What area code is 352?

What area is 352 in USA

Gainesville, Florida

Area code 352 is a NANPA telephone dialing area around Gainesville, Florida. It was split from area code 904 in 1995. It includes all of Dixie, Gilchrist, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake (with the exception of Montverde, Florida), and Hernando counties, and all but the extreme north of Alachua County.

What area code is 352 in the state of Florida


This area code covers cities including: Gainesville, Ocala, Inverness, Dunnellon, and part of central Florida. Its major city is Gainesville, which has a population of 141,085 people. The 352 area code touches 13 other counties: Marion, Lake, Alachua, Hernando, Pasco, Citrus, Sumter, Clay, Levy, and Dixie.

Which country zip code is 352


Luxembourg Country Code 352 – Worldometer.

What is Ocala area code

Area code 352Ocala / Area code

352: Dunnellon, Gainesville, Inverness, Lady Lake, Ocala, Spring Hill, The Villages, Wildwood and central Florida.

What area code is Los Angeles 3

Background. The 213 area code was created in 1947 and was one of the original three area codes in California. The 213 area code was split five times between 1951 and 1991, creating the 714 area code in 1951, the 805 area code in 1957, the 818 area code in 1984, the 310 area code in 1991 and the 323 area code in 1998.

How many area codes are in USA


How Many Area Codes Are There in the United States There are 317 geographic area codes in the United States and an additional 18 non-geographic area codes totalling 335 US area codes.

What is area code in Florida

Florida (FL) Phone Numbers – Local area codes 239, 305, 321, 352, 386, 407, 561, 727, 754, 772, 786, 813, 850, 863, 904, 941 and 954.

What’s the area code for Orlando Florida

Area code 407Orlando / Area code

Area codes 407 and 689 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the city of Orlando an surroundings in the U.S. state of Florida.

What area code is 353 in the US

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin announced a new area code, 353, for south-central and southwestern Wisconsin on Thursday, citing an expected depletion of new 608 numbers. Area codes are the first three numbers of a phone number and represent the geographical region a number was assigned in.

What is zip code in countries

A postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

Is Ocala a town or city

Ocala (/oʊˈkælə/ oh-KAL-ə) is a city in and the county seat of Marion County, Florida, United States.

Is Ocala a city or county

Ocala is a city in Marion County, Florida. In 2010, the number of people recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau was 56,315.

What US area codes are in LA

Los Angeles Phone Numbers – Local area codes 213, 310, 424, 661, 818 and 323.

What is area code for California

California Area Codes

209/350* 530 831
310/424* 562 916/279*
408/669* 619/858* 925
415/628* 626 949
510/341* 650 951

What is the most famous area code in USA

Top 10 Most Popular Area Codes310: Los Angeles, CA.212: New York City, NY.305: Miami, FL.702: Las Vegas, NV.202: Washington, DC.415: San Francisco, CA.404: Atlanta, GA.312: Chicago, IL.

What is the most uncommon US area code

906 is among the least populous numbering plan areas in North America, serving only about 320,000 people. Therefore, it is unlikely 906 will exhaust in the foreseeable future. The area code has inspired an unofficial holiday in the Upper Peninsula on September 6 (906 correlating to the month/day date).

What area code is Miami


Miami, Florida is in the 305 and 786 area codes on the coast in southeastern Florida, in the United States. When your local business presence isn't enough, Nextiva takes you where your customers are. VoIP services from Nextiva will give your business access to the local Miami area code.

What is the city code for Miami

Area codes 305 and 786 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for Miami, Florida, Miami-Dade County, and the part of Monroe County in the Florida Keys in the United States. The mainland portion of Monroe County is served by area code 239.

What US area codes are in Florida

Florida (FL) Phone Numbers – Local area codes 239, 305, 321, 352, 386, 407, 561, 727, 754, 772, 786, 813, 850, 863, 904, 941 and 954.

Is 353 a real number

353 (three hundred fifty-three) is the natural number following 352 and preceding 354.

What is the UK ZIP code

A zip code in the UK is called a postcode and is a six to 8 character code. Unlike zip codes in the US, postcodes can include both letters and numbers.

What is America’s ZIP code

The current postal codes in the United States range from 00001 – 99950. The lowest and highest of these postal codes are both specific to areas in Alaska; The 00001 code is for the N Dillingham area, and the postal code 99950 is for Ketchikan, AK.

Is Ocala nice to live in

People love calling Ocala home because of its weather, affordable cost of living, welcoming atmosphere, and more. This small city has been rated in the top 20 places to retire, the top 10 places to live in Florida, and one of the safest places to live.

Is Ocala Florida a wealthy area

The per capita income in Ocala in 2018 was $30,424, which is middle income relative to Florida and the nation. This equates to an annual income of $121,696 for a family of four. However, Ocala contains both very wealthy and poor people as well. Ocala is an extremely ethnically-diverse city.

Why is Ocala so cheap

The cost of living in Ocala is lower than the national average. Since Florida doesn't have an income tax and the Ocala sales tax rate is under the state average, the cost of living is lower than many other areas in Florida.