Mr. Obama Suffers From “Severe Detachment From Reality”

A clinical look at the confounding determination by Barack Obama to blame everyone and anyone but himself for his own words regarding Syria and the now infamous ”red line”.  It is a description that harkens back to earlier words given to us by a longtime political insider on the real Barack Obama behind the scenes and without teleprompted guidance.

“…the president seems to have dissociative amnesia- He can’t handle that truth so he’s trying to distort it. 


(via Commentary Magazine)

In Stockholm, Obama Loses Touch with Reality

Most presidents, having presided over the Syrian debacle, would be chastened. But not the Great and Mighty Obama. He’s decided to begin to rewrite history so that he emerges as the hero.

Consider what Mr. Obama, in Stockholm earlier today, said in response to a question about Syria:

“First of all, I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line.”

The president added this:

“My credibility is not on the line. The international community’s credibility is on the line and America and Congress’s credibility is on the line because we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important.”

So literally everyone else in the world is to blame except the president.

In this particular case, the president seems to have dissociative amnesia, apparently having forgotten that a year ago last month he did, in fact, draw a red line. (Note the use of the first-person pronouns by the president — “That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.”) The president may have forgotten, too, that he promised that crossing this red line would be a “game changer” (it was not). That Assad had to go (Assad is still in power, stronger than before). That he promised to arm Syrian rebels (he hasn’t). That his “coalition of the willing” may include, if we’re lucky, one other country besides America. And that on the matter of the Use of Force Resolution he was against going to Congress before he was for going to Congress.

The cause of Mr. Obama’s dissociation appears to be the psychological trauma induced by his multi-year fiasco in Syria. And in order to cope, we are seeing signs of anger, petulance, and hero syndrome and, as is always the case with this president, blame shifting.

On a slightly more serious note, Mr. Obama’s presidency is being wrecked by reality. He’s being exposed at every turn, and in every crisis, as inept. He can’t handle that truth so he’s trying to distort it. 

There’s something poignant and painful in watching Obama’s presidency collapse and seeing what it’s doing to the man who promised to repair the world and slow the rise of the oceans.   LINK





“If you care about America- You need to read ALL in the DW Ulsterman collection…I can safely speak for other readers of his Benghazi trilogy; we wait with baited breath for his forthcoming book, Mac Walker’s ‘Betrayal.”  -Brie A Garber



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10 Comments to Mr. Obama Suffers From “Severe Detachment From Reality”
    • VTX
    • Alert: here are the serious consequences of the insane rush to war against a sovereign nation without international support and cover. This is a quote from Judge Napolitano on international law – regarding national rights of self defense:

      (1) “It recognizes the right of every country to launch military force in order to prevent its own borders from being invaded (2) or to subdue those who commenced an invasion. (3) It also recognizes the ability of any U.N. member state to come to the aid of any other U.N. member state when one of them has been invaded.

      (1) This means that Syria would have the right, with sufficient threats, provocations and utterances – including a Congressional approval of an attack – to defend herself. These actions on the part of a threatened Syria would no longer constitute terrorism, but could be considered projected self-defense.

      (2) This authorizes Syria and her allies to use force to subdue those who enabled an invasion (Congress, President, cabinet, other government officials)

      (3) This authorizes any and all nations who wish to help defend Syria to come to her aid in order to defend against an attack. These could include Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela – any or all of the above. They could act under international law to defend Syria.

      The President knows this all perfectly well – he did, after all, attend the church of a pastor who repeatedly damned America – and he is emotionally inclined to damn us with horrible decisions, particularly as we have resisted him and thus made him feel abandoned. Anandonment seems to be his lot in life: he is victorious, mostly through fraud and deceit, then is abandoned – this is the cycle of Barack Hussein Obama. And he is utterly determined to see us fall to ruin, whether he is conscious of it or not.

      Most Americans of all political stripes sense the danger we face; I’ve spoken with dozens of people, all voicing the same fears, and this fear is not some phantasm, vapors or delusion: this is the result of unwise Presidential decisions that can be punished under international law, conceived of by a mentally unfit leader who holds the keys to utter destruction. Bush took care not to step over that line – (will the critics finally admit that?)

      A serious possiblity exists that we are soon to be made into slaves, or that we will be extinguished from the face of the earth. Can we stop this madman before he turns our nation into a burning heap of ashes? This is a race against time.

    • VTX
    • This whole shitty scenario reminds me of the ending of the movie “Spies Like Us.” Except this isn’t a Hollywood movie.

      And aside from the fact that once we launch, we won’t be able to turn back.


    • silverdust
    • “The cause of Mr. Obama’s dissociation appears to be the psychological trauma induced by his multi-year fiasco in Syria.”

      Eh? Multi-year?

      Obozo’s dissociation is more likely caused by abandonment by his parents, sexual abuse from a pedophile and being raised and surrounded by commies.

      • E.A.B.
      • And, I might add, it was all deliberately done to turn Barack Hussein Obama II into the perfect puppet.

        Check out the involvement of Valerie Jarrett’s mother in child psychology.

    • VTX
    • Silverdust,
      Nailed it. Abandonment issues out the wazoo. You hit the high points, and I’d add that he’s probably the most abandoned personality – with resulting psychopathologies – ever selected President. The other side is that he’s constantly finding new father figures – like Brennan and others. He’s constantly trying to find a core personality – and lives in movie-heroes and other delusions. There is no Barack Obama inside – except a grape-size, underdeveloped psyche that requires constant reassurance.

      What is particularly telling is how some of his defenders are pushing war as a balm to the fractured and fragile soul of the Delusional in Chief. That’s frightening in the extreme when you consider it, and when you consider how Hitler had similar defects, blaming the German people themselves for their defeat as the Princess blames everybody else for his failures:

      “The German people were about to learn the harshest lesson of all. The Führer’s contempt for human life was not exclusive to the Slavic peoples or the Jews, but would soon be visited upon the Germans themselves, because of their inability to achieve the things he had set out for them.

      “Throughout his life, Adolf Hitler had never been able to admit a single mistake or accept responsibility for any failure. And as the thousand-year Reich he founded teetered on the brink of collapse in early 1945, he blamed it on the weakness of the German people and a military organization riddled with timid, disloyal and incompetent officers. If only they had really listened to him and let themselves be inspired. If only they had possessed the same will and determination as him – certainly everything would have turned out differently.”,d.dmg

      Does that not sound like Herr Obama? Derr Futile Fuhrer, Barack Hussein Obama.

    • CHHR, VA
    • I just don’t get what everyone is so fired up about… it makes perfect sense to send predominantly Christian soldiers into Syria to support Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who want to murder and plunder Christians…

      Ouch… that set of contortions my body just had to endure to say that really hurts.

    • jillosophy
    • There is absolutely no telling what this assho!e will do now. He defies Congress and the rule of law whenever the hell it is convenient and/or he can get away with it. He is also thin skinned and a petulant, immature ego-maniac… and delusional. Perhaps the rest of the world will step back from this precipice that we are ALL standing at, and allow him to step back and save face at the same time.
      If I were Iran, however, I would be taking notes right now, and doing everything in my power to have at least one nuke ready to go before his second term is up!

    • Kay112
    • What can I say? I’ve gotten on my soap box enough… It’s time for momentum to shift against Obama, but we have a lot of racists in this country who want say a peep. Why are they racists? Simple answer~ because they never criticize a lying, pathetic, war-mongering president. Yet they were steady bad-mouthing Bush for the same as Obama.

      Actually, Bush was not anything nearly comparable to Obama! Obama is by far worse!

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