Obama Administration Directs All Public Schools How They Can And Cannot Discipline Minority Students

Oh my.  Orwellian indeed.  The Obama Department of Justice just released a warning to all public school districts in the nation warning of what Eric Holder deems unfair disciplining against minority students.  In essence, they are charging these schools with racism and making it clear they will prosecute those school districts.  How many parents feel safer knowing their student’s security is being placed in the hands of some Washington D.C. policy pencil pusher intent on racializing every aspect of public education?

Obama Attorney General Eric Holder warns schools he will prosecute for what he deems racist discipline policies.


The White House is indicating these suggestions are “non-binding” as a way to deflect from charges of Big Government intimidation of every school district in the country.  At the very same time though, the Holder DOJ has already went after school districts who have attempted to discipline minority students for wrongdoing – the charge being racism of course.

So while they may say these are merely non-binding suggestions, the actions of the Obama administration are already saying otherwise.  They view themselves as the true wardens of your children’s school, schools that are to follow the rules of the Obama White House, and not those of the local community and its administrators, teachers, and parents.

Anyone scared yet?  You should be…          -UM



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8 Comments to Obama Administration Directs All Public Schools How They Can And Cannot Discipline Minority Students
    • VTX
    • This is a strategic opportunity, believe it or not: Holder also mentioned that he is in opposition to the hated “zero tolerance” that’s practiced across the country. The kind of “zero tolerance” that gets kids suspended or expelled for making a “gun” with their hand, things like that?

      Take away Holder’s racial rhetoric, and use this to remove one of the worst stains on American Education – zero tolerance. It isn’t only a problem for black kids – it’s a cudgel applied to children of all races. Zero tolerance = zero sense.

      We should have zero tolerance for zero tolerance.

    • VTX
    • In a larger sense, it seems that the US is being run by demented children: there is no rhyme nor reason for what this government is doing; to call their behavior bizarre is to use a wildly understated adjective; there are no words sufficient to describe their imbecility.

      Case-in-point: India’s Deputy Consul General was detained, strip-searched and charged – degrading and humiliating, especially for a diplomat. And she still faces charges and a possible 10 year sentence for underpaying her own staff from her own country!

      And then there’s John Kerry (according to Caroline Glick,) who thinks himself the dealmaker in the Middle East – he witnesses the deals that are being made between the Palestinians and Israelis, blunders right into the middle of it, then proceeds to give away more concessions on behalf of Israel, which didn’t intend to offer them at all. I would suggest that Israel refuse entry to the gaunt dope, or perform the same kind of body-search as the State Department allowed to be performed on the Indian consul general. One thinks that the State Department has to actually have endorsed the treatment of the diplomat, or at least approves of the treatment!

      As I said, the Whitehose was probably eating popcorn as Chris Stevens was humiliated by “rough trade.” (Guess the Princess likes snuff films, eh?)

      And what kind of Presidunce – (according to General Gates’ commentary) – dismisses his own Generals’ advice as ridiculous, follows it anyway, then washes his hands of it all? Who would follow such a man into a war (or even a spitball battle between 4th graders?) This man is an incompetent Commander in Chief, with no more competence than a 5 year old playing in the dirt in Sudan – but it’s a far greater danger to our nation, even aside from his lethal Leftism, the fact that he’s unable to comprehend the fact that he is incompetent! He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know; in his hubris he doesn’t even begin to know how much he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t appear to want to know any of it! How could we ever go to war – even to defend ourselves – under the leadership of such a nincompoop?

      So the Attorney General runs amok, charging only one person with a hate crime – the man he’s charging happens to be white – in a criminal conspiracy common among blacks, who are engaged in physical violence against whites – who is there to stop him? Congress?

      The world – and America – will cheer the end of this administration, and they do hope it will end before its time, because as Einstein once said: “only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” He must have been presciently or clairvoyantly looking at the current administration.

    • VTX
    • On the topic of black students being suspended and expelled more frequently: it doesn’t happen to black students with two parents any more than expulsion happens to white students with two parents. Marginal difference, if any.

      Fact is, black fathers abandon their children; the kids end up with abandonment issues, and they behave in a way that creates further abandonment. Rejection breeds rejection. Welfare creates the abandonment itself, as fathers are made irrelevant – mostly because welfare rules segregate the father from offspring. It’s no wonder black kids – and now white kids – are sociopaths! They lack something important to civil development – that’s sometimes called “home training.”

      Head Start doesn’t help, either, because what that consists of (mostly) are old black women shrieking at the children, and yelling isn’t a viable parenting style. Kids don’t get their “home training” at government institutions, and it’s virtually impossible for them to develop into functional adults with that kind of social retardation imprinted in them.

      Holder says white people are afraid to talk about race. Well, here it is, you pussilanimous putz. Stop making children into wards of the state, developing feral and underdeveloped minds, and then calling it “racist” when someone actually makes a cogent observation or links behavior to cause.

      You want black kids to succeed in school? A culture of education in the home, with two parents – that’s the solution. White kids, too. If not at childhood, there’s always the Marines – they make feral children into men. That’s about the only government solution that has shown any promise.

      Eric the Cowardhearted has no solutions – only problems.

    • truthandjustice
    • Looks like “they” are defending Obama against Gates statements re Afghan – that it’s because he cares SOooooo much about our troops that he let that CONCERN cripple his judgement about staying there, etc. He’s just sooooo compassionate you know. Unbelieveable. Well, no – guess it is believable.
      Yep – that’s it. He cares so much……. see folks – we were all wrong (sarc)

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