Obama Ducks For Cover As Approval Rating Plummets To Just 39%

With events in Syria, and now the DC naval yard shooting, the Mainstream Media has plenty reason to ignore a rather startling poll from Rueters last week that indicates the ground falling apart directly beneath Barack Obama’s feet, and certainly explains the president returning to the his often used safe haven of dividing America against America via race and the economy.


First among the questions was an overall sense of whether America is heading in the right direction or not.  Such a question is particularly interesting given the media’s attempt to portray the economy as “steadily improving”, even as a higher percentage of Americans have dropped out of trying to find a job and millions more find themselves taking government assistance.  If things were truly improving, the numbers would look nothing like this:

Q1. Generally speaking, would you say things in this country are heading in the right direction, or are they off on the wrong track?

All Adults:  Right Direction:  21%   Wrong Direction:  62%


Regarding specific feelings toward Barack Obama, the poll indicates plummeting support not only among Republicans, but Independents as well, and even some significant erosion among Democrats from previous levels of support.

Q2. Overall, do you approve or disapprove about the way Barack Obama is handling his job as President?

Total Approve:  39%   Total Disapprove:  56%


It should also be noted that this poll came from a sample population where 42% affiliated with Democrats vs. only 30% affiliating with Republicans.

Such a sample should skew in favor of Barack Obama.  It didn’t.  Not even close.


The 2014 Midterm Election which Barack Obama and his investors are desperate to remove all opposition to their final two years of a governmental agenda that certainly includes yet further and significant expansion of government, taxes, the IRS, and the trampling of state and individual rights, now looms just over the horizon.

Get ready for battle voters  – they must be stopped.                  -UM





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9 Comments to Obama Ducks For Cover As Approval Rating Plummets To Just 39%
    • Bobbi
    • It’s very suspicious that someone with a psychiatric history, like Aaron Alexis had a “secret” clearance.
      Methinks he is part of the President’s entourage of distractions, pulled into play by psychops

    • VTX
    • It’s not surprising: the Princess hates America. Why should we love him back? In the Christian sense, yes: we should pray for his Salvation. Otherwise? Don’t spit in our faces and expect us to come back for more; we are not your spittoon, Princess.

      This is what is utterly frustrating, though: Putin’s KGB taught the Princess and his comrades everything there is to hate about America – the majority of it disinformation. Not only the Princess, but nearly everyone he is connected to. I’m guessing Putin likes America more than the Princess – and that’s a scary thought.

      So the Princess was taught the lies, and now he’s dealing with our adversary who wrote the playbook? Can anyone ever trust the Princess?

      Neither friend nor foe; neither ally nor enemy can trust the Princess: the things that went into his head cannot be erased or undone; they cannot be fixed or rewired. The most humane thing would be to relieve him of his office.

      Remember: Putin helped write the playbook that taught the Princess and his pals everything they know – and fail to understand – about America and the world. No surprise that he’s so easily manipulated.

      How can one approve of such a person and his performance?

    • truthandjustice
    • Don’t think it matters about how popular he is or whether he is removed or not. Too late. The time for victory over “them” was the 2012 elections. As we know, he’s just a puppet – if he goes, the next one is installed (Biden right now) – & the destruction continues. They don’t need Obama anymore. He was only needed to win the elections, sign the bills, give the speeches “they” wrote and keep the people fooled while the Globalist puppetmasters powers-that-be made the policies & strategies. I suspect he will be a “goner” soon, one way or the other. But it doesn’t matter.
      You have to remove the corrupt, treasonous agencies that aren’t needed such as EPA , Federal Reserve, IRS, etc. plus replacing the heads of the important depts. such as DOJ, military, courts, etc. with patriotic people. Plus you need for “enough” to realize how destructive liberalism is and change.
      People who hate Obama will STILL vote for Dems in the next election & remain voters for liberals. Plus, as Rush says, he has successfully played it to where even if they think the policies are bad for us, they don’t blame Obama or the Dems, no matter what you say. There might be some Dems who are really seeing the light and leaving but I suspect not many. They ara basicly loyal to the “Party” no matter what. I hope I’m wrong. I hope it is exposed about how many Communists, Marxists are in the party (both). That might help. I betcha RI doesn’t know, even though we’ve talked about it here a lot — which means, most others don’t either. They always seem amazed at these revelations.
      We’ve stated on here before what needs to be done. And yes, think we all agree we definitely need to vote in DROVES in the 2014 elections & get as many real Consvs/Constitutionalists as possible. And work in your state to correct voter fraud problem.

      • cobra
      • Yes.
        You have no idea how right your are about voting for “the team”.
        I know brilliant people, with advanced degrees, but who vote consistently demshevik.
        And they are not even considering otherwise.

    • Bart
    • Now isn’t this interesting…

      The MSM is now reporting that the (false flag) shooter at the Navy installation was “hearing voices”. A few days ago, Doug Hagmann wrote (in the CFP) about little-known NSA/CIA programs to make people think they’re going nuts and hearing voices.

      Coincidence? Likely not.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes, I read that and thought the same. Very scary indeed – and how do you go about
        stopping all this murderous insanity going on? And HAARP, etc., etc. ?????? Everywhere you look there’re insane murderers in control of our lives, country.
        But although I agree about what Hagmann discovered – I also know that when people are demon possessed, they hear these demons voices in their heads. Very common matter of fact. No doubt he was. Maybe he had both working on him.

      • VTX
      • Bart,
        Likely has to do with infrasound – it’s something that can make people think they’re seeing ghosts, feel queasy and uneasy and may cause auditory hallucinations.

        I have a hunch that a lot of the unusual sounds people are hearing have something to do with infrasound, too.

        The Biblical connection – from the Book of Revelation – will possibly occur when they combine lazer, various sound frequencies and photon-type weapons, and plasma weapons. Calling down lightning from the sky and so forth will be more sinister than it sounds, if there are people underneath.

        The science is getting to that point when this stuff is no longer science fiction, but science terror.

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • Couldn’t be any more tightly scripted if it had been written by a Hollywood screenwriter and made into a movie with a hypothetical title like “Conspiracy Theory” or “Wag the Dog.” Life imitating art? What do YOU think?

      • Jules
      • I think it is just another in a long string of gun-grabber hoaxes. Psy-Op medai fakery.

        Diane Feinstein, right on cue, is saying, “Let’s just hurry up and take ‘em already. Our subjects shouldn’t be armed.”

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