Even MSNBC Stunned At Obama’s Anti Republican Rant During Shooting Crisis (RI Related)

Yesterday I shared RI’s update regarding how many in Washington D.C. were stunned, shocked, “pissed off” at the hyper-partisan speech Barack Obama read to the media at a time when the country still wasn’t sure if we were looking at another potential terrorist attack.  This morning, MSNBC’s Morning Joe program shared similar views against Barack Obama’s poorly timed and horribly divisive words, even hinting that perhaps Obama simply reads what is put in front of him without little to no understanding of context.  (Something many of you have known for quite some time)  The clip here certainly supports what Republican Insider stated yesterday – that even some Democrats were critical of the president’s tactless performance at a time of still developing crisis.

“I’ll say it again. These people are sick.” -Republican Insider


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    • VTX
    • I hate to put it this way – I really do – but we are suffering under the first genuinely autistic President in American History; “Being There” is almost a prophecy (as is “The Omen”.)

      Never before has there been a President who is so adept at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. A small example is when he compared his bowling to a Special Olympian (which is why I used the term “autistic” with such trepidation.)

      His incoherence during times when America could have used wisdom makes one sorely long for the Dubya Days. Dubya had a knack for messing up syntax and made errors of grammar from time-to-time – but he was positively eloquent when the pressure was on and he needed to be the Bearer of Wisdom.

      There has only been one time when the Princess raised his skirts just a little past the high-water mark: Arizona. But then, his adminnistration was already trotting out the “rightwing white supremacist” crap, railing about the “violent language of the right,” exposing his words for what they were: insincere and hypocritical.

      To say the Princess is autistic isn’t meant to slight those people who live with any symptom or element of the disorder(s). No offense intended. And that observation doesn’t preclude the other mental health issues and issues of competence and issues of utter and complete indifference to morality (such as the mass-slaughter of the unborn and the already-born.)

      And people say we’re becoming the laughingstock of the world. Any wonder why?

        • VTX
        • Bill O,
          In this case, I believe they’re concomitant, not the same disorder. That is, they exist as co-pathologies. Lack of empathy – sincere empathy – is evident in both, for sure. But there are lots of people with NPD who are skilled manipulators, who can read and understand verbal and social clues and who respond adroitly under varying social situations. Bill Clinton, for example, is a classic version of a person with NPD.

          The Princess’ cluelessness suggests he’s autistic; his self-infatuation suggests NPD.

        • Holly
        • Yes. Narcissists lack empathy for others. Any emotion they show is just an act to benefit themselves. Remember Barry “crying” for the Newtown children out of the outer corner of his eye instead of the actual tear ducts? Emotional fraud.

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