then…this coming from the same state that just handed out brand new i-Pads to kids because, well…their school districts are running in the red year after year and it just sounded like a good idea?

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. So and So – your kid is fat.  Here is an electronic device for them to sit around all day and stare at playing games that only require they move their pudgy little fingers.  This should help to keep them inside and thus ensure further obesity.


Your Public School


There is only one thing to do at a time like this.


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3 Comments to Hey Parents – Get Your Public School “Fat Letter” Yet?
    • Elliott
    • We got a one of those letters from a school nurse almost 20 years ago regarding our eldest son. It upset my wife as she thought it meant she was not doing a good job as his mother and overfed him. I phoned and made an appointment with the principal where our then twelve year old son was attending. I arrived for the appointment and asked the secretary if our son could be called from class which she was kind enough to do. When the principal called us into his office I presented the letter and said “What is wrong with a person who is 6’1″ weighing a 170 pounds?” He laughed and said “Not a thing.” I asked that the nurse send a letter of apology to my wife because she was too stupid to actually look at the children instead of just looking at charts or something. She did. And she did not send any letters on our following two tall children either.

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