Can I share a room with my BF in Bali?

Can you share a room with your boyfriend in Bali

The country just passed a law banning sex between unmarried people, and shockingly, it includes tourists. “Living together” is also to be punishable by up to six months in prison, which means two people sharing a hotel room could potentially be in jeopardy.

What is the new law in Bali

Tourists entering Bali will be forbidden from swearing, touching sacred trees or climbing structures under strict new rules aimed at cracking down on bad behaviour.

Is a holiday to Bali expensive

The Verdict – Is Bali expensive Bali is Indonesia's most expensive tourist destination and one of the most expensive places to travel in Southeast Asia. There is almost no public transportation, and supermarket prices aren't dissimilar to what you'd find at home. But Bali is as expensive as you make it.

Where is Bali located


Bali (/ˈbɑːli/; Balinese: ᬩᬮᬶ) is a province of Indonesia and the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands. East of Java and west of Lombok, the province includes the island of Bali and a few smaller offshore islands, notably Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan to the southeast.

Can unmarried couple stay in the same room in Bali

Bali governor Wayan Koster has assured that “there will be no checking on marital status upon check-in at any tourism accommodation… nor inspections by public officials or community groups”. “All tourists should feel safe and comfortable while enjoying their vacation in Bali,” he said.

Can couples share a bed in Bali

Under the new code, any unmarried people caught having sex could serve up to a year in prison. Cohabitation will also be illegal, so if you and your partner aren't married and have been dreaming of a Bali digital nomad lifestyle, it's probably worth looking elsewhere.

Can unmarried couples stay in the same room in Bali

The news might come as a shock, but it's all true. Indonesian government has proposed a new law under which an unmarried couple won't be allowed to stay in a hotel room together in Bali and if they do, it'd be considered a criminal offence.

Can you sleep together in Bali

Under the new code, any unmarried people caught having sex could serve up to a year in prison. Cohabitation will also be illegal, so if you and your partner aren't married and have been dreaming of a Bali digital nomad lifestyle, it's probably worth looking elsewhere.

Is $100 a day enough for Bali

On top of flights, if you budget around $100 per day for your trip to Bali it would be more than enough. This amount would enable you to stay in a mid-range hotel, eat out for every meal and enjoy some of the island's best activities.

Is Vietnam cheaper then Bali

Which place is cheaper, Bali or Hanoi These are the overall average travel costs for the two destinations. The average daily cost (per person) in Hanoi is $51, while the average daily cost in Bali is $78.

Why is Bali called Bali

Somewhere in 914 AD, Bali is also known to have its first King named Sri Kesarivarma who is talked of naming the Island as “Bali” which means sacrifice and is also known for the Buddhism inspired government and political system in Bali.

Is Bali a cheap place to visit

Conclusion: Why Is Bali So Cheap As you can see Bali can be cheap to holiday in and to live in. Even if you plan to visit on a luxury holiday, in comparison it will still be cheaper than other holiday destinations. It's a great island to visit and the perfect island getaway which won't cost you too much.

Can I sleep with my partner in Bali

Tourists visiting Indonesia will not be charged under a new law which will criminalise sex outside marriage, officials say. Dubbed the "Bali bonking ban", the new legislation threatens up to a year in jail for unmarried couples who have sex or six months for those who cohabit.

Can I stay with my girlfriend in Bali

Even hoteliers in Bali are concerned about the implications of the law on their services. Although Bali is making efforts to stamp out badly behaved tourists, on the whole, the island is very lenient when it comes to unmarried couples.

Can unmarried couples share a room

There are no laws that prohibit the stay of unmarried couples in the hotels. It is completely a personal choice and falls under freedom of movement and the same cannot be restricted. However, few hotels have their own policies and defined check-in criterias.

Is kissing in public allowed in Bali

Public displays of affection are not always accepted by the Balinese people. Too much kissing or being overly affectionate is not acceptable by the locals who find it disrespectful. Holding hands is acceptable, but anything beyond that should be left behind closed doors.

Can you kiss in public in Bali

Lovers do not kiss in public, and visitors should respect the Balinese' aversion to such intimate gestures.

Can you show public affection in Bali

The locals in Bali have more conservative customs than most Westerners, and don't generally approve of public displays of affection, so it's wise to be as respectful as possible when walking around the island. In general, dress modestly, especially when visiting temples.

Is $2000 enough for Bali

In fact, the most expensive part of your Bali vacation will probably be spent on airfare. All that said, you can easily spend a week or two in Bali for under $2,000, without having to sleep on the beach. Here are a few things to consider when planning Bali on a budget. Searching for the best beach hotel in Bali

Is $1000 dollars enough for a week in Bali

The typical cost for a person for a week in Bali is from 1,000 USD.

Is Vietnam richer than Indonesia

Economy. Vietnam has a GDP per capita of $8,200 as of 2020, while in Indonesia, the GDP per capita is $11,400 as of 2020.

Is Vietnam or Indonesia more beautiful

The natural beauty of Vietnam and Indonesia makes it impossible to compare. Indonesia is known for its rice terraces and volcanic landscape while Vietnam is home to Ha Long Bay and other stunning natural attractions.

What are the only 4 names in Bali

All Balinese people are named one of just 4 names: Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut. This is applies to both men and women. Here's how it works: Every Balinese child is simply named by his or her order of birth.

What country visits Bali the most


The top 10 nationalities of foreign visitors to Bali from 2014-2022 are Australia, China, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Malaysia, France, South Korea, and Germany. Australia has the highest number of visitors to Bali, with over 7 million people.

Can unmarried couples sleep together in Bali

Indonesia's new ban on extramarital sex sent shockwaves through its digital nomad community. On Tuesday last week, Indonesia's parliament approved a new criminal code banning sex outside of marriage, prohibiting unmarried couples from living together, and criminalising adultery.