EPIC FAILURE – Just “Hundreds” Signed Up For Obamacare So Far…

Last week some suggested the Obama White House was unwilling to state how many people actually enrolled in Obamacare following the online launch of the program.  This week, the Wall Street Journal explains a very possible reason as to why – the trillions dollar program has only attracted “hundreds” to sign up so far.




(via Wall Street Journal)

Software, Design Defects Cripple Health-Care Website

About 30 million uninsured people live in the states the federal marketplace will serve, including Texas and Florida.

So far, Web-traffic problems are allowing only a small trickle of buyers, said John Gorman, chief executive of Gorman Health Group, an insurance-industry consulting firm with clients selling policies on the exchanges.

Large insurers have seen enrollment figures totaling in the hundreds each, said Sumit Nijhawan, chief executive of Infogix Inc., a data-integrity firm that works with such insurers as WellPoint Inc., Aetna Inc. and Cigna Corp.

So far, many tens of thousands of people had started the application process but the number of those who were able to create accounts and shop for coverage is likely in the low thousands, according to people with knowledge of the situation and estimates by insurance-industry advisers.

The administration has declined to say the total number of enrollees.  LINK


In addition to the absurdly low numbers outlined in the Wall Street Journal report, the State of California, which initially boasted of a five million hits onto the state Obamacare website, has now revised that number downward to a far more modest 645,000.  It should be noted that number reflects people looking into the website out of curiosity or research, and not the number of people actually interested in signing up for Obamacare – that number is likely far lower.

And herein we find the miscalculation by the Obama administration when they repeated over and over again the “health care crisis” in America.  There NEVER WAS A HEALTHCARE CRISIS.  Union workers already have excellent coverage and thus, no interest in Obamacare.  Undocumented workers, whose numbers WERE being counted in the oft repeated “thirty million uninsured” figure, don’t wish to log into a government website to secure healthcare that is supposed to be given only to American citizens.  Then there are the young, who also have had little concern toward obtaining healthcare.  Millions more have been added to Social Security and Medicare already under Barack Obama – so again, have no need to look into Obamacare.

Add to this the fact that the healthcare law already protects preconditions, and allows children to remain on their parents plans well into their twenty’s, and that “thirty million” number dwindles even further.

Thus, the entire fabricated “healthcare crisis” is being revealed for the false premise it has always been.  That is why enrollment numbers are so low – the actual interest in obtaining healthcare coverage is nowhere near crisis level in America, despite the repeated lies and deceptions by the Obama administration and its Mainstream Media supporters.

That’s ok though, it’s just more trillions of dollars we don’t have that we didn’t need to spend.  Such is the norm in this Age of Obama…    -UM






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10 Comments to EPIC FAILURE – Just “Hundreds” Signed Up For Obamacare So Far…
    • VTX
    • I disagree that there is not a healthcare crisis, but I strongly agree with Conservative Congressmen that the solution is to be found in the Free Market – not in more government. That goes for the economy, too.

      Free the Markets!

    • E.A.B.
    • The majority of Americans don’t want Obamacare. Most of those who do want it don’t realize they have to sign up for it–they think it’s automatic.

      It’s a complete failure. Despicable to those who don’t want it, incomprehensible to those who do want it.

      It should never have been passed in the first place.

    • VTX
    • The Princess claims that there were tens of millions of people clogging the lines and internet, all clamoring for Obimbocare. Not really. Many just wanted to see if the hotline was real or not. 1-800-F-UCKYO. That’s an object of curiosity, nothing more. Like Sum Ting Wong and Wi To Lo.

      1-800-318-2596 is a real number, by the way. I called it. Only waited for the recording, one of the millions who called to see if the Obimbofinger was an actual working number for Obimbocare or someone getting punked. It is a working line – or was yesterday and the day before. I played it for people at the compound where I work at making illegal weapons and crystal meth. You know, like the Davidians.

      OT, but:
      The ATF’s just provided a creative rationale for silencing whistleblowers:
      “It’s bad for morale.”
      Who knew that the ATF had a nursery? From the sound of crying, it appears they do. I figured they’d have a China policy. One child. That would be Holder.


      Think the ATF can suppress the truth? Guess what? Someone will soon be making a movie – that the ATF won’t enjoy. Won’t be goon-porn this time, like Rules of Engagement: the Waco Ambush. No, this won’t be goon-porn. In any case, I offer the hotline number to the ATF and DEA as a personal gesture, in addition to waving it at the Whitehouse and the BFO (Diphylla Ecaudata.)

      “Dodson says “The Unarmed Truth” will come out in January, with or without the ATF’s permission.”

    • Elliott
    • Obama’s protection racket is falling on its face. This is pure Chicago thuggism. It won’t work unless they terrorize EVERYONE into it. Cruz, Lee, various Republican congressmen are the ones saying no extortion, no protection money. Harry Reid wealth extractor with his Senate henchmen (and media soldiers) sending out the “baseball bat” brigade to beat them up. They cannot beat EVERYONE up and they know it. So they try to terrorize everyone into paying up. Now everyone is realizing that the “collection system” of Obamacare is “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”. Goons and enforcers falling all over each other is no way to run an outfit. Putin showed that they are just a bunch of yapping Chihuahuas. Kick them when they are down and don’t let them get up.

      • VTX
      • Excellent comment!

        This is what REX 84 hoped to accomplish: an uprising, followed by tyranny. REX 84 was largely a reflex to the reaction to Kent State. The wannabee junta leaders (North et al) wanted to make sure that Washington was never threatened again.

        Washington is afraid – as it should be. It lives in luxury while we’re being dispossessed of our goods and our livelihoods – made worse by a stupid healthcare law that promises draconian fines for people who cannot afford to pay them, and punitive theft of property when the fines are unpaid when there’s no money to pay them.

        It’s one thing to try to start a riot on the basis of emotional immaturity and cultural stupidity (Rodney King riots, Trayvon demonstrations) but it’s another thing when one’s pride and property is purloined by corrupt officials, when our treasuries are broken by the indolent and the faux-disabled, and when our own elected officials are blindly willing to bankrupt us. (Harry Reed, are you hearin’ me?)

        The Princess thinks we’ll turn on the rich! No, sir. That’s not where our anger is directed, even those of us who are lower-class-middle-class. Our anger is at people who spend us out of house and home.

        It’ll be a fine day when Chitcago thugs are fleeing for their lives.

    • VTX
    • Further evidence that the healthcare implementation was delayed by FUXNET (as described by Lame Cherry.)


      This time, it’s our own Intel branches who are being effed with – which points to an external entity. Highly doubtful it’s an inside-job. I can think of one reason China might want to disrupt Obimbocare, and to plant a STUXNET type of virus in the system: Obimbocare will make us even less capable of paying what we owe.

      So the attacks on institutions could be to save us from ourselves? Interesting theory. No real evidence yet. But the fact is, to pay them back, we need free market reforms. Not just in healthcare insurance and healthcare in general.

      Perhaps the Chinese know this? Something has to be rumbling deep in their collective souls: to defeat us and watch as we turn into a miserable Communist tyranny, or to get paid back the money we owe them?

      The Obimbocare Failure to Launch and NSA attacks are likely linked. That’s high probability.

      • cobra
      • The chicoms know full well, that a communist/totalitarian society is far more likely to be an aggressor, than a constitutional country.
        So their interest may not to see us a totalitarian country, but a compliant one, enslaved in debt.
        On the other hand, it is possible the web failures to be just poor architecture.
        It is very easy to screw this up, from a technical standpoint.
        By the way, did anybody do a background check on the canadian company who did the system design for this?

    • VTX
    • Or…perhaps…..(oh, I see that my computer keeps buggering up – you know the reason)…maybe Mr. Snowden is doing something for the American people. Computer whiz that he is.

      Snowden v. Obimbocare

      Let’s see: which one am I rooting for?

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