The Forgotten Embrace – Obama DOJ To Investigate Chris Christie

It appears Governor Chris Christie’s (overly) kind pre-2012 Election words regarding Barack Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy, praise that many feel benefitted Barack Obama greatly leading up to Election Day, are all but forgotten by the Obama White House, who has unleashed a DOJ investigation into allegation’s the governor’s office used the temporary closing of a bridge as a bit of political payback against a Democratic New Jersey mayor.

Best Friends Forever no more…


(via WHD)

Obama Administration to Probe Christie Scandal

New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman will investigate the closing of lanes leading to the George Washington bridge, a traffic jam-inducing move that has embroiled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in a scandal over whether the closures were political payback.

Would this in any kind of way, remotely be, – How could I even think such a thing? – but possibly could be, an attempt by the White House to sink the leading Republican contender for President Obama’s job?

…The decision comes just one day after Christie’s defeated opponent for governor, Barbara Buono, called in the Justice Department to investigate.

Nothing suspicious there. Now move along, please.

Christie, for his part, said, for the feds to bring it.

“I have absolutely nothing to hide. My instruction to everybody would be to cooperate and answer questions. We have nothing to hide and this administration has nothing to hide,” he said during his news conference.   LINK


Regardless what the Governor Christie operatives may or may not have done in the “bridge-gate” matter, if only the Obama administration had been so keen and quick to investigate matters such as Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Eric Holder perjury, Pigford, The New Black Panthers voter intimidation, Rosengate, Associate Press, Benghazi, IRS intimidation, etc….

And that is just a partial list of the many legitimate and far more serious scandals that this same Obama DOJ has ignored and stonewalled the last five years.


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9 Comments to The Forgotten Embrace – Obama DOJ To Investigate Chris Christie
    • truthandjustice
    • Let’s see…could one scenario be….Estab. Repubs. & backers (which include their co-conspirator Dems), used naive Christie during the 2012 campaign to help hurt Romney (promising Christie the GOP nomination or something), whom they really didn’t want to win (straw man), & now to start clearing, preparing the way for their real one they want for their next team player, Jeb Bush? Nah………..silly, cynical me or…. Silly Christie.

    • VTX
    • Chrusty the Jersey Clown made his rep as a “conservative” by using bad language and coarse humor. He never was a Conservative. EVER. (or as they say in that region, “EVAH!”) As I posted before: he cost Virginia a Republican Governor, and maybe 2nd Amendment rights with that. Of course, Chrusty isn’t in favor of real gun rights, nor in Conservative causes of any kind. He’s only interested in “powah.”

      Virginia is a stepping-stone for Hillary, as she and her team campaigned heavily for McAwful for a reason. Meanwhile, confortably sitting on his own lead (ad fat ass) Christy refused to help Ken Cuccinelli, dooming him to the loss. Unfor-effing-givable.

      Why is it that RINOs use the charge that the GOP can’t allow internal criticism, and call critics of Left-of-Center Repubs “backstabbers” (in reality, honest critics of dishonest means and methods) when all the while they Left-of-Center Repubs are the biggest backstabbers of the lot? All this worry about internecine warfare, and people like Chrusty were the agitators?

      Virginia has this fat cow to thank for Terry McAwful – so don’t come looking for sympathy ’round these territories, Chrusty. No way, no how: you made a deal with the (Clinton) devil, and the devil bit you on the arse. Take it like a man(atee.)

      Go away, Chrusty. You cost us a President and a Governor. Go the bloody eff away.

      And as far as the Princess’ crimes go: I’m not willing to link them as issues: the Princess deserves to lose his office, and many of his people should be in Guantanamo for their treason or on trial; just because they’re septic scum doesn’t mean that Chrusty meets a standard for the GOP – his behavior is reminiscent of The Weasel, not the GOP, and his methods resemble the BFO. Payback-types aren’t our friends, nor are they our allies.

      Remember what the Good Book says, Chrusty: if you can’t be trusted with a little, you can’t be trusted with a lot. And if you act like a smalltime hood, it isn’t a good indicator that you’ll be any different when you get to be a bigtime hood.

      The scum must be swept clean, squeegeed or sandblasted – or however else you get rid of sewer filth.

      Last word to Chrusty: Fuggedabout bein de boss. Go back to yo table an sitdown an shuddup. We’ll call ya when we want ya.

      • VTX
      • Putting it more simply: Christy betrayed Republicans for personal political gain. Why defend him when his true character is open for all to see?

        Would anyone defend Benedict Arnold, on the basis that he was once a war hero? Judas, because at least he wasn’t one of those terrible Romans? Quisling, because…? Well, Quisling is the one Christy most resembles: it’s all about personal political gain.

        Any Republican who defends Christy must think it’s ok to sell out to the enemy, as long as he still calls himself by the name “Republican.”

        I don’t care if he calls himself a jelly donut or Shamu or Flipper: he’s a sellout who deserves what he’s getting.

    • Essa
    • Ahhh…. and who can forget the second photo op on the boardwalk when the polls were down last Spring, and how Fat and Furious won his special little guy Dumbo a stuffed teddy on their special day together.

      And they wonder why more and more voters are bailing and going Independent.

      I think it is time for more Tea.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • VTX, ol’ Chrusty as you say…will be busy ‘splanin’ himself to the wife. While he was thisclose to Kelly, seems most think the brige debacle was his idea. Pillow talk? Those birthday pics scream “Body Language”

      Bridgegate or Bridgetgate goes with his MO….when Romney didn’t choose him Chrusty tossed Romney under the bus and used the RNC Convention to sell himself for 2016…then sealed the deal with the with the big hug…This chapter has the stench of Hillary and Obama all over it…With the NSA, one doesn’t have to have divorce records unsealed any longer…Certainly dirtying up ole fatso should give the stench to the entire GOP The Obamunnist needs to distract and win the midterms. You stay Benghazi? IRS scandal? Fast and Furious? They say everybody does it..we’ll be seeing Birthday party pics rather than Benghazi Burning from here on out…

      • VTX
      • These are Chitcago style politics, and as I never saw Chrusty the Fat Cow as a Republican, I just add this to the DNC, Chitcago-style politics. He did, after all, help elect the Princess (as you say) and he has helped Hillary in her future endeavors. He is not a Repub in any sense of the word.

        This does not diminish in the least the crimes of this administration. If anything, I think we’ll find collusion.

        Discovery goin’ to be a Beetch!

    • VTX
    • One last shot:

      Either Christy is an ignorant dope, unaware of what his aides are doing in his name – managerially incompetent, in other words – or he’s a mean-spirited political hack who will stoop to acting like a villain in a Batman movie.

      Or both.

      We already have a Presidope who fits both descriptions. Why would we trade him, only to get a fat, white one with the same instincts? We have a skinny black thug with a goon named Jarrett, and Christy has his goons.

      The Presidope always says he’s surprised when something he’s supposed to be running falls apart – and that’s the same argument Christy uses. Like: “I was as angery and surprised as anyone.”

      Why is it that Establishment Republicans are not recognizing this? The similarities between two bullies who can’t direct their staffs? Or who direct their staffs to do unthinkable things?

      Merde or Dung: they’re either in on it, or they’re incompetent.

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