Phil Robertson Stands Up For “In Jesus Name” After Network Deletes It From Prayer

A fascinating interview with Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson as he discusses the use of false bleeps, and how the A&E network edited out mention of Jesus during the familiar end of show family prayer.

n an interview with Sports Spectrum TV earlier this year that’s only recently gone viral, Phil Robertson admitted that fake bleeps were inserted into the show even though there was no cursing happening.

“The inserted fake bleeps … like somebody had used profanity, but no one had used profanity,” Robertson said. “I ask those guys that produce the show … ‘What’s the point of the fake bleeps?’”

…Robertson also said that the name Jesus has been cut out during the family’s prayer scene at the end of the show.

“So they would just have me saying, ‘Thank you Lord for the food, thank you for loving us. Amen.’ So I said, ‘Why would you cut out ‘In Jesus’ name?’ They said, ‘Well those editors are probably doing that. They just think that they don’t want to offend some of the Muslims or something.’”

Robertson said that since that conversation the show has been leaving “Jesus” in the show.

“So I notice now they are … leaving it in there, but you got to remember, spiritual warfare,” Robertson said. “I mean you have people with no moral compass, it ain’t there.”   LINK


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2 Comments to Phil Robertson Stands Up For “In Jesus Name” After Network Deletes It From Prayer
    • Kay112
    • Ulsterman, leaving Jesus out has been happening for many many years. I would dare say it was occurring in the ’80s too. I am surprised DD was able to have “In the name of Jesus” inserted in again. Jesus is a name the left fears and they have feared it many years.

      I was naturalized in ’86 and I recall back then you did not hear “Jesus” on tv unless it was a Sunday morning Christian show, etc..

      This hasn’t anything to do with Muslims.

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