Is Google Analytics 4 better?

Is Google Analytics 4 worth it

Google Analytics 4 is a powerful analytics tool that provides invaluable insights into your audience. There are numerous benefits to GA4, including cross-platform tracking, more control over data, and AI-driven insights. Fortunately, setting up a GA4 property on your website or app is easy.

Should I switch to Google Analytics 4

To maximize historical data and to ensure that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) meets your specific needs, we recommend you make the switch to Google Analytics 4 now. This will give you the opportunity to customize the setup including using the latest site tag.

Is Google Analytics 4 better than Universal Analytics

The biggest thing not included in GA4 is data limits. Universal Analytics properties are only able to process 10 million hits, 500 hits for each session, and 200,000 hits per user per day. But there are no data limits on GA4.

Is Google Analytics 4 the same as Google Analytics

GA4 leverages the same measurement model as Google Analytics Firebase (used for mobile apps) where all interactions are captured as events (more on that under point 2 below). This new unified data schema between a website and a mobile app means that it will be much easier to combine data across them.

What are disadvantages of GA4

What are the limitations of Google Analytics 4Sampled data.Whole-view of users.Removal of attribution models.Data collection limits.GA4 isn't fully GDPR compliant.No dedicated support.

Should I use GA4

“The main reason to move your data and set up GA4 now, if you plan to remain on Google Analytics, is the ability to make use of your historical data in the future. Like it or not, Google Analytics will be migrating to GA4 as default in 2023, so you'll have to do it eventually.

What happens if I don’t switch to GA4

Google will officially sunset Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. This means if you use Google Analytics and haven't switched over to GA4 by that time, you will no longer receive any website data and could lose access to your historical data for good.

Why do I need GA4

GA4 is event based. Instead of creating a new session when a user returns to a site, GA4 records all events they complete. This allows Google to more accurately deduplicate users and emphasizes what users actually do on your site, rather than just caring that users get there. The second difference is the reporting.

What are the cons of GA4

The biggest limitation of Google Analytics 4 is the inability to migrate existing data from Universal Analytics. UA will stop collecting new data from user interactions in July 2023, and any data collected in UA will not be available to GA4 properties.

What is the advantage of GA4 over universal analytics

In Universal Analytics, the metrics were sessions and page views. However, now GA4's unit of measurement is Events, allowing you to measure interactions that aren't from web pages much more effectively. GA4 offers many more tools to edit and correct them without adjusting the implementation code.

How old is Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the new generation of Google's analytics platform, officially launched in October 2020 and which replaced Universal Analytics in 2023.

What is the disadvantage of GA4

Limited Metrics and Reports

One of the drawbacks of GA4 is that it has a different way of handling data compared to UA. While UA focused on sessions and page views, GA4's measurement model is purely event-based.

Is it worth upgrading to GA4

GA4 makes it easier to follow a visitor's journey without having to implement Google Tag Manager. So, while the data model is changing, GA4 makes cross-device tracking easy and the data points are more precise.

Is GA4 banned in Europe

In a significant development, Google Analytics 4 is deemed legal in Europe following the recent adoption of the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework by the European Commission. The news comes amid warnings from the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) concerning potential surveillance risks associated with GA4.

What is the difference between v3 and v4 Google Analytics

In v3, the accepted samplingLevel values are FASTER , HIGHER_PRECISION , and DEFAULT ; and in v4, the accepted samplingLevel values are SMALL , LARGE , and DEFAULT . Note that FASTER in v3 has changed to SMALL in v4, HIGHER_PRECISION to LARGE .

What is the difference between analytics 360 and GA4

There's just more data available in GA360 before you hit quota limits. In GA4 you can categorise users with up to 25 user-scoped custom dimensions per property; in GA360 that number becomes 100. In GA4 you can only define 100 audiences; in GA360 that number becomes 400.

Is GA4 still beta

Google Analytics 4 launch date on timeline

31st July 2019 – Beta GA4 launch date as App + Web. Mid October 2020 – Official GA4 release. 16 March 2022 – Google announce 2023 UA deprecation dates.

Is GA4 out of beta

Giving ecommerce brands the tools they need to track the customer journey from end-to-end in a matter of a few clicks. With that—we are excited to announce we are officially out of beta! Our team stands at the ready to help you as you migrate to GA4 or launch a completely new ecommerce business together.

Why is GA4 so complicated

GA4 has an entirely different data model as compared to UA. Instead of being based on sessions and pageviews like in Universal Analytics, the GA4 measurement model is based exclusively on events. Since the data is collected and processed differently, some once-familiar metrics are now gone.

Is Google Analytics 4 going away

360 Universal Analytics properties without a current 360 order (Google Analytics 4 or Universal Analytics) are subject to downgrade to standard Universal Analytics properties, will not receive the extension, and will stop processing data starting on July 1, 2023.

Should I use GA3 or GA4

In the case of GA4, both the web and app data use the same schema. Whereas in the case of GA3, this is not the case. Because of this reason, GA4 provides much more robust and reliable cross-device and cross-platform tracking than GA3.

What are the limitations of GA4

Configuration limits

Configured item Limit per property (For 360 limits, go here)
Data retention Up to 14 months
Explorations 200 created per user 500 shared
Explore sampling limits 10M events per query
Ads links 400

What is missing in Google Analytics 4

Missing reports: You'll also find some reports you loved in Universal Analytics are missing in GA4. For example, you no longer have a behavior flow report in the new interface. But again, there is a replacement of sorts in GA4. Here, we recommend using the path exploration report or the funnel exploration report.

What are the disadvantages of GA4

Some of its limitations include:Sampled data.Whole-view of users.Removal of attribution models.Data collection limits.GA4 isn't fully GDPR compliant.No dedicated support.