Fun Fact For Those Happy To See End Of Disastrous Obama Era

The 2014 Midterm Election cycle is about to be unleashed, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.  If Democrats lose Congress, the Obama era is effectively over as the current president becomes a likely increasingly disenchanted seat warmer for his successor.  Here’s a fun fact that bodes very well for those of you who would like to see that happen.


Going back to 1962, presidents with a sub-50% approval rating have lost an average of 44 House seats in midterm elections, according to data compiled by Republican pollster Bill McInturff.

According to pollster Bill McInturff, data going all the way back to 1962 shows that when a president’s approval rating drops below 50%, they can expect to lose on average, 44 House seats – what is effectively a landslide victory for the opposition party.  Republicans already have the House locked up tight though – it’s the Senate they want.  So look for this data trend to deliver that very thing.

Yesterday, Capitol Hill sources indicated as many as TWELVE Senate seats are now up for grabs.  If Republicans were to take just seven or eight of those seats, the entire power structure in Washington D.C. would shift to the right, and the Obama White House would be isolated, rendering it an impotent progressive-socialist island unto itself.

Ready to fight back against the Age of Obama reader?  2014 is yet another, and perhaps even more critical, opportunity to do so.        -UM

Capitol Update: “The Communion Of Common Interest” and “Harry Reid Losing His Mind”






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7 Comments to Fun Fact For Those Happy To See End Of Disastrous Obama Era
    • Barry Soetoro the MOSLEM
    • This would be great news EXCEPT that most GOP Senators are Socialists themselves.

      Many (McCain/Boehner/McConnell/Lindsey Graham) are Obama’s ‘coverup team,’ stonewalling any investigation of Benghazi and IRS.

      GOP hates the Tea Party, so they’re hand-in-hand with Obamatollah.

    • VTX
    • I bet the Iraqis don’t think al Qaeda and their allies in Iraq and elsewhere “jayvee.”

      It’s a near-sure bet that he’s going to let the Iraqis fall to the Salafists – under orders from Riyahd, who preferred Saddam to the current regime apparently. Then oil will be squeezed – and the Sunni factions will dominate once again in the region.

      The MB is Sunni – and funded by Qatar, as is al Jazeera, the buyer of Gore’s network. Qatar also funds the MB. But this is what is worse:

      There’s a report that they are given diplomatic treatment when passing through airports, and the TSA basically kisses their behinds on orders from DHS. If that isn’t a fine kettle of fish!

      Connect the dots, because they aren’t all that hard to follow: Obama says “Global Warming” or “Climate Change,” and in the next breath he supports the jihadist terrorists favored by MB Brennan and his sponsors in the Persian Gulf.

      Yup, there will be a lot more cleanup work than usual to get rid of the MB filth after the Princess is gone – and it won’t even start until Hillary is out of office when she’s selected in the same fraudulent manner as Obama. Think about that for a minute: it isn’t enough to rid this town of Obama and Reid; it has to go far deeper than that.

      Kill Scytl, as ATB says. And as E.A.B. put it recently, make sure that people have proper identification before they vote. I’d add this to the mix: make sure the military ballots are counted – every one of them; Gore/Kerry/Obama did their best to make sure few of them were either cast or counted.

      Remind your friends: the people who are dying fighting to keep us free don’t have the right to vote – not as votes are counted. Their opinions don’t matter to the Coward in Chief and his henchmen. (Gates should be ashamed of himself for helping cover this up.)

    • SallyAl
    • I don’t know why anybody believes that the jugeared jackass and the BFO (h/t VTX) will allow the Senate to be won by R’s. I would not be surprised in the least if even supposedly safe “R” seats go D. And it will be by design. They have worked too hard to let it all go now. Look what happened after John Roberts went to the dark side on Ocare. Now it seems ALL the liberal judges are coming out and showing their true colors from abortion to voting to Sharia law, etc. We might “win” a couple of seats just to make it look legit but that’s all I’m counting on.

      • RyanMN
      • I agree, Sally. I won’t believe it until I see it. They’re too close to having their agenda slip away; An agenda that is decades in the making.

        They will pull out all the stops in order to keep the senate no matter what.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Exactly SallyAl, exactly…”they have worked too hard to let it all go now.” PA just struck down voter ID’s….
      … pay attention to Bachman, Gohmert and King. Note that Boehner just called King an AHole. Pay attention to General Vallely and that nuke story that unwound LGraham. Note Nunez continues to out Rogers…And Inhoef is back, God bless him. Pray people. Pray.

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