How much is Lisa Vanderpump paid for RHOBH?

What is Lisa and Ken’s net worth

Lisa and her husband Ken lso sold four of their London bars back in the '90s for a reported 10.5 million pounds. According to Forbes, all of her businesses combined estimate that Lisa Venderpump and her husband Ken are worth a reported $100 million.

How much does Lisa Vanderpump make per episode

1 Lisa Vanderpump Is The One True Star

Since Vanderpump is an executive producer of Vanderpump Rules, the co-owner of SUR, and a big part of the series, In Touch Weekly stated that the star made $50,000 per episode.

Who is the richest person on Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Vanderpump

1. Lisa Vanderpump – US$90 million.

How much is Lisa Vanderpump worth on 2023

From running a successful restaurant empire to commanding the small screen on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump has created a massive empire and considerable personal wealth. As of 2023, Lisa Vanderpump's estimated net worth is around $90 Million US Dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Brandi Glanville still rich

The California native's net worth is estimated to be $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Lisa Vanderpump a billionaire

Lisa Vanderpump's net worth in 2023 is $90 million. This is according to reputable outlets such as Celebrity Net Worth. Lisa Vanderpump was born on September 15, 1969 in Dulwich, London. She studied in Riverston School before attending drama classes at Corona Academy.

How much does Bravo pay the cast of Vanderpump Rules

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the core cast of Vanderpump Rules was “barely netting $10,000 for their participation in the entire first season,” but they went through negotiations in 2017 and 2018 and started being paid $25,000 per episode. This content is imported from instagram.

How is Raquel from Vanderpump so rich

Internet personality Raquel Leviss net worth is $48 Million US Dollars. Raquel Leviss earns $7 Million annually through her Acting, Modeling, and Beauty businesses. Raquel is currently dating her co-star Tom Sandoval. Raquel Leviss is the richest person on Vanderpump Rules.

How much did Lisa pay for Villa Rosa

Villa Rosa Is Worth a Fortune

You've seen Lisa's gorgeous home in all its glory on RHOBH, and—unsurprisingly—it's worth a vast sum. Lisa and Ken bought Villa Rosa for almost $12 million in 2011 and it's said to be worth more than $20 million today. Impressive, but these two are used to making a profit in real estate.

How much did Brandi Glanville get paid for RHOBH

about $175,000 per season

Brandi previously told Howard Stern in 2013 that she earned $18,000 for her contributions as a friend of the housewives, but her salary was bumped up to $136,000 when she became a permanent fixture on the series. Since then, her salary was reported to be about $175,000 per season.

Are Brandi and Lisa still friends

Brandi says she used to mourn her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, but has come to believe they never really had one. LVP was one of the first Housewives to weigh in on Rinna's reality TV retirement, simply tweeting "Ding dong" (as in, "the witch is dead") to her followers.

Did Vanderpump Rules cast get paid

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the core cast of Vanderpump Rules was “barely netting $10,000 for their participation in the entire first season,” but they went through negotiations in 2017 and 2018 and started being paid $25,000 per episode.

Do Tom and Tom still own TomTom

Schwartz and Sandoval are co-owners of the restaurant and bar Schwartz and Sandy's in the Franklin Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. They are also junior partners at the TomTom restaurant in West Hollywood.

How much money does Kyle Richards make per episode

Richards' former RHOBH co-star Camille Meyer claimed that in Season 1, Richards made $136,000 for the season, which would have put her at about $12,363.64 per episode for the 11 episodes in Season 1. Her salary is now rumored at almost double that overall, at a reported $270,000 for Season 12 (the last season to air).

Does Raquel Leviss really have $30 million

Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules took Raquel Leviss from a reality TV star to a household name. She first appeared on Vanderpump Rules in Season 5, helping boost her income as well as profile. At just 28 years old she has a staggering net worth that is estimated to be around $30 million.

Why are Lisa and Ken so rich

How Does Lisa Vanderpump Make Money The television personality and her husband, Ken Todd, own four restaurants in West Hollywood, Los Angeles; SUR, PUMP, TomTom and Stonebaked pizzeria. The pair opened their first restaurant, former Beverly Hills eatery Villa Blanca in 2009.

Does Lisa own Villa Rosa

In terms of real estate, Vanderpump and Todd acquired their famous Beverly Hills home, Villa Rosa, in 2011 for around $12 million after selling their previous mansion for $18.8 million. According to Refinery29, Zillow representatives said Vanderpump and Todd purchased Villa Rose in 2011 for $11,995,000.

How much does RHOBH pay Kyle Richards

$270,000 per season

How much does Kyle Richards make on RHOBH Richards has been a fixture on RHOBH since Season 1. Former co-star Meyer claimed that Richards made $136,000 in Season 1, while reports of her recent salary have her making $270,000 per season.

Who is the highest paid housewife of Beverly Hills

Denise Richards, also known as Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, signed a contract with Bravo that guaranteed her at least $1million per season, Editor Choice reported. While this doesn't make her the highest-paid Real Housewife in Bravo's history, it does make her the highest in the Beverly Hills franchise.

Is Brandi Glanville still friends with Yolanda

Brandi Glanville Is Upset With Yolanda Hadid After Reading Her Book. Brandi Glanville on why she's no longer friends with Yolanda Hadid.

Why isn t Lisa Rinna returning to RHOBH

In early January, a representative for Rinna told The Hollywood Reporter that since her contract was up at the end of season 12, she took “the time to weigh her current options and business obligations,” and mutually decided with Bravo that she would not be returning.

How much money does TomTom make

Annual revenue

Year Revenue Change
2022 $0.56 B -4.37%
2021 $0.59 B -3.47%
2020 $0.61 B -22.03%
2019 $0.78 B -3.34%

Does Lisa own Schwartz and Sandy’s

Lisa's Involvement in Schwartz & Sandy's

Although Lisa is not an official partner in Schwartz & Sandy's, which opened in November 2022, she helped the Toms throughout the process of creating their new business.

Who gets paid the most on RHOBH

Denise Richards

Denise Richards (Season 9 – 10)

Denise is by far the highest paid cast member in RHOBH history.

Which housewife makes the most money

These are the biggest ever salaries in Real Housewives history:Nene Leakes – $2.85million.Kandi Burruss – $2.3million.Cynthia Bailey – $1.8million.Porsha Williams – $1.3 million.Phaedra Parks – $1.3million.Bethenny Frankel – $1million plus.Teresa Giudice – $1.1million.Denise Richards – $1million.