Does any YouTuber have 200 million subscribers?

How many YouTubers have over 200 million subscribers

Only 1 channel, T-Series, has surpassed 200 million subscribers.

How many YouTubers have crossed 100 million

YouTube channels within specific subscriber ranges

Within specific subscriber ranges Number of YouTube channels
100 million or more 5
50,000,000 – 99,999,999 30
10,000,000 – 49,999,999 1,065
1,000,000 – 9,999,999 31,200

How many YouTubers have over 10000000 subscribers

According to the most recent statistics, over 600 YouTubers have already reached 10 million subscribers. So, it isn't surprising since users watch over a billion hours of videos on the platform.

Who is the biggest YouTuber

Top 20 Most-subscribed YouTube Channels

Rank Highest Rank Channel Name
1 1 (2019-present) T-Series
2 2 (2023-present) MrBeast
3 2 (2021-2023) Cocomelon
4 3 (2021-2023) SET India

Will there be a 200 million play button

But it does feature the same fancy bike ride Crystal. Used in the 100. Million award we also have no sense of skill. So it could be this big or it could be this big but what we do know is.

Who was the first YouTuber to hit 200 million subscribers


T-Series was the first channel to reach 100 million subscribers in 2019 and the first to 200 million in 2021.

Is there a 200 million subscriber play button

And that is T-Series. They hit this Milestone a long time ago. And finally YouTube has actually made an official award for this Milestone. And it's super awesome.

Which video was crossed 1 trillion views on YouTube


Minecraft crosses 1 trillion views on YouTube – The Verge.

Who has 100000000 subscribers


To celebrate reaching 100 million subscribers, MrBeast gave away a private island – which is probably a part of the reason he took the top position from PewDiePie.

Is 1 million subscribers famous

Getting 1 million YouTube subscribers is a huge milestone, and, in practical terms, it often means a creator can earn a full-time living from the platform.

Who is the 5 biggest YouTuber

The Most-Subscribed YouTubers and ChannelsT-Series (231m subscribers)Cocomelon (156m subscribers)SET India (154m subscribers)MrBeast (139m subscribers)PewDiePie (111m subscribers)✿ Kids Diana Show (110m subscribers)Like Nastya (105m subscribers)Vlad and Niki (95.6m subscribers)

Who is the No 1 YouTuber in

1. Ajay Nagar. The most well-known YouTuber in India, whose channel is named CarryMinati, is Ajay Nagar.

How many people have a 100000000 subscriber play button

YouTube Red Diamond Play Button – The ultimate prize for YouTubers! Only seven have been handed out to channels that have surpassed 100 million subscribers, including Pewdiepie, T-Series, and Mr Beast.

What is the 100000000 play button made of

The Red Diamond Play Button earned at 100 million subscribers, made out of silver-plated metal inset with a large piece of dark red crystal. T-Series, PewDiePie, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes, SET India, and MrBeast are currently the only 5 channels who have received this award.

Who has 111 million subscribers

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, devoured the competition this week, leapfrogging PewDiePie to become the most followed individual YouTube creator. Donaldson first hit 111 million subscribers to be in a dead heat with rival PewDiePie on Nov. 11.

Who hit 1 million subscribers the fastest

Jennie Kim from Blackpink

Jennie Kim from Blackpink (the biggest K-pop girl group) holds the record to date to hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube. In less than 7 hours, she has received 1 million subscribers. It had over six million customers in only two months, making her the fastest Youtuber to reach 1 million subscribers .

Is there a 200 million play button for YouTube

And that is T-Series. They hit this Milestone a long time ago. And finally YouTube has actually made an official award for this Milestone. And it's super awesome.

What is the fastest 1 billion views on YouTube

Adele – Hello

Video Days
1 Adele – Hello (Official Music Video) 87.4
2 Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee 96.5
3 Ed Sheeran – Shape of You (Official Music Video) 97.4
4 J Balvin, Willy William – Mi Gente (Official Video) 102.7

Is Minecraft reaching 1 trillion views on YouTube

This year, Minecraft YouTube passed a nearly unimaginable milestone: Videos related to the game have been viewed more than one trillion times. If each of those one trillion views were just one second long, that would add up to over 30,000 years.

Will anyone hit 1 billion subscribers on YouTube

So will t series hit 45 by 2060. I don't think. So it's not impossible. But certainly not likely so i think t-series. Culture lock means they will not be the one with the platinum.

Who is the 1st biggest YouTuber

The Top 50 Most-Subscribed YouTubers, December 2022

Channel Language
1 MrBeast English
2 PewDiePie English
3 Like Nastya English
4 Justin Bieber English

Who is the 3 most famous YouTuber

The Top 50 Most-Subscribed YouTubers, December 2022

Channel Views
1 MrBeast 19,263,779,296
2 PewDiePie 28,783,562,329
3 Like Nastya 85,894,111,041
4 Justin Bieber 29,324,935,875

Who is Asia No 1 YouTuber

CarryMinati is the Asia's number one YouTube channel and his original name Ajay Nagar.

What does the 100000000 subscriber play button look like

Red Diamond Creator Award

Awarded to channels that reach or surpass 100 million subscribers. Inspired by the Diamond Creator Award, it features a play button triangle with a large dark red crystal.

Is there a 1 subscriber play button

When Do You Get Your First YouTube Play Button You can get your hands on your first YouTube Play Button after reaching 100,000 subscribers for your channel.