BREAKING: Dem Congressman Charges Obama With Syrian Intelligence Scandal

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson, once among the most ardent supporters of the Obama White House, is breaking ranks and calling out the Obama administration for manipulating intelligence data in order to convince lawmakers to allow military action against Syria.  While such accusations have been whispered for day behind closed doors, Grayson is among the first lawmakers to make them public, and the accusation itself is possibly the most serious ever leveled against the administration among a member of the president’s own political party.

“…the communications actually showed Syrian officers were surprised by the alleged chemical weapon attack.


(via US News)

Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., who is aggressively lobbying against a military strike on Syria, says the Obama administration has manipulated intelligence to push its case for U.S. involvement in the country’s two-year civil war.

Grayson made the accusation in an interview published Wednesday by The Atlantic and offered more detail in a Thursday discussion with U.S. News. He says members of Congress are being given intelligence briefings without any evidence to support administration claims that Syrian leader Bashar Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons.

Grayson said he cannot discuss the classified briefings, but noted details in the administration’s public, non-classified report are being contested.

The White House released its four-page public report Aug. 30, arguing that Assad’s government killed 1,429 people on Aug. 21 with a planned chemical weapon attack. Evidence cited in that report included “intercepted communications involving a senior official intimately familiar with the offensive who confirmed that chemical weapons were used.”

Grayson, however, says “the claim has been made that that information was completely mischaracterized.”

He points to an article published by The Daily Caller that alleges the communications actually showed Syrian officers were surprised by the alleged chemical weapon attack. The communications, according to unnamed sources paraphrased in article, were intercepted by Israeli intelligence and “doctored so that it leads a reader to just the opposite conclusion.”

“What they say in The Daily Caller is that [intercepted communications] would lead one to the opposite conclusion,” Grayson said. “I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, [but] there’s a very simple way to find out, that’s for the administration to show me and other members of Congress” translated transcripts of the intercepts, he said.

Members of Congress are “not being given any of the underlying elements of the intelligence reports,” according to Grayson. He’s not sure if the information will come before the votes on a proposed strike next week.

The anti-war Democrat said there are other examples of intelligence he believes has been manipulated to favor war.

“Well yes,” Grayson said, “but I’m very constrained about talking about it. … This has become a fundamental problem with our system: The information we do get is limited, but beyond that we are very constrained in discussing it.”

…”We can’t go to war to spare anyone embarrassment,” Grayson told U.S. News. “That would be utterly immoral, we’re talking about shedding American blood. … The president has already made that argument and it’s falling on deaf ears.”   LINK


This was the line that really jumped out for me:

“…the communications actually showed Syrian officers were surprised by the alleged chemical weapon attack.

If true, this would strongly support corroborate information coming from Russia, and explain other U.S. ally nations’ unwillingness to support a military strike against Syria.   Now consider that reader – either the Obama White House is willing to place American lives at risk on the basis of a lie, or at best, or they are equally willing to do so without doing any real due diligence to fine out the facts.  The motivation for THAT scenario points to something much deeper, and likely far more troubling, than the potential Syrian conflict alone.

The one year anniversary of the Benghazi Massacre is quickly approaching…            -UM


“If you care about America- You need to read ALL in the DW Ulsterman collection…I can safely speak for other readers of his Benghazi trilogy; we wait with baited breath for his forthcoming book, Mac Walker’s ‘Betrayal.”  -Brie A Garber



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27 Comments to BREAKING: Dem Congressman Charges Obama With Syrian Intelligence Scandal
    • E.A.B.
    • UM…I say this with the utmost respect towards you: When you find yourself agreeing with Alan Grayson, it’s time to reevaluate your position.

      • lindandy
      • Alan Grayson is high on my list of despicable people but if this report is correct and he helps bring Oblamo down, then Grayson will drop down a few notches on my aforementioned list.

        It does concern me that the Daily Caller may not be the most reliable source. Hope they got it right this time!!!

    • NameBM
    • This afternoon limbaugh was telling how some dems are livid and really scared of the WH behavior. He was talking about its denial of responsibility. And he was announcing that the dam of silence was ready to burst amongst the dems. To be on the lookout for the first dem to talk.

      I believe he knew more than he said.

      Grayson is somebody who goes to the extreme of the argument. He does not moderate nor his speech, nor his thought. But he is not an illusionist. He extrapolates but from the truth, not from lies.

      That said UM, your two options are not mutually exclusive. This administration has no problems putting American lives at risk on a lie. They are doing it everyday with the implementation of Obamacare for instance. Pushing the country into a system which will fail the People everyday, which will bargain the lives of the elderly and terminally sick contrary to the promess of caring for everybody.

      And the change in the rules of engagment is putting our soldier lifes at risk every minute of every day in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      And yes they are even willing to put American lives at risk without due dilligence because they are players in a game where American interests are irrelevant.

      There has been a lots of talk today about a pipeline Quatar and Saudia Arabia have wanted to built for some time thru Syria. In the past Syria has declined preffering instead to allow thru one for Iran and Russia.

      And now Quatar and Saudia are offering to finance the overthrow of Assad…..

      It is all about defining the new zones of prosperity and growth. It is about a major realignment of wealth on a global level. It is about carving the US out of podium and viciously using its remaining strengths against it.

      It is about payback… from the nations and people we supposedly oppressed and depleated of their natural ressources for our greed and selfish growth.

      And it is about preventing another caucasian country (Russia) to fill the created vaccum in the meantime.

      • Elliott
      • She also is being paid by the Syrian rebels. Fox tried to suss her out and she had her spiel memorized and talked over questions. She is 26 years old and not old enough to be an expert on squat.

      • E.A.B.
      • The Institute for the Study of War is one of those few think tanks that actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to foreign policy and defense policy.

        They were the ones responsible for the “surge” strategy that won the Iraq War (before Obama re-lost it).

        • Mark
        • No way you’re serious?

          Yes…they recommended the surge. WTF is a civilian NGO doing recommending and implementing military policy?

          Most important question is why is this bloodthirsty group allowed anywhere near a govt installation other than a jail?

          • E.A.B.
          • The primary spokesman for and brains behind the Institute for the Study of War is a retired Army General, Jack Keane, currently its Chairman of the Board.

            The Institute’s recommendations REDUCED bloodshed in Iraq when they were implemented. We all saw the casualty counts dropping. I’d hardly call a group responsible for that “bloodthirsty.”

            • Mark
            • Ms. Kagan is the founder of the organization actually. Check out the company she keeps. They are not patriots by any stretch of imagination.

            • AmericaTheBeautiful
            • Yes Kimberly Kagen is the sister-in-law of Victoia Nuland, Hillary’s paid liar…protectorate of the murderers of Benghai. Victoria and Kimberly are married to the Kagen brothers Robert and Frederick…be certain they sicced Elizabeth O”Bagy, also of the ISW, and her No expertise whatsoever …on the American public. O’Bagy is a fraud as she is no expert when in her FIRST year of a joint Masters/Phd at Georgetown…Seem the communist Jesuits have turned Georgetown into a willing arm of the administration with Soros’ Podesta running it like a communist think tank.

    • bill o'rights
    • It occurs to me that Israel may now be getting payback for the Obama administration’s intentional release of top secret details concerning their newest military base.

      If so, I say ‘Bravo’.

      As for you, Mr. Obama, I still see you doing hard time in the Aryan Brotherhood block at Ft. Leavenworth, you disgusting, whiny, little bitch.

    • Barry Soetoro the MOSLEM
    • “…..Either the Obama White House is willing to place American lives at risk on the basis of a lie, or…..”

      With BENGHAZI, Obama already proved he would #1 Abandon 35 Americans to die, #2 Order the 4 (dead) Americans to “stand down” instead of helping rescue the others, and #3 After everybody was dead, maimed, or (by the grace of God) escaped, LIE on TV for 14 days, selling a fake story about an ‘offensive youtube video,’ then #4 Cover up Benghazi by hiding the survivors around the USA and changing their names so the media cannot find them.

      Falsifying evidence on behalf of his Saudi masters to trick the USA into fighting FOR Al Qaeda (in Syria) is about as IMPEACHABLE as things get.

      Yet his father was black/arab, so nothing will happen.

    • VTX
    • “Former DNC chairman Howard Dean supports President Obama’s call for a punitive military strike against Syria.

      “Thus far I fully support the president, including his going to Congress,” Dean said in an email to The Hill.”

      When you find yourself in agreement wtih Howard Dean, it’s time to reevaluate your position.

      • E.A.B.
      • Dean is acting his part. Just like Obama and Kerry.

        None of them actually want to strike Syria, or it would have been done already.

        The faux sabre-rattling is all a bit of theatre arranged by Putin, to whom Obama made a pre-election promise of “greater flexibility.”

        • bill o'rights
        • You are blind as a bat if you believe that!

          How many times has the Obama administration tried to frame the Assad regime with chemical weapons, when the rebels were responsible? This latest attempt appears to be the third.

          • E.A.B.
          • Actually, I was blind before I saw the Russian puppetry behind the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

            First of all, there is no “framing” of the Assad regime going on. This administration undertook a military intervention in Libya for FAR less than what Assad is already guilty of. Libya set the precedent. This administration doesn’t need a chemical attack as an excuse. So there’s no motive to “frame” Assad.

            With Libya as a precedent, it should be clear that if Obama wanted to strike Syria, he would have done so over a year ago.

            Now regarding the Russian puppetry behind this administration’s foreign policy…Connect some dots with me:

            Obama’s handler, Valerie Jarret, is Iranian. Russia is the primary benefactor of both Iran and Syria (both directly and indirectly via Iran).

            Six months after the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, which greatly annoyed Russia, Obama promises “more flexibility” to Putin. What do you think they were talking about when Obama promised to be more bendable to Putin’s will? Odds are it was the biggest sticking point between the two of them–the United States’ response to the “Arab Spring.”

            About a year and a half after that, Obama delivers a lot of rhetoric about Syria, but passes the decision regarding a strike on to Congress (something he has never done before) where Obama knows he doesn’t have the votes to do what he supposedly wants to do. And, as RI and others have observed, Obama has made little direct effort to make his case to Congress.

            Why? Obviously his heart isn’t in it. The Valerie Jarret administration doesn’t really WANT to strike Syria. They want to talk a lot and then back down.

            Who (besides Assad) benefits if the United States delivers a lot of bellicose rhetoric and then backs down from a military strike against Syria? Iran and Russia.

            What’s truly going on here is that Putin and Obama are writing a new ending to the Cold War.

            This time, America bows to Russia. And all of America’s international influence is exposed as one massive bluff.

            So with America discredited as all bark and no bite, and Russia successfully telling America to sit down and shut up, who becomes the world’s only credible superpower for the next generation? Russia. And who will be the new most powerful man in the world? Putin.

            That’s not even all, though. Obama, Kerry, Dean, and pretty much the entire upper echelon of the DNC are required to play along and deliver lots of rhetoric supporting a strike on Syria that isn’t going to happen. The equally vile “little guys” like Grayson on the other hand aren’t high-profile enough and thus are allowed to say what the DNC actually thinks about a strike on Syria. Isolationists, paleocons, Libertarians, and so on join in the chorus of “NO!”

            After a convincing bit of theatre, these voices succeed in shouting down the DNC’s faux sabre-rattling, with the American citizenry finally rising up to embrace the wisdom of none other than…Putin.

            And if the DNC happens to lose too much face in this sham, and thus ends up forfeiting their chances in the 2016 election…then this pro-Russian astroturfed backlash will benefit the increasingly influential Russophilic GOP candidates in the next Presidential race.

            Meaning that, either way, Putin will have a lapdog in the White House–all too willing to embrace America’s new geopolitical role of Second to Russia–until at least 2020.

            If you’re against a strike on Syria, you might as well start practicing your “Hail Putin!” now. (That is, if you haven’t already.)

    • VTX
    • The Princess and his crew set up ROEs that gets (and has gotten) Americans killed in Assghanistan and elsewhere – and those rules set up the assassination of the men on the helo – Special Ops heroes. And for some reason, we failed to give Marines hot meals, while we cut the soldiers’ training with live fire (meanwhile providing government agencies with plenty of ammo.) The Princess and his Brennan Brotherhood calls Hasan’s act of terrorism “workplace violence,” while ignoring his calls for Islamism and refusing the personell who were shot their Purple Hearts (which are a lot more deserved than the ones Lurch somehow obtained.)

      Gee, why would I not want to fight for these bastards in the White House? I’m reminded of Braveheart, where the men weren’t interested in fighting so that nobles could get land and castles and titles. So tell me again why we’re in a rush to war? To fight for our Masters in Riyahd? Rules of Engagement will surely include orders for our troops to pray toward Mecca 5 times a day.

      Our troops deserve better. I don’t mind if Grayson is on the right side this time – it doesn’t change the facts. This administration shouldn’t be in charge of a paintball battle.

    • truthandjustice
    • I don’t know why anyone would doubt what he’s saying. From the start, I suspected any Intel they would be given would be “deceptive” shall we say. Why wouldn’t it? We know what this regime is all about so of course they would. All necessary Depts. have been filled with “their” people. Also don’t know why there aren’t more articles about how this is so obviously just like Benghazigate and how they handled that one – as a cover up.
      Same with the questions posed by UM re risking American lives — agree with what BM said so well. I don’t understand how anyone could not see that, knowing what we know. All of these people are filled to the brim with hate and various forms of extreme evil pyschosis….same as Hitler, Sadaam, serial killers, etc. I also don’t doubt there are other Dems who aren’t as crazy as the Obama types and are scared to death. Rush has a lot of contacts in politics so I imagine he did know something about what’s going on behind the scenes. Hope so.

    • Xeno
    • I’m more willing to believe incompetence and mismanagement than any kind of ‘wag the dog’ narrative.

      The administration was doing everything it could to avoid giving any kind of support to the rebels, back when they weren’t desperate enough to accept the assistance of Al Qaeda affiliates. Making out that they suddenly want to be gun-ho… I’ve seen no concrete evidence for that.

      Profiteering opportunistically from crisis, perhaps. That’s old news. Engineering one… Eh… I know everyone’s looking for an excuse to scream at ‘Bama, but look before you leap, when it comes to the Code Pink way of thinking.

      Is it possible? Maybe. Could say that about any political party of any nation on the planet. Has it been proven? Not by a long shot.

      And, no, that doesn’t mean you have to assume the administration’s 100% correct. But nor does it mean we need to suddenly uphold someone like Assad as some kind of angelic messenger of truth, either. EVERYONE’S dirty.

    • Mark
    • Sure looks that way. They’ve been agitating for us to attack Syria and Iran which is well documented.
      The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz have reported on this ad nauseum. When you read the comments section of the articles half of the people who post want nothing to do with invading either one. In some instances they resent Aipac’s relentless push for war.

      Looks like they have some of the same problems we do here….a govt that doesn’t listen to it’s citizens.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • It was Obama who doctored Israel’s intelligence.

      It was Kerry and McCain who assigned a girl expert status, when O’Bagy is nothing more than a first year student in a joint Masters/Phd program at Georgetown…home of Podesta’s Fluck affair..

      ISW was started by Victoria Nulands (Hillary’s professional and persistent paid liar) sister-in-law…married to the other Kagen brother

      Mark is correct on Quatar and Saudi wanting their pipeline through Syria..but as to saving the Petro dollar I’m not so confident. The turning of the Middle East has a couple notable absolutes. The Muslim Brotherhood has achieved previously unimaginable power …And wherever those Fascist Islamist have achieved power…ther has been a holocaust of Christians…Apparently this time..if the Christans are slaughtered first, the slaughter of Jews will be faster and more easily achieved….This is Obama’s legacy. You can be certain he is delighted.

    • E.A.B.
    • Israel is representing their best interests. For a long time the United States has been Israel’s friend that they could count on if they were ever in a bad spot. Israel has essentially deferred to the United States on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program, trusting our promise to look out for our allies.

      Israel is now seriously disturbed by the fact that their trusted ally is about to reveal itself to the world as an obvious paper tiger. The schoolyard bullies are already closing in now that the big brother has turned out to be a wuss at heart.

      This has really become a red line for Israeli decision makers. Refusing to strike Syria now is like hanging a big sign on Israel saying “COMPLETELY ISOLATED, NO FRIENDS. FEEL FREE TO ATTACK.”

      Incidentally, Israel is also representing OUR best interests, though too many Americans don’t realize it. (In fact, Israel is often better at representing America’s interests than many Americans.) It will be equally bad for America if we show ourselves to be a paper tiger.

    • Mark
    • Well it certainly sucks to be them then doesn’t it?

      We have bigger fish to fry…..namely taming a 16 plus trillion dollar national debt….along with figuring out what to do with the unfunded liabilities running in HUNDREDS of TRILLIONS. We have race issues here, under performing schools, widespread corruption in federal, state and sometimes local govt. We have our hands full dealing with a cultural marxist revolution, decaying cities, outsourcing of manufacturing which has made economic recovery all the more difficult not to mention millions on publicassistance. We also face the threat of hordes of illegals being made citizens who will want their handouts.

      The pentagon has also decided it’s time to pivot and focus on the China theater to stem the threat there.

      We can’t police the world anymore. We can’t afford it anymore.
      At some point Israel will have to learn to take care of themselves…better they learn sooner rather than later before it reaches the point where we can offer them no support at all.

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