Putin Rips Obama – What Will You Do When You Discover Rebels Used Chemical Weapons?

Russia’s Vladimir Putin continued his openly aggressive denunciation of President Obama’s mishmash mess Syrian foreign policy, warning both the president, and thus by default, the American people, of the very real possibility the very rebels the Obama administration is training, funding, and protecting, are the very rebels who used chemical weapons to murder hundreds of Syrians to try and create public outcry and American military intervention on their behalf.


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Putin to Obama: “What’ll you do when you find out it was the rebels who used chemical weapons?”

In a videotaped interview published today concerning U.S. attempts to go to war in Syria, not only did Putin criticize Secretary of State John Kerry’s  dissembling concerning the nature of the Syrian opposition, but he also said:

“There is another question: if it turns out that the armed rebels are the ones who used weapons of mass destruction, what will the United States do with the armed rebels?  And what will it do with those sponsoring the rebels? Will they stop supplying them with arms? Will they start fighting against them?”   LINK


Putin makes a valid point, one the Obama White House and certain Republicans supportive of military intervention in Syria refuse to fully discuss – the radicalized Islamic factions that are growing within the Syrian rebel movement.  Are the American people to trust the Obama administration after such disastrous failures in both Egypt and Libya, where the power vacuum created by toppled governments led to further chaos and the rise in power and influence of radical Muslim groups?

The Obama White House blustered into military provocation, then backed off after public opinion demanded he do so, and now it sits pouting as Congress, and our allies, shake their heads at how foolish, arrogant, ignorant and dangerous this administration is proving to all it truly is.   -UM


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11 Comments to Putin Rips Obama – What Will You Do When You Discover Rebels Used Chemical Weapons?
    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • America is supposed to go to war…to protect the honor of the first half mulatto president.

      Why don’t we just admit it was his white genes that made the mistake on Syria…and then we can call off WWIII…and he can save half of his face.

    • CHHR, VA
    • ATB: oh, did you have to do that? I just got quite an interesting image of the duel personalities of Obama… not good ;)

      VTX: Putin has proof of Rebel use of CWMD… it was given to the UN and yesterday the UN said any intervention by the US and their ONE country, FRANCE (not 34 as Kerry said) engaging in or supporting that intervention would be ILLEGAL!!!!

      Memory lane… Oil for Food program in Iraq… France was openly opposed to intervention… then people I personally know were responsible for finding, defending, and ultimately cutting off the pipeline that solely supplied France from Iraq.

      BTW: Putin was also threatened by the Saudi Prince… told to abort his support for Assad and the winter Olympics wouldn’t be attacked by the rebels they control in Chechnya… Oh yea, interesting times in deed… never would have thought I would support Putin. But have to say, his Christian Mama did have an impact and his speech to the Russian people collecting the equivalent of $1.3B in aid to the Syrian Christians was epic when he said he was willing to go it alone in defense of human rights.

    • E.A.B.
    • Putin? I trust Putin about as far as I can throw the entire landmass of Russia.

      Putin is KGB to the core. He has psychological warfare and propaganda down to a science.

      And that’s all this “rebels used chemical weapons” stuff is. Psychological warfare from America’s #1 geopolitical enemy.

    • E.A.B.
    • BTW, the irony of the al-Qaeda infiltration of the Syrian rebel movement is that it is a direct result of Obama’s policy of inaction and delay.

      Originally the Free Syrian Army (which was primarily a machination of Bashar Assad’s pro-Western uncle Rifaat) was the dominant force in the rebellion. Timely Western aid early in the rebellion would have resulted in a friendly government replacing Assad.

      But none of the rebels’ would-be supporters actually acted on their supposed convictions. Obama has spent two years resisting any semblance of intervention and is now punting to Congress. Turkey, though providing the world with lots of hot air for the past two years, has not made good on any of its threats or proposals (among them, a no fly zone and a rebel-friendly buffer zone in northern Syria).

      And that delay gave al-Qaeda time to move into Syria. The same way they did in Libya, which resulted in the Benghazi massacre.

      Contrary to what I keep hearing, further inaction is not in America’s best interests. The longer we fail to intervene, the more deeply al-Qaeda will infiltrate the Syrian rebellion. The Free Syrian Army, which relied on the West, will lose face, encouraging further defections to al-Qaeda affiliates who are not tied to the West.

      If we fail to act, the current lose-lose situation will only get worse. If the rebels come out on top, they’ll be deeply and irrevocably infiltrated by al-Qaeda by that time–we’ll be looking at another Taliban. If the regime comes out on top, we’ll have a very pissed off Assad looking for payback–and well within range of many of our allies, our military bases, and our overseas interests.

      And on top of all of that, we’ll have an Iran that knows America’s red lines mean nothing.

    • E.A.B.
    • Last thing: I’ve noticed that most people (here and everywhere else) don’t understand the “Arab Spring” at all. Mostly due to careless oversimplification of the conflicts.

      The Saudis are supporting the Syrian rebels against Assad. However, the Saudis also supported Mubarak, and are currently supporting the Egyptian military, against the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Meanwhile, Assad has the support of the radical Islamist regime in Iran.

      And previously, during the Iraq War, the same al-Qaeda fighters Assad currently counts among his enemies were given a safe haven in Syria courtesy of Assad.

      So this isn’t simply a case of radical Muslims on one side and secular dictators on the other side. It’s much more complicated, and I’m getting tired of seeing people weigh in on the issue when the point of view they’re coming from is one of cavalier oversimplification.

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