Does Google Analytics 4 cost money?

Is Google Analytics 4 free or paid


Similar to Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 is a free property type. There are no costs associated with using one (or more) GA4 properties on your account.

Is Google Analytics free of charge

Google Analytics gives you the tools, free of charge, to understand the customer journey and improve marketing ROI.

What is the limit for Google Analytics 4 free

GA4 allows for custom dimensions and custom metrics, but there is a limit of 25 user-scoped custom dimensions, 50 event-scoped custom dimensions, and 50 custom metrics for each property.

What will happen if I don’t set up GA4

1. Limited Data Collection and Integration. By not upgrading to GA4, you'll miss out on the platform's enhanced data collection capabilities. This means that you'll continue to rely on the older version of Google Analytics, which may not provide the same level of integration with other Google marketing tools.

Do I need Google Analytics 4

Do You Have to Upgrade to GA4 Essentially, yes. Universal Analytics will stop processing data on July 1, 2023. Therefore, to continue tracking your performance, you'll need to upgrade to GA4.

Why do I need Google Analytics 4

GA4 is event based. Instead of creating a new session when a user returns to a site, GA4 records all events they complete. This allows Google to more accurately deduplicate users and emphasizes what users actually do on your site, rather than just caring that users get there. The second difference is the reporting.

What included free Google Analytics

Some of the features Google Analytics free version offers are: Real-Time Data. Custom Reporting option. Advanced Segmentation.

What does Google Analytics 4 do

Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. This documentation provides implementation instructions and reference materials geared towards a developer audience.

What is the monthly limit for GA4

Hit Limits in GA4

In Universal Analytics (free) there is a hit limit of 10 million hits per account on a monthly basis.

Is it worth upgrading to GA4

GA4 makes it easier to follow a visitor's journey without having to implement Google Tag Manager. So, while the data model is changing, GA4 makes cross-device tracking easy and the data points are more precise.

How long does GA4 data last

Google Analytics 4 data retention period

There are two default data retention settings you can make: 2 months or 14 months. Two months is the retention period that is automatically applied to age, gender, and interest data. This retention period is applied to custom reports, otherwise known as Explorations.

Why do I need to upgrade to GA4

Starting July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics1 properties will no longer process new data. We know your Analytics data is important, so we want to make sure you're fully set up on Google Analytics 4 before the sunset date to eliminate potential gaps in coverage.

Why GA4 is better than GA

In the case of GA4, both the web and app data use the same schema. Whereas in the case of GA3, this is not the case. Because of this reason, GA4 provides much more robust and reliable cross-device and cross-platform tracking than GA3.

Should I switch to GA4

To maximize historical data and to ensure that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) meets your specific needs, we recommend you make the switch to Google Analytics 4 now. This will give you the opportunity to customize the setup including using the latest site tag.

How do I get to Google Analytics 4

Steps For Configuring GA4Login to your Google Analytics Account.Click Admin. Gear icon, bottom left navigation.Confirm that your desired account is selected.Confirm the desired property is selected.Click GA4 Setup Assistant, the first option in the Property column.

How do I use Google Analytics for free

To set up Google Analytics, you simply have to follow these steps:Step 1: Set up Google Tag Manager.Step 2: Create Google Analytics account.Step 3: Set up analytics tag with Google Tag Manager.Step 4: Set up goals.Step 5: Link to Google Search Console.

Am I using Google Analytics 4

Check the left sidebar

Log in to your Google Analytics property. If you see things like “Explore” on the left sidebar of the interface, you're using Google Analytics 4. If you see Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions – you're using Universal Analytics.

Why do I need GA4

GA4 is event based. Instead of creating a new session when a user returns to a site, GA4 records all events they complete. This allows Google to more accurately deduplicate users and emphasizes what users actually do on your site, rather than just caring that users get there. The second difference is the reporting.

Do I need GA4

“The main reason to move your data and set up GA4 now, if you plan to remain on Google Analytics, is the ability to make use of your historical data in the future. Like it or not, Google Analytics will be migrating to GA4 as default in 2023, so you'll have to do it eventually.

Is there a paid version of GA4

#1: Free vs Paid

The GA4 standard refers to the standard/free version of the GA4 property. Whereas, GA4 360 refers to the premium/paid version of the GA4 property. In other words, GA4 Standard is free to use. Whereas GA4 360 is not.

How much does GA4 migration cost

Migration to GA4 Explained

Standard config costs start from $330 (this includes 2 goal/event migrations). Each additional goal/event that needs to be migrated and set up costs $55. We charge an additional $330 for migration and setup of ecommerce tracking and reporting.

Is GA4 data retention only 14 months

GA4 comes with a two-month data retention period by default, and you have the option to set it to 14 months. The retention period is applied to custom reports in explorations, whereas data in the standard reports never expire.

Should I use GA4 or universal analytics

Mobile App and Website Tracking

While you could achieve this in Universal Analytics, you needed to create a separate Property. With GA4, everything can be tracked in one platform. As a result, site owners get a significantly more detailed and comprehensive picture of how customers navigate across your website.

Why is GA4 so complicated

GA4 has an entirely different data model as compared to UA. Instead of being based on sessions and pageviews like in Universal Analytics, the GA4 measurement model is based exclusively on events. Since the data is collected and processed differently, some once-familiar metrics are now gone.

How do I activate GA4

Create a GA4 propertyIn Google Analytics, click.In the Account column, make sure that your desired account is selected.In the Property column, select the UA property that currently collects data for your website.In the Property column, click GA4 Setup Assistant.