Barack Obama Openly Threatens Dictatorship

Perhaps if his most recent statement was a one – off oddity, it could be more easily dismissed, but when Barack Obama threatened to a room full of political donors that he is prepared to simply bypass Congress and pass a whole “drawer full of good ideas”, it should give everyone pause.  Remember, this is the same man who is said to have told staff, “I’m good at killing people” according to a just released book by Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin.

(via Washington Times)

President Obama on Friday night continued throwing his entire second-term agenda against the wall to see what sticks, challenging Republicans to join him and support more federal spending, pass immigration reform and tackle other challenges.

But should the GOP stand in the way, the president indicated he’s willing to use executive orders to accomplish his aims.
“… We have a whole drawer full of good ideas. And some of them I can do on my own, administratively.”  LINK


Now by “good ideas” one must assume Barack Obama is talking about such disastrous policies such as Obamacare, that are now slated to kick tens of millions from their existing health plans and prevent them from seeing the doctor of their choice.  Or perhaps he is indicating his attempt to wage an illegal war against Syria?  Or his lessening of sanctions against nuclear bomb building Iran – something he did in secret.  Or his continued opposition to the Keystone Pipeline – something that would create thousands of high paying jobs and be SAFER for the environment than transporting oil via train or barge.  Then there are his TRILLIONS in deficit spending, the explosion of welfare programs, poverty rates rising, etc.

Yes indeed, so many “good ideas’, and now this president threatens to bring us more in the final years of his administration.

Lovely….     -UM




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39 Comments to Barack Obama Openly Threatens Dictatorship
    • Essa
    • What the sheeple don’t realize, is the devil they voted for was chosen to be the friendly face behind all the desolation being brought to bare against America. These measures via executive order are being administered in creeping increments as not to cause alarm, and for the time being, prevents an uprising, just as was done in Germany.

      It would not be a surprise if the secret take over program is called “The Final Solution”, for it seems the government is following the same blue print repeated time and time again throughout history.

      Sadly, at this time, the majority of people who voted for these thugs have not come to realize they have been played as useful idiots, who will soon be treated as useless eaters.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes, I’ve been posting this warning for a few years. Dearborn is pretty much an Islamic city now. One of the reasons it’s those states is Canada so close — they come down from there and also many came with the car industry, etc. It’s been the plot from day 1 to Islamitize America (by 2016 I read that Obama said). Shoebat said the Benghazi thing was also a try to blame Christians (video) and bring about more Islamic/Sharia laws in Europe/America which furthers their takeover plans. One of the main reasons Obama was installed as President is because of his Muslim ties that “they” need and black (to use the race card to quiet any criticism).

        If you missed my post previously, here is what an ex CIA agent said:

        Ex CIA agent, Jim Garrow says:

        “… the Obama administration is made up of Marxist Muslims who all take
        their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie
        Jarrett. Garrow said it is well known to intelligence agencies all over the world that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by ultra-rich Saudi nationals. This is why all of Obama’s education records have been permanently sealed.”

        ( )

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Today, CBS, 60 Minutes and Lara Logan came out with a retraction for using a man, a Brit, in their Benghazi story as a witness who told two different versions of his story….one that he went to help and a second that he had not gone to help that he had supposedly told to the FBI. That the press is making such hay over the retraction and a possible lie the man explained is laughable in light of our daily bread…the president’s LIES that cannot even be cataloged they are so multitudinous…
      ….To watch the likes of Dana Millbank and Howie Kurtz, propaganda clowns–, now on Fox, feign outrage over the story is laughable,….were is not so worthy of the old Soviet Union propaganda machine…
      Perhaps Roger Ailes now takes those threats more seriously…by his new hires (Jarrett’s niece Toni Cook) and guests, one would think so…

      BENGHAZI…. the stain that cannot be washed away, nor forgotten…. by the American people…
      BENGHAZI is the insight into Obama that reveals his actions and his plan for America…Benghazi is a view into Obama’s crystal ball…It shouts BEWARE.

      Why did the president LIE…and supply a false narrative, -an excuse, an alibi–and use the video as the excuse for AlAqaeda’s actions? They are a terrorist organization from whom we expect terrorist behaviour — so why the need to explain away the reason for the terrorist’s behaviour in Benghazi — to explain the attack as related to the video? The need to blame the Coptic Christian who made the video… as the direct reason for the attack –the terrorism ? Were the Coptic Christians, who are being slaughtered across the Middle East, to be blamed for their own slaughter? Is the holocaust of Christians in the Middle East to be viewed as righteous murder because of that video?

      Explain Why the terrorists were recorded saying “don’t shoot?” Dr. Morsi sent us”?

      Why no interest in getting to and saving Ambassador Stevens? Obama sent no rescue team.

      Why haven’t Brennan, McDonough nor Donilon been called to account for their actions the night of the attack when it’s been widely reported they sat in the situation room with Obama watching the attack on live feed ?

      Ambassador Stevens was not in the loop on missile and arms transfers to AlQaeda. Is that why they made no effort to save him. Are the reports true that Stevens met secretly with Senator Inhoef to tell of the illegal arms (40,000 surface to air missiles with Manpads) transfers? Was this Fast and Furious II? Is Obama arming all of America’s enemies for our destruction?

      WHY did the president NOT authorize a team to rescue the Missisng USA Ambassador Stevens..and never did send a team looking for a missing USA Ambassador-instead waiting ….WAITING to hear he was dead? Obama only spoke to Hillary once that night…to tell her of the dead Ambassador Stevens. Only then did they speak….confirmation only. Mission accomplished ….

      WHY did the president say he authorised a rescue but Never signed a CBA CROSS BORDER AUTHOTITY…which only the CinC can do and was not done.

      Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer starts to say the words WM…D?
      Were WMD stolen out of Benghazi? Were those the biowarfare used in Syria ….that Obama blamed Assad for….and tried to take the USA to war for? Were they actually the WMD Obama was transferring into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and their agents AlQaeda??

      • Mark Anderson
      • RE: Are the reports true that Stevens met secretly with Senator Inhoef to tell of the illegal arms (40,000 surface to air missiles with Manpads) transfers?
        OK, now Imhofe’s son is dead in a plane crash. Coincidence or warning? Just like Issa’s home was broken into, Roberts was blackmailed, and on and on.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful

      Many reasons why America is getting PO’ed
      1. I will have the most transparent administration.
      2. I have Shovel ready jobs.
      3. The IRS is not targeting anyone.
      4. If four Americans get killed, it is not optimal.
      5. ObamaCare will be good for America.
      6. You can keep your family doctor.
      7. Premiums will be lowered by $2500
      8. You can keep your current healthcare plan
      9. Just shop around, for that healthcare I claimed you wouldn’t lose.
      9A. I did not say you could keep your health care. (Regardless that 29 recorded videos show I did)
      9B. ObamaCare will not be offered to illegal immigrants.
      9C. ObamaCare will not be used to fund abortions.
      9D. ObamaCare will cost less than 1 Trillion Dollars.
      10. No one making under $250,000 will see their taxes raised one dime.
      11. It was about a movie.
      12. If I had a son.
      13. I am not a dictator.
      14. I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
      15.You didn’t build that.
      16. I will restore trust in Government.
      17. The Cambridge police acted stupidly.
      18. I am not after your guns.
      19. The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. The BO of (2006)
      20. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics.
      21. I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.
      22.The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk
      23. It’s not my red line it is the worlds red line.
      24. Whistle blowers will be protected.
      25. We got back Every Dime we Used to Rescue the Banks, with interest.
      26. I will close Gitmo.
      27. The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t, but she is a typical white person
      28. I am not spying on American citizens.
      28A. I am good at killing people.
      29. I Barrack Hussain Obama pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
      And now I can add yet still another lie. I am sorry you all are losing your healthcare.
      Obama voters, here’s your sign…

      The Corruption and Lies of KING Obama

      Fast & Furious
      SEAL Team 6
      Obamacare would save the avg family $2500 per year
      Forcing businesses to violate their religious beliefs
      Violating the rights and sanctity of our Churches
      Obamacare web site-cronyism
      NSA acting as Obama Gestapo
      17 Trillion in debt
      Lies about Benghazi
      Voter fraud
      Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during the sequester
      Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during govt shutdown
      Blocking veterans from seeing their own memorials
      Allowing illegals on mall during govt shutdown
      Shutting down ‘The Peoples House’ tours
      We can keep our insurance if we like it
      We can keep our doctors if we like them
      Military not getting their votes counted
      Supporting the Muslim
      Brotherhood with arms and money
      DOJ spying on the free press
      Not securing our borders
      Spying on Americans on American soil with drones
      Picking winners and losers
      IRS targeting conservatives
      IRS targeting the Tea Party
      Millions losing health care coverage
      Increasing welfare rolls
      Increasing disability rolls
      Countless party’s
      Countless exorbitant vacations
      Releasing illegal’s from prison
      Unconstitutional recess appointment
      NO budget for 5 years
      Clapper lying to congress
      Holder lying to congress
      Failing to prosecute the New Black PantherReading our e-mail
      War on women
      Promoting race war
      War between makers and takers
      A123 Systems
      Cash for clunkers failure
      Trayvon Martin
      Infanticide supporter
      Abortion supporter

    • Essa
    • When our Veterans (bless them) and the public were being kept away from the people’s monuments, they should have built gallows out of the barriers. In all my life I have never seen such lawlessness, selfishness, apathy, and slothfulness as is being perpetrated by the ruling class. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      Hopefully there will be a big shakeup during the 2014 midterms. When the employer mandate expires, that is when the real fireworks will begin.

      P.S. That list really should be posted everywhere.

      • Mark Anderson
      • Try living in or near a city that has a black mayor and city council, i.e., Detroit, Atlanta, DC. Since 1972, I have watched the black carpetbaggers come down here from up north, get themselves elected mayor and/or public officials like the school board, and rape and pillage Atlanta and its environs…not that the few native black mayors were any better….limo liberals all…especially liberal in helping themselves to public funds and self aggrandizement. Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee, etal, on the national level are no better, either. They are cut from the same cloth. I think we can strike the word,”class,” from the sentence because there is none. You can take some of the blacks out of the ghetto, but you cannot take the ghetto out of the blacks.

    • VTX
    • I have a question that I’d like everyone who reads this to think about. Just to frame this, remember that, historically, there were very few in Europe who stood up as Jews were led away and herded onto cattle cars and driven into ghettos. Young George Soros watched, unashamed, as his fellow Jews were sent off to be slaughtered. He has admitted that he feels no sense of remorse for his activities, for what he saw, for what he – as a middle-teenager – didn’t do.

      Imagine the Department of Homeland Security comes into your neighborhood; they surround the house next door, kicking it down – shots are fired, there is screaming, a dog is killed. This is a black family, Christians. Or perhaps the household is Jewish, and they are practicing Jews. Or the household consists of Tea Party patriots, honorable people who work hard and play by the rules. Or the household has Muslims who keep to themselves and don’t make trouble. Does it matter who it is?

      Will you sit silently and watch as they take the family away in a military sweep? Will you sit and wonder in fear that you may be next?

      Or will you rationalize the event: “they were Liberals” or Conservatives or atheists, or they must have done something wrong to deserve being taken away. Apply whatever label you prefer. How will you rationalize it when your neigbors are taken away by goons, never to be seen again?

      This question is for you, George Bush, who sees fit to throw hot coals on the Tea Party, most of whom were Christians praying for you and your administration; this question is for you, Nancy Pelosi, who has demonized Conservatives and the Tea Party – and for you, Barack Obama, who thinks that some of us are subhuman.

      And this question is for all of us: who will we rise up and defend when they come? Who will shelter the innocent? Who will resist the goon squads? And will they be coming for you? Right now, it appears that they’ll be coming for us, Conservative Christians.

      I know as a Christian that I will resist the neighborhood sweeps, when they come, where people are rousted in the middle of the night and taken away in dark vehicles, to be put on trains or on busses. We should die to prevent such things, no matter who they’re taking away. We still have a Constitution. Just barely.

      I remember being 11 years old, watching as people boasted about how they’d resist the Nazis, if they’d been Germans! They’d have stopped them!

      Oh. Really? What will you think, what will you do, when they come again, like a flock of demented vultures, all in black, sinister and with great authority? What will you do? And for whom will you stand? For whom will you turn your gaze? Whose cries of despair will you ignore?

      If that happens, the Constitution, will have been removed as our guiding principle of government, will no longer be in force. So in whose name will you resist, even if you do? Or will you, as a Christian, stand up for the Constitution – a document made for Christians by Christians?

      Where do you stand? WILL you stand? Decide now, because the hour grows near!

      • ShainS
      • I was ready to participate in some organized action/response to the 1993 mass murders by the Federal Mafia in Waco, but nobody stepped up — had I the requisite resources and ability, I would have — to do anything about that travesty and the ensuing coverup/lies.

        I knew then that the America I believed in and loved was dead …

        “From my cold, dead hands!”

    • Essa
    • An article posted at Canada Free Press reminds us all why we do not want Chris Christie who is the next elite puppet in line to be chosen as the 2016 Republican straw man nominee for President. I refuse ever again to vote for the lesser of two evils, because both him and Hillary are equal in that regard.

      It will be just like the Romney straw man nomination, with the state run media setting up the straw man to be burned. Poof…….

    • truthandjustice
    • Another appropriate article for this thread re goals of Ocare:

      “First, it is vital to understand that the ACA is not now, nor never was, about providing affordable health care. It is merely disguised as such. Rather, it is the vehicle that is being covertly used to conduct the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that this nation has ever experienced. It is being done methodically and for a specific purpose. It is the vehicle that will ultimately disassemble and destroy significant parts of the United States Constitution and further enslave United States citizens.

      Presently, all eyes are on the ostensible failures of the internet gateway or ACA website. This is precisely where the Obama regime and globalist handlers want our focus to be. The reason is that they want us to get caught up in the minutia and not see the bigger picture. But it’s a failure, you might say, and ascribe the failure to incompetence, graft, and so on. While generally true, we are being forced to examine only one tentacle of the octopus, while the rest of the creature is being hidden from view.

      So what is the real plan, the real objective? Moreover, how are they racing to accomplish their objectives? You are seeing it play out right in front of you, and there is no better example than the alleged failings of the internet based exchange or portal of the health care system. First, it is critical to understand that the internet exchange or website was intended to fail.

      Employing multiple Marxist methods

      To understand what you are seeing unfold, one simply has to understand the Hegelian Dialectic. Simply put, it is a method where a crisis or problem is manufactured, and that problem causes chaos within the system. This chaos was intentionally orchestrated by the Obama regime and their globalist handlers, and is exactly what we are now witnessing. The success of ObamaCare is, in part, dependent on the failure of the website and the resultant chaos.

      Now that chaos surrounding the website exists and “threatens” the entire program, it is important to understand that the architects of this massive power transfer have already created a number of various predetermined solutions to advance their objectives. Their ultimate objective is to completely nationalize the entire health care industry of the United States, thus completely taking over one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Their goal all along has been to implement a single-payer system, where the federal government alone collects all fees for health care services, pays all costs, and has complete control.

      Therefore, it is by design that the Obama regime and their handlers have thrust upon America the very system of failure that will advance their agenda to a predetermined solution of the complete takeover and nationalization of the private health care industry. Nearly everyone is playing right into the hands of this Marxist ideology.

      But that’s not all. In addition to employing the Hegelian Dialectic, the other Marxist method is detailed in the Cloward-Piven Strategy. This strategy was formulated by Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the husband and wife team working as professors at Columbia University in the 1960s. Their diabolical Marxist plan was first detailed in the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation magazine.

      Their strategy is elegant in its evilness and simplicity. As detailed by David Horowitz, the goal is to “hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. It is the strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.”

      End game objectives

      ObamaCare is the Pandora’s Box that will facilitate a number of objectives dear to the globalists. It will result in an unprecedented consolidation of power to the Executive Branch of the government.

      It will serve to essentially nullify the Bill of Rights, subjugating the citizens of the United States to offenses more egregious than those that caused the American Revolution. It will give the federal government (and its agents) direct access to all of your private and personal information, including your health records, your personal financial information, and your employment records. It will also serve as a conduit to abolish your right to own and possess a firearm.

      It will advance eugenics, or population control that is near and dear to the Fabian Socialists from which this regime has its roots.
      ObamaCare will also serve as a tool of economic sabotage and will facilitate the killing of the U.S. dollar as I have previously detailed. It will thereby provide the means to usher in a system of global governance, or the “New World Order” that so many U.S. presidents and world leaders have advocated.

      While the conservative leaders and pundits continue to keep you attentive to the failures of the ObamaCare website, please understand that the issue is much bigger, and the stakes are much greater. We’re in a fight for our very lives and the liberty provided by our constitution, but we’re being played. Don’t fall for it. Think bigger.

      Pray. Prepare.”

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • From Shoebat…

      President Obama’s Brother On The Run from Kenya?

      by Shoebat Foundation on November 12, 2013 in Blog, General
      When Kenyan authorities attempted to serve Malik Obama, he could not be located

      Note: This guest column was written by the man who filed Complaint No. 1761 with the office of Egypt’s Attorney General in which Malik Obama is accused of supporting terrorism in Egypt. Our decision to post Dr. Ebeid’s column should not be interpreted as an endorsement of all of his views.

      By Sadek Raouf Ebeid, MD
      Egyptian Air Force Officer / U.S. Physician

      When I filed a case with the Egyptian AG, Mr. Hisham Barakat, requesting the eventual placement of Barack Obama’s elder brother, Malik Obama, on the wanted list, the promptness of his response actually did not surprise me.

      Egypt’s Attorney General: Hisham Barakat
      In my judgment, this did not merely reflect the efficiency of my lawyer, Dr. Ahmed ElGanzory. It indicated that this case resonated well with the feelings of the majority of moderate Muslims in the Arab world.

      One has to admit that there are two distinct understandings of Islam.

      A moderate, peaceful understanding of Islam that is lead by the Egyptian Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmed el-Tayeb, an Egyptian Sheikh, who has studied philosophy in Paris and is currently the head of Al Azhar Mosque. I am proud to be the first to nominate el-Tayeb for the Nobel peace prize, for his role in spreading the moderate understanding of Islam, referred to in Arabic as “Al Islam Al Wasati”.

      The majority of the thirty-three million Egyptians who flooded the streets of Egypt in June 2013 were predominantly moderate Muslims.

      While some political commentators may continue to argue whether this event was a coup or a revolution, any objective historian will admit that it was a human earthquake. It was a human earthquake that shook the ground of the Middle East, taking the Arab world out of the dark ages and into the Arab renaissance.

      More than ever, Egyptians adhered to the moderate version of Islam, (Al Islam Al Wasati). This version is symbolized by the Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb. He was the man whom the military Generals in Egypt consulted with and whose blessings were obtained, while etching into stone, the post-revolution road map.

      In contrast to the earlier teachings of Egypt’s deposed president Morsi, who was recorded in 2010, saying that Arabs need to nurse their children on hatred of the Jews, Egypt’s pending constitution has a third amendment guaranteeing the right of Jews to practice their faith in Egypt.

      While the moderate team is easier to identify, the opposing team tends to be more illusive.

      In the real world, terrorists do not carry terrorists ID’s. They comprise a franchise with many trademarks.

      The ones who detonated a bomb at the World Trade Center, the ones who carried out the September 11th attacks, and the Boston Marathon bombers all look different. Yet, all have the same fingerprints.

      Those fingerprints were identified at the International Criminal Court in 2008 by a three-judge committee. It led to the indictment of a man named General Omar al-Bashir, of war crimes and crimes against humanity. So far, to most Americans, this may seem to be a foreign matter that does not affect the security of their American homeland.

      Even to many homeland security experts, the matter was overlooked. Few today remember that the U.S. Military was at war with al-Bashir. The U.S. Air Force has bombed Jihadists camps in Sudan.

      It successfully bombed al-Bashir’s pharmaceutical factories that – according to US intelligence was making chemical weapons. The Clinton administration stood behind the decision to do so. William Cohen, Secretary of Defense at the time, justified the attacks, saying “dozens of terrorists were killed” and that Osama bin Laden had been at that very location hours earlier.

      What has that got to do with the two Obama brothers, Malik & Barack?

      Here is the answer:

      Recently, Egypt’s only lady to ever sit on the Supreme court bench in the Arab world, Judge Tahani el-Gibally (al-Jebali) has made a declaration that has shaken all Egyptians & International observers worldwide. Per her testimony that we included in case 1761 that I filed on August, 24th 2013, she confirmed what prominent investigative reporters in the US have published earlier.

      The Shoebat Foundation (SHOEBAT.COM) has published photos & indisputable evidence that a gentleman by the name of Malik Obama, is serving as the right arm of General al-Bashir.

      Photos of Malik Obama participating in an al-Bashir-sponsored organization are now on the desk of Egypt’s A.G., Hisham Barakat, which seeks to question Malik.

      Soon after the case was filed, ElGanzory was permitted to serve Malik Obama with papers. He did so at the Kenyan embassy. Recently, after being called back to the embassy, the papers were returned to ElGanzory with a message that Malik is not in Kenya at this time and could not be served. ElGanzory was told Malik is in the U.S. I expect the next course of action to be that papers will be presented to the American embassy so that Malik can be properly served.

      The Egyptian judicial system will not be intimidated by who Malik Obama’s brother is. While the writer of this article is proud to be a U.S. physician who deeply respects the USA, he cannot change history. Egypt had a high court in place when Christopher Columbus was still lost on the high seas.

      While the US is definitely a major power politically, financially & militarily, Egypt’s deep-rooted judicial system is a lethal weapon of its own. It has already brought two of its own presidents to trial.

      Bringing the brother of another country’s sitting president will not be an uphill battle!

      In America today, the judicial and legislative branches have both failed their own people.

      These branches have failed to identify or acknowledge a basic fact: The very brother of the commander in chief of the US Army is an enemy combatant.

      On what grounds am I stating that Malik Obama is an enemy combatant?

      Here are the facts:

      The International Criminal Court has already indicted al-Bashir in 2008 & 2010 on charges related to terrorism, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.
      Egypt’s AG case 1761 has already highlighted the close ties & working relationship between Malik Obama and Omar al-Bashir.
      A U.S. federal court has already ruled that a driver who drove Bin Laden’s car has met the legal definition of supplying material support. (Malik Obama did much more than drive Omar elBashirs car!)
      I concede that no one should hold a younger brother responsible for his elder brother’s crimes or affiliations (the first brother being Barack and the second being Malik).

      Unless, of course, we have convincing evidence that Barack has also supported his elder brother Malik, in any form or manner.

      At this point I will have to refer to the evidence that was published earlier by America’s top investigative reporters, on the SHOEBAT.COM and the Ben Barrack radio show.

      They have already published and disclosed documents showing that Mr. Malik Obama has already received unprecedented tax-exempt status, in a record time, from Obama’s IRS administration.

      Lois Lerner, who gave Malik Obama the green light to collect money from the American citizens and funnel it to his shady organizations, was eventually questioned in Congress earlier this year. Her lawyer advised her to run for the nearest fire exit – the one labeled fifth amendment!

      Will one brave congressman have the courage to open an inquiry re the Malik Obama case? We already know of at least one who seems to be more than convinced that the charges are legitimate; his name is Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA).

      During such an inquiry, it will be interesting to see how many senior Obama officials will be crowded around the “fifth amendment fire exit”.

      I can already hear Rep. Louie Goumhert (R-TX), asking several members of the Obama’ regime the following questions:

      “Where were you when Lois Lerner gave an enemy combatant a license to send American money overseas?”

      “Did you deliberately look the other way, or were you genuinely asleep on the job?”

      Finally, this article is not meant to alert Americans about a minor error in judgment by a U.S. president. I am not hurricane chaser, nor a presidential scandals paparazzi.

      This is not about a trivial action of secretly wiretapping a political opponent’s office as was the case in Watergate!

      It is not even about a simple sex-scandal that happened on (or under) a desk in the oval office!

      This is about a sitting American president aiding an enemy combatant.

      This enemy combatant is his own brother.

      The indisputable evidence was initially brought forward by two American investigative reporters Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack. It was subsequently reported on by World Net Daily’s Dr. Jerome Corsi.

      The evidence is now supported by the testimony of the Egyptian Supreme court Justice, Tahani el-Gibally.

      The definition of an enemy combatant has already been confirmed by the U.S. federal courts.

      As an Egyptian Air Force officer myself, I know first hand that the affiliations of any military commander in chief is a matter of utmost military importance.

      The great men in uniform, of the United States Army, do not deserve any less. They are brave men who deserve brave, honest answers.

      On November 7th, 2013, the office of the Egyptian AG issued an order (No. 245) demanding the inclusion of the investigative wing of Egypt’s National Security Department regarding the activities of Mr. Malik Obama (part of his office’s ongoing investigation re: case 1761, filed on my behalf earlier, by Dr. Ahmed Nabil ElGanzory, on August 24th, 2013).

      The U.S. congress has yet to consider whether the affiliations of the chief commander of the US army, with enemy combatants, is a matter worthy of a congressional inquiry.

      The current state of affairs can only leave the Egyptian-American author of this article wondering:

      “Which of the two countries should be classified as a third world country?”

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      Ken Starr calls attention to Christian Persecution

    • Jules
    • And, friends,be not afraid.

      Fall on your knees and pray. Keep the greatest, most important law, that of love, in your hearts. HIS yoke is mild, your burden light. (Really in the ‘grand scheme of things’)

      And to you, WHI, we all know you are still, still, a Democrat with a capital ‘D’! It shows, pal, it shows!

    • VTX
    • LC keeps mentioning FUXNET – the virus that has…ahem…attenuated the ACA. While others think this is part of a strategy, I see it as a sign of hope. Aside from the fact that our own national defenses are similarly threatened, that is. That’s the bad part. We need Intel and we need the DOD. What we don’t need is for them to be sabotaged.

      But when the Excrementive Branch – (which is actually a gentler way to put it) – decides to run around Congress and over the Constitution and over the living, breathing bodies of Americans, and when it attempts to centralize all power, the danger is to the dictator. Hitler did the very same thing – made everything run through him (though in this bunch, it all runs through the slimy fingers of the Bat Faced One, Valerie Jarrett and her batlings.) D-Day worked because of the centralization of power.

      Subversion and sabotage is so much easier when power is centralized and decisions have to be made from the top. Let Princess Teabagger – Barry the Bumbler – try running a central dictatorship with piles of Presidential Excremental Ordure! The sabotage you see in FUXNET is a small taste of the effluence yet to be let loose.

      And, as Lame Cherry also noted, it is quite amazing how the press fails to observe this! Perhaps, as LC suggests, they might be next? (I can almost guarantee that this will eventually be the case.) The Gray Lady – (or is it now the Gay Lady?) – will suffer a total meltdown, and they’ll be punching on old manual typewriters, if they can even open the building. Same with the Texas billionaire’s stupid media empire – (which came out in favor of the inexpeerienced, incompetent, vile McAuliffe.)

      Adn then there’s DHS. When they get FUXNETED, a lot of interesting things will happen: they’ll show up at Feinstein’s residence “mistakenly” and they’ll send the DEA after Meghan “the Fat McCain,” and systems will go offline and online and back again, and they won’t even get shipments of toilet paper to the right locations, (leaving some DHS facilities literally up to their necks in Obama.) They will be sent to wrong locations, bumbling and stumbling and making everybody turn on them as if they were a foreign entity. Which, in truth, they now are. They are no longer Americans.

      Failure is what centralizing power is and does. Best way to defeat an enemy is to make him think he’s got centralized control. And these bastards are so arrogant, so cocksure, they’ll find themselves at the mercy of a single keyboard, owned and operated by a single disaffected Patriot who still believes in the Constitution.

      FUXNET you, Princess Teabagger.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes, then if that is the case, what’s your guess about Single Payer & further plans? I assume that would mean Single Payer site wouldn’t work either & I assume they would know about this virus? Or do they think it still can be fixed? And why wouldn’t people like Hagmann not think about the possibility of sabotage – think he would mention that at least, especially if it’s so obvious b/c of the other site that was recently made by those guys in SF. All this evil “intrigue” is just too much….sheesh!

        • truthandjustice
        • And why don’t they just say they’ve determined it’s a horrible virus and blame the Repubs., Tea Party & are investigating, etc. – they don’t need truth to say what they do and the lowfos will believe anything they say, etc. if nothing else?

          • VTX
          • T&J,

            All good questions – and I’ll start by saying that I still believe that Single Payer is the end-goal for Obamacare. I agree with Haggmann on most things – except this. I’ll try to make some sense of why my position has changed, with respect to Haggman’s views:

            1. FUXNET wasn’t part of the plan to usher in Single Payer because FUXNET has given people both the time and the opportunity to see this thing as it is, and to come to a universal conclusion: it’s a disaster. Whomever put this virus into the system is a patriot, because it kept the public’s eye on the broken promises, and gave people time to compare notes and costs. Had the ACA gone through smoothly, the press would have covered up the millions of complaints and dismissed them as UFO sightings.

            2. This type of virus is frightening – to the Establishment, especially. They are not going to admit that this could be done, just as they’re strangely silent on the obvious issue of the fires at the NSA facility, caused by a similar form of sabotage. (Not sure if the two are linked, though.) Not only that, but most people don’t know about STUXNET, don’t know its capabilities, and don’t know that a variation was used to compromise the election. To admit that this is possible – FUXNET – is to admit that computer elections can be faked. No way they’re gonna admit that.

            3. No offense to Hagmann – he’s got mostly good info, but there are parts where his sources are not deep enough. I never rely upon single-source material, and do my own research – because the possibility of being led down a false path is too easy. The only way back to the True Trail (ever done any Hash Runs?) is to acknowledge that the path isn’t the right one – while acknowledging that the main thrust is accurate.

            4. This hails back to my answer #3: they’d love to blame the Tea Party if they could, but that would just be swinging wildly – and it might actually give the Tea Party a legendary status above what it already has. Remember Ted Cruz, openly worrying that people might like Obumblingcare? That it had to be stopped before people became more addicted to government? Shows he wasn’t involved. The GOP might have been, but most of them were just – in the Senate anyway – folding their hands and giving up.

            5. Bill Clinton just said that the President should keep his promise. This is a signal that the whitehouse is owning this in a very bad way, and that there is no fix. Clinton is admitting one thing: that the promise was broken, but what he is also saying is that the system is effed up so badly with FUXNET, it cannot be fixed. Have you seen the numbers? Statistically speaking, there are no enrollees – too small to even count as a percentage, if in fact they even exist.

            6. They may still try Single Payer, but Americans trust the government even less than they did before this thing was rolled out, and Single Payer would be an even bigger liability, as it assumes total control and would end up costing millions of jobs in the insurance industry (which are already going to take a hit.)

            7. On #6: yes, this could be a case where they’ve set up insurance companies to fail – no old insurance plans available, no Obumblingcare, no cash flow. It’s like when a vulture picks the rectum of a calf and causes it to become sick and die – then eats the carcass. There it proceeds: no insurance companies? Single Payer takes over, using Medicare as their model. That was my early assessment – but this thing has a different timeline. Could be a miscalculation, but I don’t think so.

            8. Along with Clinton – as I’d predicted – a lot of people like McCaskill are fleeing from their past support of Obumblingcare. Too late for most of them, but I predicted this was going to happen. Did Hagmann?

            9. The Flight of the Devilbees (Devilcrats) isn’t just about the broken promise, but about the fact that they know they’ll NEVER get the system up and running, not until they destroy every hard drive they have. And as LC says, the virus can be reinserted with a single intrusion. They can’t just hire McAfee or use Norton.

            But my point on this thread to which you responded? It was mostly that the tendency to over-centralize power is a strategic mistake. As for the progenitor of this virus: more likely this is another Snowden – and I promise you, there are a lot of disaffected young people who work in such agencies who fear the same things you and I fear.

            • truthandjustice
            • ok but if they know this virus can be/would be used again, wouldn’t that mean if they went to Single Payer, it would be used there too & have the same fate of not working? Or is that a different deal? Would “they” also infect the Medicare stuff or whatever? No? What other things could this thwart? Could still call martial law, etc., right?
              Yes, agree about the centralized power problem for them.

            • AmericaTheBeautiful
            • Bravo VTX…

              General chaos…overload the system…Cloward and Piven…

              BatFaced-One has put her trained and educated monkeys in positions of power and control…If she is the control cog, she needs to be removed …along with the wall, Holder

            • Montanagal
            • One other thing that I’d like to add is that LC called this before it even happened. Approximately a week and a half before Obamacare signups started. He told us through his blog that FUXNET was going to occur, and it did. It’s definitely a virus.

    • VTX
    • The fat-ass First Chupacabra – centralizing her pet projects – shows how easy it is for Centralizers to step in their own poo.

      Basically, Michelle got money for her project directly from food assistance programs. People who are getting less money for food need only look at the bulbous one to blame.

      “As you dig into your Butterball with all the trimmings this Thanksgiving, remember that millions of famished schoolkids around America may be forced to forgo classic turkey — and chow down instead on vegan black-bean patties and organic locavore quinoa salad.

      On Nov. 1, sizable cuts were gouged into the federal food-stamp program (or, as it’s now called, SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which feeds 47.6 million people, or nearly one in six Americans. In the city, 1.9 million folks get the bulk of their Jell-O and Campbell’s Soup from stamps.

      But news has spread among the poor, like leafy green vegetables, that it wasn’t heartless Republicans who triggered the cuts.

      Rather, some of the food-stamp cash was snatched to pay for Michelle Obama’s pet project, Let’s Move. What?

      It’s come to this. Some 76 million meals a year will vanish from this city — poof! — partly because the president diverted money from SNAP to the first lady’s signature program, part of her Let’s Move anti-obesity initiative — the bean-sprout-heavy, $4.5 billion Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

      The rest of the $5 billion annual food-stamp cuts was taken when 2009 stimulus funds dried up. But with ObamaCare woes stealing the oxygen in Washington, there’s little urgency to replace dandelion greens served on recyclable trays with family-friendly buttered mashed potatoes.

      Right now, the country’s poorest families of four are seeing food-stamp allotments cut from $668 a month to $632. It may not sound like much, but understand that $36 is enough to buy a truckload of Kool-Aid and ramen noodles. (Lose the noodles if the Food and Drug Administration succeeds in banning trans fats.)

      How did this happen?

      Hunger activists are livid. In fact, the cuts will bring on no less than civil unrest, according to the head of the Food Bank for New York City.

      “If you look across the world, riots always begin typically the same way: when people can’t afford to eat food,” Margarette Purvis, Food Bank president and CEO, told

      “We were told, you know, by the president . . . these cuts will not happen,” she said.

      “Well, guess what. No one has restored that money.”

      “It is bad policy to take away a child’s dinner and put it in his lunch,” Triada Stampas, director of government relations for the Food Bank, told me.

      An administration source told me that the president wants to fund SNAP and healthy lunches in the latest budget, both of which he finds important. But getting it past Congress seems unlikely.

      The great food grab began in 2010, when President Obama, with Michelle and US Department of Agriculture honchos at his side, signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. At the time, he admitted taking cash from one pocket to feed the other.

      “Some of the funding [for the lunch program] comes from rolling back temporary increases in food-stamp benefits,” he said, starting in the fall of 2013.

      “I’m committed to working with [Congress] to restore these funds in the future.”

      It proved to be magical thinking.

      Part of the problem is that the food-stamp program has grown like wildfire under Obama — to $80 billion last year, with a more than 70 percent increase in recipients just since 2008. Do they all need the help?

      Hunger activists have lately rolled out hard-luck cases to the media, like grandmother Katherine McKinnon, who became a single mom of three after her daughter died.

      McKinnon was last seen on CNN, walking the streets of New York hunting for cans to sell for a nickel apiece.

      “No matter how people look at you, keep your head up,” she said.

      Things will get even tighter. The Republican-controlled House wants to cut $39.9 billion over the next ten years from stamps under the farm bill now being negotiated, by eliminating fraud and asking able-bodied recipients to work or join jobs programs.

      The Democrat-controlled Senate, which has asked for no such provisions, wants to cut $4.5 billion.

      Maybe a good source for food money is the school-lunch program, as kids around the nation rise up against government-approved grub.

      One school district’s kids said it “tastes like vomit.”

      Ending obesity is a laudable goal. But cardboard lunches should never replace Christmas ham or Hanukkah chicken soup. Stop moving — and sit down.”,d.dmg

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • The massacre of Christians…not a word from the evil Muslim.

      Ken Starr calls attention to Christian Persecution
      Ken Starr calls attention to Christian Persecution
      by Shoebat Foundation on November 11, 2013 in Blog, General
      Perhaps best known for his leading the investigation of Bill Clinton which led to the latter’s impeachment, Kenneth Starr is now the President of Baylor University. Starr recently wrote a column in which he called for the protection of Christians in the Middle East.

      Ken Starr: touting study of Christianity and Freedom.
      Via the Dallas Morning News:

      Christians in the broader Middle East, it seems, are in the crosshairs. In September, two Taliban suicide bombers rushed All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan, as worshippers exited. One exploded his bomb outside, one inside. Eighty-two people were slaughtered. In March, two churches and about 100 Christian homes were ransacked in Lahore.

      Today, millions of Christians and other religious minorities are facing vile persecution. Many Christians are struggling to escape from the countries where their ancestors have lived for two millennia. The human tragedy unfolding in these countries is profoundly disturbing. But the tragedy extends beyond the suffering of individuals and families.

      Next month in Rome, Georgetown University, in partnership with Baylor University, will showcase the findings of a two-year study on Christianity and freedom. Three dozen scholars will assemble to discuss what Christians have contributed to freedom and prosperity in their own countries, and, implicitly, what will be lost if those countries are emptied of their Christian populations.

      The countries include Egypt, where the holy family fled when Jesus was a baby. Many Christians now are exiting Egypt in the wake of the badly misnamed “Arab Spring.” In August alone, scores of churches were torched, some of them dating to the fifth century.

      They include Syria, Paul’s destination when he was called by Jesus. Today, many Syrian Christians have fled, fearing the prospects of an Islamist regime. One village, Maaloula, is one of the last places on Earth where Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken. In September, it was overrun by Islamist terrorists.

      In Iraq, Christians once enjoyed a fragile stability under Saddam Hussein, but since his fall they have been targets of fierce persecution. The Christian presence in Iraq, as elsewhere, is rapidly diminishing. {emphasis ours}

      Starr goes on to talk about how the U.S. does not help Christians in the Middle East for fear it might alienate Muslims. In macro-terms, that may be right but in micro-terms, real people are being slaughtered and the politics of it are secondary. Real people need to be rescued from persecution, torture and death. Heavy hearts must be replaced with urgent action.

      We appreciate Starr drawing attention to this matter but focusing on the findings of a two-year study during which more than 300,000 Christians were slaughtered for their beliefs highlights a different problem. We need action, not academic experts gathered together for two years to research how Christianity and freedom are compatible. The irony is that Islam and freedom areincompatible and it doesn’t take rocket scientists to reach that conclusion.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Their Nazi roots…

      Why Did So Many Wanted Nazis Convert To Islam?
      November 11, 2013 By Giulio Meotti 26 Comments


      There are Nazi grafts in Arab-Islamic terrorism.

      At the top of the most wanted list of the Simon Wiesenthal Center there is a man who today would be one hundred years old. His name is Alois Brunner and he is responsible for the deaths of over 130,000 Jews. The Nazi hunters still place him in Syria, where he was last seen in 2001, protected by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

      Brunner was one of the most zealous ideologues and officials of the “Final Solution,” the plan for the extermination of the Jews. The idea haunted him to the point that in 1985 he said to the German magazine Bunte: “I regret that I didn’t finish the job.”

      When the United Arab Republic of Syria was formed, Dr. Brunner took up residence at 7 George Haddad, in the embassy district of Damascus. In 1961, the year that Adolf Eichmann was captured by the Israelis in Buenos Aires, Brunner received a bomb-letter, probably from the Mossad and lost an eye.

      Brunner, a personal friend of Hafez el Assad, took part in the construction of Syria’s secret services on the model of the Gestapo.

      In November 1967, the neo-Nazi organization Bund Heimattreuer Jugend published in Esslingen Hegensberg, West Germany, the obituary of Karl van Kynast: “Lieutenant (res.) of the Bundeswehr, Captain in the army of the United Arab Republic, he felt at the Suez Canal on 12 September, 1967”.

      Brunner is, in fact, only the best known of a number of Nazi officials who participated in the construction of of the Islamic regimes and who died in those lands after converting to Islam.

      This alliance between the Nazi swastika and the Islamic Koran is well explained in a 1942 article written by Johann von Leers, the best known of Nazi converts to Islam. Published in the newspaper “Die Judenfrage”, the article presented Judaism and Islam in terms of Hegel’s thesis and antithesis: “The hostility of Muhammad towards the Jews had a consequence: the Oriental Jews were totally paralyzed. If the rest of the world had adopted a similar policy, we would not have the ‘Jewish question’. Islam has made an eternal service to the world by preventing the conquest of Arabia by the Jews.”

      One of the leaders of the “Jewish Affairs” in Galicia, Altern Erich, converted to Islam and took the name of “Ali Bella” in Egypt, where he trained Palestinian terrorists.

      Leopold Gleim was known through his original name as a head of the Gestapo in Poland, but became “Ali al- Nahar” at the service of the Egyptian dictator Nasser.

      Oskar Dirlewanger, after killing tens of thousands of Jews in the Ukraine, became the bodyguard of the Egyptian dictator. Dr. Heinrich Willerman, famous for some of the most atrocious experiments at Dachau, and directed the terrorist “Camp Samarra” in Egypt.

      After having “liquidated” the Warsaw ghetto, Kurt Baurnann joined the Ministry of War in Cairo and trained the Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

      The head of the Gestapo in Düsseldorf, Joachim Daemling, went to work at the Egyptian prison system.

      Even François Genoud, the famous banker of Nazism, testamentary heir of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, used the war treasure of the Reich to finance the Arab- Muslim anti-Jewish causes, and in 1959, gave birth to “International Association of Friends of the Arab World”.

      Walter Rauff, who invented the “gas vans” which killed at 97,000 Jews during the Holocaust, in 1948 tortured Jews in Damascus.

      Boeckler Wilhelm became “Abd al Karim”, the SS Wilhelm Berner instructed Palestinian terrorists, the SS Gruppenführer Alois Moser became “Hassan Sulayman”.

      In Cairo lived Hans Eisele, “Dr. Eisele”, who in Dachau became notorious for torturing prisoners with injections of cyanide. Even Otto Skorzeny, the SS commander who freed Mussolini from his prison on the Gran Sasso, lived in Cairo, where he perfected the Intelligence Services of Nasser’s regime.

      Among the collaborators of Skorzeny there was also an official of the Goebbels Ministry of Propaganda, Franz Buensch, an “expert on the Jewish problem” who had worked with Adolf Eichmann on the “Final Solution” and had also written a book entitled “Sexual Habits of the Jews”, perhaps the most repugnant document produced by the Nazis.

      In the Egyptian capital there was another infamous doctor, Aribert Heim, “Dr. Tod”, Dr. Death, so named because of the cruelty of his experiments in the camps of Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen. Heim converted to Islam under the name of “Tarek Hussein Farid”. He sported an Islamic beard, he went to the al Azhar mosque every morning and read the Koran in the German translation.

      The collaborator of Goebbels, Johann von Leers, was solemnly received in Cairo by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al Husseini: “We thank you for having fought against the powers of darkness incarnated by world Jewry”. After converting to Islam, Von Leers assumed the name of “Omar Amin von Leers” and in Cairo occupied many posts in the administration of Nasser.

      When Tom Cruise in 2008 produced the movie “Valkyrie”, Major Otto Ernst Remer, who in the film has the face of Thomas Kretschmann, was portrayed as a key figure in the bloody suppression of the conspiracy that tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler. In 1993, an Egyptian newspaper interviewed Remer, who hailed the Khomeini revolution, said that the gas chambers were “lies” and who compared the defeat of Nazi Germany to that of the Palestinian Arabs, “both victims of the Jews, both suffered under occupation”.

      And how to forget that neo-Nazis helped Yasser Arafat in 1972′s Munich massacre?

      This is not an exotic, distant story, it sheds a dramatic light on the existential war between political Islam and the Jews.

      While reading these and other stories of Nazi officials who fought for Islam, I am reminded of the project of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haji Amin al Hussein, who planned to install a gas chamber and a crematorium near Nablus/Shechem. That is the real “occupation,” that of a genocidal and totalitarian ideology at war with the Jews in their own land.

      A Birkenau in the desert. A Mauthausen which would have liked to set foot on Mount Zion.

    • cobra
    • I don’t think there was any FUXNET.
      Occam’s rule tells us the simplest explanation is probably the right one.
      The web site debacle can be traced to competing requirements, changing the design by the last minute to hide the price until the very last minute and sheer incompetence, heightened by nepotism and corruption.
      Since I am in high tech I can tell you how foolish was the complete lack of testing.
      people in SV are laughing their asses off at these morons, despite the fact many are libs…

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