Obama Tyranny Thwarts States’ Rights In Utah – Much Bigger Issue Than Just “Gay Marriage”

Too often, people’s understanding of an issue is limited by their more narrow emotional attachment to the superficial aspects of that same issue.  Such is the case in Utah, where a state long deemed more conservative in nature, is having it sovereignty attacked with the full force and influence of the Obama federal government. This isn’t just about “gay marriage” folks – it’s about the fundamental underpinnings of our constitutional republic.  Underpinnings which are being attacked at every opportunity by the Obama regime.

Barack Obama would have Americans ignore the tyrannical evidence all around them, for such ignorance merely helps ensure more tyranny.


What is taking place in Utah is a matter of a state law being challenged, and the Supreme Court ordered a stay on recently approved gay marriages in that state, initiated what will be a hard fought legal battle between advocates of gay marriage in Utah, and those who oppose it.

That is EXACTLY how the system is supposed to work.

Barack Obama is ignoring that normal process though, instead declaring his administration will IGNORE THE SUPREME COURT, and recognize the gay marriages in Utah.  Attorney General Eric Holder, whose only comment should have been that he was awaiting the Court’s final ruling on the matter, instead declared in an official statement that the Obama federal government deems the Supreme Court’s pending decision as irrelevant.

Regardless of whether your are pro gay marriage, or anti-gay marriage, the fact is that this latest example of federal authority over state autonomy should concern everyone.  Gay marriage is but a ruse for those within the federal government who want MORE federal government.  These people are not advocates of any issue, or any group of people, unless the end result is a more powerful centralized authority in the United States.

They don’t care about people, or issues – they only care about Bigger, More Powerful, More Intrusive, Federal Government.    -UM



“I am anxiously awaiting the next book.
If this glimpse into life on the Hill is anything like the “real” world no wonder we are in deep trouble.”  -M. THOMPSON

“I got this book for Christmas and boy, what a page turner! I couldn’t put it down! It was full of suspense. The story line flowed really well and the characters were extremely interesting. The Congressman was a really sick/twisted man, Frank Bennington was a loveable mess and the younger man and prostitute (don’t want to give too much away) were extremely likeable and had a lot of chemistry together. This was also a good but unusual love story with some really steamy scenes (not recommended for younger than 18 years old). D.W. Ulsterman seems to know a lot about the inside workings of DC too. I can’t wait to read more from this author! Maybe more political thrillers. This was a very good suspenseful story with a lot of interesting characters.”  -SBOUCH11

The Second Oldest Profession: The Collection

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15 Comments to Obama Tyranny Thwarts States’ Rights In Utah – Much Bigger Issue Than Just “Gay Marriage”
      • VTX
      • Eventually, enough states will ignore federal dictates, and the Princess will then feel justified in declaring a state of domestic emergency and order continuity of government statutes. That’s not Russian disinformation; that’s part of the agenda.

        A visitor tried to tell me that the feds have methods and means, and aren’t as dumb as they seem. I disagree. I think they’re transparently stupid, starting with the Commandolt in Chief and his handlers.

        Start your junta, you purple-lipped pansy! C’mon, just try! Whassamatta? Bat got your tongue?

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • EPA caught red handed…stealing one million acres from the state of Wyoming….giving it to Injuns.
      Governor sues…the land belongs to Wyoming…no redidtribution for special classes of people based on melanin.


      EPA Changes The Borders Of Wyoming; Governor Appeals Decision
      Posted by Patch Adams on Thursday, January 9, 2014, 7:25 PM

      Governor Mead at Capitol for a Day event 2013 (Picture from soswy.state.wy.us)

      Just when you think that the EPA can’t get any more out of control, it decides to change the border of a state.

      According to an article on Trib.com, the EPA overturned a 1905 Federal Law by expanding the Wind River Indian Reservation:

      CHEYENNE — Gov. Matt Mead’s administration is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to freeze implementation of its recent decision that more than 1 million acres around Riverton remains legally Indian Country.

      Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael wrote Monday to national EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Regional Administrator Shawn McGrath in Denver asking them to reconsider the agency’s decision.

      The EPA ruled last month that a 1905 federal law opening part of the Wind River Indian Reservation to settlement by non-Indians didn’t extinguish the land’s reservation status.

      The EPA addressed the reservation boundary issue in its decision last month that granted an application from the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. The tribes had applied to have the reservation treated as a separate state under the federal Clean Air Act.

      Wyoming’s Governor, Matt Mead, says he will fight the decision and is concerned that a Federal Agency assumes it has the power to alter a state’s boundaries:

      Mead has pledged to challenge the EPA decision in federal court. The state’s request to the EPA to halt implementation of its decision could help the state if it later asks the court to block the agency’s decision while the appeal plays out.

      “My deep concern is about an administrative agency of the federal government altering a state’s boundary and going against over 100 years of history and law,” Mead said. “This should be a concern to all citizens because, if the EPA can unilaterally take land away from a state, where will it stop?”

      If you agree with the decision or not, the EPA does not have the power to adjust the borders of a state. The proper places for such a decision are either in the legislative branch or the judicial branch. To me this is an obvious abuse of a power the EPA wrongly assumes it has…

      Read more of the story at Trib.com.


      It seems that the Trib.com has pulled their article since this story was published on the Gateway Pundit (The links are now dead).

      Luckily I found an article on the Daily Caller with information on this story.

      • SueK
      • AtB,

        ‘Native Americans,’ or ‘Indians,’ is OK with us; ‘Injuns’ is not.

        While I do not agree with any power grab by the EPA or any other government agency, Native people deserve better than to be hoarded onto ‘reservations’ with little hope of ever attaining self-sufficiency.

        I won’t get into the ‘who was here first’ argument, or the humiliation of a proud people being warehoused and made government-dependent for the rest of their lives, but I think you get my point.

        • NameBM
        • You’re totally missing the point. If true this story is about state rights vs. Federal Gov tyranny. Who ever are the people drawn into battle is not the important point. The important point is the gov one more time is adopting the end justifies the means to promote its agenda, blattantly disregarding the Constitution.

        • AmericaTheBeautiful
        • Politically Correct language is meant to be the language police infringing on the constitutional right of free speech. Does Mick, cracker, ghost raise the same ire? No.
          Intent is is 9/10′s of the law. Politically Correct language is a control device. I don’t subscribe. I do subscribe to free speech and constitutional rights and humor.

          “A casual American or Canadian corruption of the term “Indian”, referring to Native Americans. The earliest Europeans thought they had landed in India and applied “Indian” to the indigenous population. “Injun” more commonly heard during a period when the term “Indian” was used, often pronounced in later years only by children. Not typically meant as derogatory, as American “Indians” came to be admired during the latter period of common usage. Rarely used today, if so used in a typically light-hearted if politically-incorrect fashion. Can be derogatory given intent and inflection.
          Uh-oh, we are entering Injun country”!

            • NameBM
            • Sue I understand your point… But when the term American or Christian is becoming derogatory, it is time to consider the whole free speech vs. PC speech concept and really take a good look at who truly benefit.

              Free speech can be unpleasant but no free speech can be deadly.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Breaking down the constitution piece by piece.
      The Communists working overtime to eviserate states rights, private property rights and overturn by regulation a duly enacted law by Congress, signed by the president end in 1905.

      Setting precedent that the Executive Branch has the right to make law.

      Welcome to your centralized government totalitarian state.

      Impeach Obama.

      Defund the EPA.

      Get rid of Boehner. Vote for his opposition.
      The high pitched keening of the castrati of the Republican leadership in the house must be silenced.

      They’ve erected a Potemkin village of false conservatives…mow it down.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/01/10/if-knew-who-was-behind-close-gitmo-march-youd-be-shocked/?intcmp=trending


      On Saturday, January 11, a coalition of “Close-Gitmo” forces is expected to march on Washington to commemorate the 12th anniversary of detention and interrogation operations.

      Though the march from the White House to the National Museum of American History is purportedly about advancing “human rights” and “stopping torture,” a closer look at the key participants reveals a more troubling, some might say hidden, agenda.

      If more Americans knew who is behind this campaign, there would be nationwide outrage.

      While everyone is for “human rights” and “stopping torture,” Americans should not be fooled by these false flags meant to damage U.S. power and prestige.

      Dig a little deeper into who has been driving the anti-Gitmo disinformation campaign these past 12 years, and you will discover an international, fervently anti-American, far-left coalition attacking the nation through a savvy propaganda effort.
      Just dig a little deeper into who has been driving the anti-Gitmo disinformation campaign these past 12 years, and we discover an international, fervently anti-American, far-left coalition attacking the nation through a savvy propaganda effort.

      This includes those linked to Al Qaeda financiers, communist groups, anarchist movements – backed by sympathetic press and politicians.

      Regrettably, it’s a coalition President Barack Obama has sided with in his priority to release as many Al Qaeda, Taliban and “affiliates” as humanly possible.

      Let’s take a look at the key players:

      Amnesty International. Along with Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International was revealed as partner organization to Al Karama, a human rights non-profit run by Qatar’s Abdul Rahman Omeir Al-Naimi.

      Al-Naimi was recently exposed by the U.S. Treasury Department in December 2013 as a long-term major financier of Al Qaeda. According to an expose by Eli Lake in the Daily Beast, “Terrorists for Human Rights,” the Treasury Department’s designation said he, “oversaw the transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Al Qaeda and its affiliates in Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen over the last 11 years.”

      Center for Constitutional Rights. CCR was founded by far-left civil rights lawyer William Kunstler in the 1960s, a man who told thepress his goal was to “destroy society from within.”

      Kunstler represented the “Chicago 7,” a group that was charged with conspiracy to start a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and later he defended domestic militant/terror groups like the Black Panthers, Weather Underground, and Attica Prison Rioters.

      CCR is currently funded by groups like the “1848 Foundation,” named after the year Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published and revolutions swept through Europe.

      Kunstler would be proud of CCR’s signature work over the past decade in coordinating the “Gitmo Bar Association” of 500 lawyers representing detainees.

      Reprieve. A British organization led by blogger Andy Worthington, it pressures release of British citizens and residents. Ethiopia’s Binyam Mohammed, a British resident, allegedly plotted to blow up high rise apartment buildings in the U.S. with a dirty bomb; Ruhal Ahmed, Asif Iqbal, and Shafiq Rasul, a.k.a., the Tipton Three, ethnic Pakistanis went to fight for jihad in Afghanistan but were caught by the Northern Alliance in Nov. 2001; and Shaker Aamer, a Saudi citizen with British residence, alleged to have led a unit of Al Qaeda fighters in Tora Bora, and reportedly a former close associate of Usama Bin Laden, shoe-bomber Richard Reid and 20th hijacker, Zacharias Moussaoui.

      World Can’t Wait. This organization is believed to have been founded by members and supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party & Anarchists. It organized at least 24,000 supporters during Iraq War, including actor Sean Penn and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan.

      Jason Leopold. Leopold is a former Los Angeles Times investigative journalist with a checkered past. According to Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz, writing in a 2005 Washington Post feature, “Leopold says he engaged in ‘lying, cheating and backstabbing,’ is a former cocaine addict, served time for grand larceny, repeatedly tried to kill himself and has battled mental illness his whole life.”

      So these are the folks Mr. Obama and Democrats in Congress are trying to appease by releasing more Gitmo detainees?

      Nearly half the current population of 155 may be freed under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014.

      It would be comical if the stakes weren’t so high.

      We’ve already seen Al Qaeda re-take Fallujah, site of the Iraq War’s bloodiest battles, just two years after Mr. Obama’s ordered withdrawal. And Al Qaeda and/or “affiliates” killed our Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi.

      Speaking of which, a Fox News report this week by Catherine Herridge reveals that the State Dept. will finally designate ex-Gitmo detainee, Libya’s Sufian Bin Qumu, and his group, Ansar Al-Sharia as “foreign terrorist entities” for their roles in the Benghazi Consulate attack.

      Does Mr. Obama really think it’s in America’s security interests to free more terrorists from Gitmo, nearly one-third of whom have already returned to terrorism?

      The silent majority must take this opportunity to speak up. Preventing the next Al Qaeda attack may depend on it.

      J.D. Gordon is a retired Navy Commander who served as a Pentagon spokesman in the Office of the Secretary of Defense from 2005-09. He serves as senior adviser to several Washingtonbased think tanks.

    • VTX
    • Gates book on Obumbler isn’t idealogical, according to readers (I haven’t read it.) Gates himself says that Obumbler is emotionally detached on military matters and with the troops. Gates isn’t criticizing Obumbler’s decisions, but his “absence of passion.” Gates compares Bush’s commitment and passion with Obumbler’s, and finds the Princess totally lacking, and praises Bush’s willingness to become emotionally invested. In short, what he’s saying is that Obumbler does not have the troops’ best interests at heart, and doesn’t give a shit about them. Like most of the Left.

      He also appears to be throwing dirt on the Presiduntial aspergerations (sp. intentional) of the uninformed, always-wrong Biden.

      Several beltway-types have questioned the timing of the book, suggesting that it would have been better after the current term is over. I suspect that there’s a (possible) reason for this, though – prevention.

      The Presidunce needs troops in the event of a declaration of Martial Law. How many will support him; how many will not? The Presidunce has impaled those Generals and Admirals who don’t respect him on his Whitehose flag, their heads planted in a visible way to suggest that resistance is punishable. (A little hyperbole there, but essentially correct.)

      Gates’ book does one other thing, if I’m reading the reviews right: it tells the American people that military leadership-on-down is not about to go along with the junta, the declaration of Martial Law; it tells everybody that he’s not to be believed in matters of foreign policy and military action, and that he has little actual support in any of the Services.

      On the other hand, the pacifist Left (which is not so pacifist when they attain power) is being told by Gates that “Obama really doesn’t like what he’s had to do.” It actually is a defense of Obumbler for that particular crowd. It tells them that he’s a hostage to others’ whims and intentions.

      For the rest of us, for Conservatives and even the mushy middle, that same message is a signal that he’ll do whatever he’s told, and that those who wish to enslave us will get no resistance from this office-holding sock-puppet. That’s the danger.

      Gates’ conclusion: this man is no leader worth following; most of all, it’s a signal to our Armed Forces. Otherwise, I’m guessing he would have written the book in 2017.

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