What documents do you need to carry on an aircraft?

What documents should be carried on flights

Passport, Travel Visa and National ID Card

Proper identification is the foundation of international travel. As a result, you should ensure to always have an official identification document with you. You can even consider having multiple documents such as your passport, national ID card or driver's licence.

Why can’t i check-in Vietjet

The following cases are not eligible for online check-in: Passengers travelling with infants (<2 year old) or pregnant passengers. Passengers with limited mobility or need special assistance. Groups of more than 100 passengers with the same booking code.

Can I fly domestic in Thailand without a passport

Carry ID with you

Thai people are required to carry their ID card and as a tourist you should have your passport with you when travelling domestically. In some instances you may also be asked to show your passport when buying tickets in person e.g. for train travel.

Do I need to print boarding pass Vietjet

Once the online check-in process is completed, Passengers can choose to print a boarding pass, receive it by email or download to mobile phone. After passengers have completed online check-in procedures, if they do not have hand baggage, they can go directly to security area and boarding gate.

How strict is Vietjet baggage allowance

– Hand baggage: Passengers (except infants) are allowed a piece of hand baggage on the aircraft. Hand luggage must not be larger than 56cm × 36cm × 23cm and the maximum weight is 7kg. Such baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in the baggage compartment in the cabin.

Can you fly without a valid passport

Generally, it is necessary to have a valid passport if you want to travel abroad. Depending on the country and your citizenship, you may also need to show proof of a valid eVisa, online visa, or visa.

Should you always carry passport

You never know when you may be required to check in the suitcase or leave it behind in an emergency. To be safe, always carry your passport in your cross-body bag, fanny pack or passport pouch that will always be with you.

Do I need a paper copy of my boarding pass

Printing your boarding pass is doubly important if you're traveling with your family. Every person needs to be accounted for with a ticket in hand at security and at the boarding gate, and that's just easier done with a piece of paper than on an app.

Do I need to print boarding pass or can I show my phone

Can I use my mobile boarding pass to go through the security checkpoint and board my flight Yes, simply show your mobile boarding pass on a mobile phone, iPad, or Apple Watch and a valid form of identification to the TSA Agent at security to proceed.

Can you take 7kg carry on luggage on Vietjet

From June 1, 2023, when booking Eco and Deluxe tickets on domestic (Vietnam) and international routes, one passenger (excluding infants under 2 years old) may bring a maximum of 7 kg carry-on baggage (including 01 main item of luggage and/or 01 small handbag).

Does Vietjet check carry-on weight

Hand luggage carried on the aircraft must be in accordance with Vietjet regulations and must be able to fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. Hand luggage dimensions and weight might be checked again at the Boarding gate.

Can you fly home with an expired passport

An expired passport is invalid. If you are traveling back to the United States on a direct flight, you can fly with an expired passport. However, this only applies if you get the go-ahead from the relevant embassy. However, you cannot fly out of the country with an expired passport.

Can I fly in the UK without a passport

If you are flying solely within the UK, including Northern Ireland, you do not need a passport but we advise that you carry photographic identification with you when travelling, such as your passport or driving licence.

Should you carry your passport with you in Vietnam

Hotel receptions in Vietnam usually ask to keep your passport during the length of your stay. While most of the time you have to hand the original over, some will accept a copy if you have one. Having a copy is a great, albeit temporary, backup in case you end up losing or damaging your passport.

Should you carry your passport with you in Bali

Although Bali is a safe island and there are very few cases of theft, you shouldn't be careless either. It is advisable to leave your wallet, passport, important documents, and anything of value in a safe place or, if possible, carry them with you, to avoid any possible theft.

Do I need to print my boarding pass if I have a QR code

If you have the mobile version with the QR code, you don't need to print the boarding pass. Just have it ready on your smartphone or tablet. If you only have the PDF, it depends on the airport and the airline staff.

Do I need to print my boarding pass or can I have it on my phone

Do I Need to Print My Boarding Pass You shouldn't need to print your boarding pass out on paper as all of the needed information is available within the mobile version of the code, the airline's app, and the various emails they've sent you.

Can I take 10kg hand luggage and a backpack

What you can bring for free: One piece of hand luggage weighing up to 10kg and measuring no more than 55x40x20cm. If you have a handbag or laptop bag, this will need to be able to fit into your larger bag.

Can I carry 25 kg in flight

Air India domestic baggage allowance

For those in the business class, only 35kg is allowed. The checked baggage allowance for passengers in the economy class is 25kg. Infants in all these classes are allowed to carry 10kg as checked baggage. These criteria are only based on the Air India allowance for domestic flights.

How strict is VietJet with carry-on size

– Hand baggage: Passengers (except infants) are allowed a piece of hand baggage on the aircraft. Hand luggage must not be larger than 56cm × 36cm × 23cm and the maximum weight is 7kg. Such baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in the baggage compartment in the cabin.

How strict is VietJet with hand luggage

Hand luggage dimensions:

– Dimensions not to exceed 56cm × 36cm × 23 cm. 01 Lady handbag or book, magazine, camera, children food kit, duty free bag..etc with the dimension not to exceed 30cm × 20cm × 10 cm. 01 jacket bag not to exceed 114cm × 60cm × 11cm. 01 laptop bag not to exceed 40cm × 30cm × 10cm.

Can I use an expired passport as ID

Can an expired passport be used as an ID The short answer is no; an expired passport or photo ID is officially an invalid form of identification and cannot be used to verify identity when setting up a bank account, taking out a loan, buying a house or getting legal advice, for example.

Can you use an expired passport as an ID

When your passport expires, it loses its validity as the information available to the government becomes outdated, thus making it unacceptable as a form of ID. That means you cannot use it to travel abroad or for legal transactions like taking out a loan or securing a mortgage on a house.

What countries do not require a passport

Now, most of the time, you need to have a passport when traveling, but there are always a few exceptions.Best Places to Travel Without a US Passport. You can travel without a passport in the following countries:Puerto Rico.US Virgin Islands.Northern Mariana Islands.American Samoa.Guam.Canada.Mexico.

Can I travel without a valid passport

The most likely scenario is that you will be prevented from boarding transport by the staff on duty. If you managed to avoid that situation, you could be blocked from entering your destination by border authorities upon arrival. Generally, it is necessary to have a valid passport if you want to travel abroad.