Why Arcane is so popular?

Why was Arcane so popular

Arcane's animation design is unique and stunning. It's actually one of the things about the show that blew me away. The attention to detail on the characters as well as the environment around them is unlike any I've seen before.

Why is Arcane considered good

Arcane also tells a richly political tale of a city already troubled by social inequality and injects it with the catalyst that is Hextech, a merging of magical and scientific advancement, across the better part of a decade.

Is Arcane a success

The success of Riot Games' Arcane on Netflix (which became a runaway hit and earned nine Annie nominations) has certainly opened a new chapter in the history of gaming-inspired animated content .

Is Arcane more popular

Arcane has a 9.3/10 score on IMDB with 99,000 ratings in. Again, the highest of any Netflix original series to date. It puts in in the top 5 scripted shows ever on that site, alongside Breaking Bad, Band of Brothers, Chernobyl and The Wire.

Why Arcane is a masterpiece

How old is Jinx in Arcane

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