“Jack Taylor” – Gritty Irish Detective Drama With Ian Glen (Game of Thrones)

Just a quick heads up to readers regarding a TV movies series now available on Netflix.  It is titled Jack Taylor, and stars the very good Ian Glen as former Irish copper Jack Taylor who, in order to make ends meet, finds himself taking private detective jobs for people in need.

Fans of Game of Thrones, if they don’t know the name Ian Glen, (a Scotsman!) will certainly recognize the face.  The growling-voiced actor has had a steady, if somewhat low key career for a number of years, though now with his Game of Thrones fame, is becoming more known here in the States – and well deserved that recognition is.

Jack Taylor is not a flash styled cop drama, but rather a very believable portrayal of a well-meaning but flawed Irishman (is there any other kind?) making his way in a world that presents itself in increasingly dark and convoluted colors.  Taylor is a (somewhat) functioning alcoholic with a penchant for wanting to do what is right and fair in a society too willing to compromise such principles – or forget them altogether.

The TV movies show a part of Irish life that while common to those who have lived it, is a somewhat stark contrast to that portrayed by American versions of Ireland.  Galway itself has been for some time an often tough and troubled city, with alcohol and drugs playing a prominent role in the area’s more violent tendencies.

And it is within that struggle you find the character of Jack Taylor, representing both the best, and at times, some of the worst of what it is to be Irish.

It’s not an easy portrayal, a mix of violence and wit, tragedy and quiet hope, stubbornness and pity, that make up the real Irish experience for those who have, and are living it.  On those merits alone, that portrayal makes the show worth watching.

Jack Taylor is available now on Netflix Instant.


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