The Rise Of The Anti-Obamacare Rebellion?

Whispers are turning into cries of warning within Democratic Party and Obama White House strategy sessions as a movement appears underway by millions of Americans to simply ignore the Obamacare mandates, and thus cripple the entire law altogether.

(via Washington Examiner)

What if Americans rebel against the Obamacare mandate?

The Obama administration is trying to persuade millions of uninterested, or perhaps reluctant, Americans to purchase health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges.  But the heart of Obamacare is coercion. If Americans fail do what the law’s Democratic authors believe is best, the federal government will punish them, through the progressively higher penalties of the individual mandate, until it hurts more not to buy coverage than it does to give up and purchase it.

But what if many of those Americans rebel? Even if they know having health insurance is better than not having it, what if they refuse to be forced to buy the kind of coverage dictated by the government — which may not really meet their needs — at prices they don’t want to pay? What then?

“I don’t think Obamacare can survive without people wanting to buy it,” Bob Laszewski, the respected health care analyst whose writings on Obamacare have become essential in recent months, told me in an email exchange recently. “How the hell are you going to enforce a mandate to buy something that people don’t think is valuable enough to buy? If the uninsured don’t start to see value in Obamacare and buy it, is the Democratic solution to fine the heck out of them until it hurts so much they have to buy it? Great political strategy!”

Of course, that’s exactly what the strategy is. Democrats designed the penalty for not having “minimum essential coverage” to start low and increase rapidly. For this year, according to a chart prepared by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the penalty is $95 per adult and $47.50 per child. But the penalty cannot rise above $285, or one percent of family income, whichever is higher. (Obamacare uses a measurement called Modified Adjusted Gross Income to determine penalties — a measure that is usually higher than the Adjusted Gross Income many taxpayers are familiar with.)

In the second year, the penalty will rise dramatically, to $325 per adult and $162.50 per child, or two percent of family income, whichever is higher. The year after, the penalty will take another big jump, to $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, or 2.5 percent of family income. The only limit on the penalty is that it cannot be higher than the national average premium for a Bronze Plan purchased on the Obamacare exchanges. According to the Congressional Budget Office, that could be as much as $5,000 in 2016. And after that initial increase in the penalty, future penalties will rise according to the cost of living.

But Democrats in Congress feared public reaction to actually forcing Americans to write a check to the government to cover the penalty. So instead, the Internal Revenue Service, which is charged with enforcing Obamacare, will subtract the penalty from the tax refunds of those Americans who incur the penalty, provided they are due a refund. Otherwise, the IRS will not have a way to collect the money.

As Laszewski sees it, the mandate could become extremely unpopular — it’s already by far the least popular part of Obamacare — if policies are not what the public wants to buy. Who would want to be forced to buy something he or she doesn’t want? That something is not insurance itself — it is insurance that is ill-fitting and overpriced. “The problem is that the government will be hard pressed to collect a fine on something lots of people don’t believe has value,” Laszewski said. “This is when it will become a huge political albatross. At the core Obamacare is not sustainable, and the mandate/fine is not politically sustainable, if there are lots of middle class people who see Obamacare as a poor value.”

…Of course, the individual mandate forces people to buy coverage whether it meets their needs or not. And Laszewski sees a real possibility that it won’t work. If enough dissatisfied Americans simply don’t buy the product, he said, that would create political momentum “to get rid of the mandate/fine — which is effectively the same thing as getting rid of Obamacare.” And if that happens, the American health system will be in entirely uncharted territory.



That last part is a good news, bad news scenario.  The mandate could actually be the primary vehicle of destruction for Obamacare, as millions of Americans refuse to comply with the penalty for not signing up.  This would, as the Washington Examiner piece suggests, effectively destroy the law in its entirety.  But what then?  Progressive socialists would no doubt attempt what they have long always wanted – single payer, government healthcare – total and absolute control of every facet of people’s healthcare.  Obamacare is already attempting much of that, but single payer would be the final conclusion.

There is good news though – if Republicans take back the Senate in 2014, and the White House in 2016, Obamacare is given its rightful death.    Even moderate Republicans want the bill gone.  Remember, Obamacare was a law passed without one single Republican vote.  It’s destruction though will prove bi-partisan as more and more Democrats are now realizing the underlying anger and outrage now building within the Silent Majority over this most destructive and dangerous of laws.    -UM




After decades working within the murky political underbelly of the nation’s capital, hard living D.C. politico Frank Bennington finds himself out of a job, recovering from a heart attack, and wondering what the hell he’s supposed to do next.

Then a phone call from a long ago acquaintance gives Frank an opportunity to use his particular brand of talents and insights to reveal a cover-up with global implications. It is a scandal involving powerful and influential figures who wish for the truth to remain hidden, and the lie to continue to be perpetrated, for it is a lie worth TRILLIONS of dollars to those who control its message. In Frank Bennington’s new world of private investigations, dead men tell no truths, and that is exactly what his enemies hope to make of him.

Bennington P.I. “Bonita” is the much anticipated follow up to D.W. Ulsterman’s novel, The Second Oldest Profession.   LINK


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16 Comments to The Rise Of The Anti-Obamacare Rebellion?
    • VTX
    • This is a reprise of the GM bailouts, even if the insurance industry hasn’t figured it out as yet:

      “Robert Laszewski—a prominent consultant to health insurance companies—recently wrote in a remarkably candid blog post that, while Obamacare is almost certain to cause insurance costs to skyrocket even higher than it already has, “insurers won’t be losing a lot of sleep over it.” How can this be? Because insurance companies won’t bear the cost of their own losses—at least not more than about a quarter of them. The other three-quarters will be borne by American taxpayers.”

      What this means is that the equivalent of the stockholders and the boards that run insurance companies will be deposed. They think they’ll be bailed out, but in truth they’ll be nationalized. It doesn’t even have to go to Single Payer: it’s gonna be like Detroit. What was once privately owned will be public property.

      Ford Motor Company didn’t take the bailouts, and their dealerships weren’t stripped, were they? That was what the government did to those others who held their hand out for help; insurers who went along with Obumblingcare are going to find that they’re out in the streets, dispossessed and without recourse. They signed on; their lawyers and the courts won’t be able to help them.

      There’s still time, I guess: they can raise hell and promise to give back the policies they once offered, but they’ll have to treat Obumblingcare as null and void, and they’re going to have to support those people who are calling for repeal. Without repeal, they’re sitting ducks.

      If not? If they don’t support those who can cause a repeal of the law? What if insurers just wobble along, careening from one side of the ice rink to the other, falling all the while, hoping people will purchase this stinking, filthy, incompetent program? How do you say “out of blinking luck?”

    • Essa
    • The insurance companies deserve no mercy or sympathy either, for they dived right into the black hole of destruction out of greed in the belief that forced insurance would bring them untold riches only to find out instead they are going to be bailed out by the taxpayer in the near future as their profits begin to plummet for lack of subscribers.

      Why would for profit businesses willingly throw their paying clients to the curb in exchange for zero payment thereafter is the question.

      Now that the premiums are equal to or greater than a rent or mortgage payment, the choice is easy for most who are not ill, they will choose a roof over their head. Certainly there will also be a new avalanche of bankruptcies filed by businesses and individuals, for the new sky high deductibles, co pays, and out of pocket expenses will prove too expensive to cope with.

    • Anna
    • I think it was the Obama Admin’s intention for this to fail so they could pass single payer insurance. The only problem is that any Dem or Rep that even hints at agreeing with such a move will be but a memory in 2014, or whenever it’s considered. I once attended a party where I met a doctor who had just moved from Canada. I asked he and his wife about what the health care in Canada was like and they both didn’t hold back with their opinions. He said it’s atrocious and backward, and he couldn’t take it anymore. Gee, what a lovely thing to look forward to!

    • cobra
    • I think we will see a very bad confluence of events, that may be described as a “black swan” event.
      I am talking about a possible breakout of war in the Pacific. China is rattling the cage against Japan and Philippines. It looks to me China is very eager to challenge the US backed state of the region.
      If that happens, the entire economy crashes. Obamacare will be our least problem, or it will be the smallest pain, to be precise, because we would go full bore into a war preparation mode, which means this is the chance for Obama and his commie NWO backers to gain full control of the country forever.

      • VTX
      • Very possible – but not neccessarily a NWO-sponsored event.

        Looking at NSA spying – it is said to be wholly ineffective in preventing terror attacks – there are two (and more) reasons for such monitoring:

        1. Preparation for tyranny
        2. Preparation for war

        The American people should be gunnin’ up and getting their stocks of food and ammo and water if either one is a realistic possibility. China is acting like a bully and the US is sitting tight. Nothing new – they tested Dubya, and found that he wasn’t going to act like a drunken cowboy. They’ve also tested Obama, and found him lacking a spine, and they know that Americans won’t follow his leadership – because he has none to follow. Gates made that clear enough. His weakness invites catastrophe, and our allies are squirming.

        It’s bad enough that the President’s directives to the military are all designed to inflict as much anti-Christian effect as they can force, and in my sincerest opinion, our nation without Christ is a nation that is not going to stand.

        China is also prepping bioweapons – flu variants that are not neccessary to study, not unless one plans to inflict them on others. China’s military, too, is led by men who are utterly mad – reckless, arrogant, drunk with power. This is a bad sign.

        As you’ve said, others are preparing. Mostly they’re preparing because the US does not stand in the gap – or appears unwilling to stand up when it’s important for us to do so. We still have leaders in the military who will do what is neccessary, but Obama’s Washington is insane with Leftist academics who can’t shake the pee off their own dicks or can’t figure out how to wipe from front-to-back.

        Time for the rugged individualists to get ready – American as always.

        • Essa
        • Speaking about bio-warfare, the ink is barely dried on the Smithfield foods sellout deal to China, and already the pig herds, namely piglets have been catastrophically infected with the deadly pig virus suspected to have come from China. Now that was fast, we went from no disease to full blown disease in a matter of a couple of months time.

          We should rightfully be exceptionally wary of any products from China, especially food products which have on many occasions been proven to be poisoned, diseased, defective or phony. These are the same people who routinely use landfills as a feedlot for livestock.

          Additionally, chicken from China is also going to be sold in US grocery stores in the near future.

          • Mark Anderson
          • I think it interesting that here in GA, the poultry capital of the world, farmers have been driven out of the business by demands for costly n unnecessary upgrades. Is America being driven to starvation by this government?

    • truthandjustice
    • The firing of Teller by Scalise confirmed the GOP’s war on conservatives, Cruz’s hiring of Teller confirms the war ain’t over.

      The day Cruz took Teller

      In Washington Monday, Sen. R. Edward “Ted” Cruz (R.-Texas) poked his finger in the eye of the Republican House leaders, when he hired Paul S. Teller as his deputy chief of staff.

      Teller, who has a doctorate in political science from American University, has worked on the House side of the Capitol since 1993, most recently as the executive director of the Republican Study Committee.

      The RSC’s chairman, Rep. Stephen J. Scalise (R.-La.) fired Teller Dec.11 after he discovered that his executive director was leaking details of the two-year budget compromise to conservative activists.

      When Scalise took over the committee in January 2013 with the new Congress, he was rumored to be an ally of Speaker of the House John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), so when the Louisiana congressman kept Teller on, it was a signal that the RSC was still the home of conservatives.

      RSC’s first executive director, Edwin J. Feulner Jr., helped organize the committee in 1973 as a way of pulling the GOP more to the right, while President Richard M. Nixon was pulling the party more to the left. The RSC has more than 170 members and in the next congress will form the majority of the majority, Teller told me.

      War between the GOP leaders and conservatives
      Feulner went on to found the Heritage Foundation.

      “One of the mistakes leadership makes with the RSC is that they don’t use us enough as a way to protect their right flank,” he said.

      “They did it a little recently, but if leadership worked more closely with the RSC members, they would find that the RSC can put pressure on Democrats or on the Senate in a way that could be very helpful,” he said.

      The tension between Republican leaders and conservatives is not a new thing, but since the Second World War, it has been the GOP’s fault line. Republicans rely on conservative voters to win elections. The problem is that after winning the election and coming to Washington, Republicans start to marry-with-the-natives.

      In the case of the two-year budget deal, the Democrats and Republican leaders negotiated in secret and then gave members of Congress 36 hours to read the budget before the floor vote—without an opportunity for amendments.

      This is not the regular order of things. The regular order of things is to have hearings, amendments and committee votes. But, to have the regular order would have given conservatives the chance to speak up against the budget.

      Just as Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA, Teller, in a smaller way, was trying to let the American people know what was going on. Let’s be square: budget negotiations are not state secrets. They are the people’s business and if they cannot survive in sunlight—that is a clue that money is being wasted or stolen—or both.

      It is now clear that Boehner’s war against House conservatism is his top priority—not cutting the budget as he pledged in his address upon being re-elected as speaker—the center of gravity for conservatives has shifted to the Senate.

      In the Senate, three conservative GOP senators Kentucky’s Randall H. Paul, Utah’s Michael S. Lee and Cruz are the hard core around which the Capitol Hill conservatives are forming. In 2013, both Paul and Cruz took control of the Senate floor with Lee’s help to make their cases.

      In the case of Paul, it was the danger of drones and the assumption by President Barack Obama of the authority to kill Americans without trial. In the case of Cruz, it was to alert Americans to the dangers of ObamaCare and later Cruz led the fight to shut down the government in a desperate attempt to forestall the disaster formally known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

      Remember, the Republican leadership in both the House and the Senate supported fully-funding PPACA and also opposed the shutdown.

      When Scalise fired Teller, it was to end the pretense of conservatives having a voice in the House, since their caucus is now part of leadership.

      You could say the Cruz hired Teller scenario was the other shoe dropping in the war between the GOP leaders and conservatives, but it was really about Cruz eyeing a fumble, picking up the ball and running with it.

    • VTX
    • Prediction:

      Look for Christie to engage in wholesale slaughter payback of those who he thinks betrayed him (i.e. Conservatives who outed his betrayal of Ken Cuccinelli and Romney.)

      Jersey thugs die hard – and even when they’re caught with one hairy, stinking paw in the cookie jar, they can be counted upon to do the same, repeatedly. Dirty tricks are now going to be unleashed on GOP Conservatives from this most unwholesome and unChristian of men.

      Funny: it would seem smarter to go after the Dems, who are smiling broadly in the shadows, having set up the perfect trap for a gullible porker with a huge appetite – for power. They set him up, right after they used him like tp, and he has a stink that can’t be washed away. That’s what happens when you deal with devils – they laugh as you fall.

      If Ken C. had decided to campaign for Christie? No one would have blinked, mostly because there were no Tea Party types running against him. While marginally a Republican and hardly a Conservative, he would be better as a Republican thad someone else running as a Demonrat.

      But to Establishment Repubs, the defeat of Conservatives is more important than saving our nation from a Marxist Muleskin. And with Christie, he[‘s about to embark on a payback scheme that might get him in worse places than he already is. Consider this a warning from Above.

      Come to Jesus, Chris. It’s getting time when it may be too late.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • the ghosts of Benghazi are closing in. Read the article. Read Rosens more informative article

      Then ask yourself …

      And if Obama was not attending those daily intel security briefings (that fact had been leaked BEFORE the attack in Benghazi)…to establish an alibi
      ….what if Obama wasn´t attending those meetings to establish plausible deniability in advance of Benghazi because he knew that attack was coming. More facts that raise concerns have come out recently. one being the Intel Committee met secretly with Ambassador Stevens. A highly unusual occurrence unearthed by Megyn Kelly in interviewing Mike Rogers. when she mentioned the fact of the secret unusual meeting, Rogers jaw dropped.

      Let´s hear exactly when Rep Mike Rogers, Chair of the House Intel Committee and Senator Inhoef met secretly with Ambassador Stevens. Let´s see that timeline. When did Obama stop attending his daily intel meetings.

      If the facts are as stated by the Navy Seals in their book explaing Benghazi that Brennan was secreting weapons to Al Qaeda, anything is possible. Arming the enemy of the USA is serious business. The odd relationship with Morsi, the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood, the turning over of the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood begins to add up.

      That Obama, in light of the holocaust of Christians in the Middle East, continued to support Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood is outrageous. That Egypt, a once close Allie has Morsi on trial and the Muslim Brotherhood illegal in Egypt..informs.


      *Why was Obama on the phone with Netanyahu that particular night at 3AM Netanyahu time, when they had not spoken on the phone since 12/09 according to the record. One could suspect they knew the attack was coming and he wanted to be seen by Jewish voters as in touch with Netanyahu and not anti-Israel in advance of his re-election as Obama was loosing Jewish votes.
      Why sit back and do nothing for 10 hours with the Ambassador missing — and when Stevens is reported dead– then do the one and only thing Obama did that night which was to call Hillary. Neither did anything to get those Americans help yet then speak upon confirmation of Stevens death. Sounds like a missin accomplished call where they began crafting their over story.

      What was Rep Mike Rogers and the House Intel Committee meeting secretly with Ambassador Stevens about, before he went back to Benghazi? Was he telling them about the WMD leaving Benghazi to Al Qaeda?

      Did Rep Rogers wife´s company provide, or not provide security to Benghazi?

      What was Obama doing and who was he with that night? Did he refuse to sign the Cross Border Authority CBA and just leave those men to die?

      Were those at the CIA Annex intended to die too?

      Why all the thuggish behavior requiring the CIA agents to sign more State Secrets documents to remain quiet and take monthly lie detector tests?

      Why was Ambassador Stevens autopsy done over seas and his body cremated overseas? Why then bring his ashes in a photo op full size casket to a base never before used for bringing our fallen home?

      Why did those at the State Department say under oath they watched the attacks in real time then change their story later?

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Where are those live streaming videos of those attacks?

      Illegal, NATO Treaty breaking, Stinger Missiles and ManPads, 40,000 of them left Benghazi to AlQaeda Jason Chaffetz said in the Congressional hearings. the MSM rarely repeats this…Further, it has been reported that Sarin left Beghazi too. Was that the Saarin used on children in Syria? 400,000 Christians dead in Syria and not a peep out of this administration on the holocaust of Christians.

      Yes, this is a nightmare. And, it will not get better without the will of the wide-awake outraged American people.

      Megyn Kelly Mike Rogers interview

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