What is the difference between the Big 3 and the Big 4?

What is the difference between the Big 3 and the Big 4 companies

The Big 3 is one of the names given to the three largest strategy consulting firms by revenue: McKinsey, Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). They are also referred to as MBB. The Big Four consists of the four largest accounting firms by revenue: PwC, Deloitte, EY, and KPMG.

Is Big 4 better than Big 3

In short, if you are willing to give up all the balance for high reward, the Big 3 is for you. However, if want a more sustainable work/life balance and a social life, you should consider working for the Big 4.

Who are the Big 4 in Vietnam

The so-called Big Four, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, audit 40% of publicly traded companies in Vietnam. As of last year, Vietnam's three stock markets, HoSE, HNX and UPCoM, had over 1,600 firms listed, and the four companies audited 664 of them.

Who is a Big 4 partner

A Big 4 Partner is a senior-level executive at one of the four largest professional services firms globally, which include Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (EY), and KPMG. They are responsible for leading a practice area, managing client relationships, and ensuring quality service delivery.

Can you go from Big 4 to Big 3

It may be challenging to make the switch, but it is not impossible, and I would argue it is not harder to move into MBB from a Big 4 than getting into MBB with any other background or straight out of school. The top three consulting firms are known for their higher prestige and compensation compared to the Big 4.

Is KPMG a Big 3

The "Big Four" is the nickname for the four largest accounting firms in the United States, as measured by revenue. They are Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG).

What are the Big Four in China

In 2021, the Big Four audited a quarter of China's 98 central SOEs, but EY led the pack earning about 12% of its revenue in the country from these giant corporations. KPMG, PwC and Deloitte got less than 4% each, according to data from the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants analyzed by Bloomberg.

Who is the most powerful leader in Vietnam

Manh was also the first general secretary with a university degree. Manh retired in 2011, and Nguyễn Phú Trọng succeeded him, and he now is considered the most powerful political figure in Vietnam.

Who are the top 3 Big Four

Revenue of the Big Four accounting / audit firms worldwide in 2022 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Revenue in billion U.S. dollars
Deloitte 59.3
PwC 50.3
EY 45.2
KPMG 34.64

30 thg 5, 2023

Why Big 4 and not Big 5

History of the Big 4 accounting firms

In the late 1990s, the Big 6 became the Big 5 when Price Waterhouse merged with Coopers and Lybrand to form PricewaterhouseCoopers (later stylised as PwC). Five became four in 2001 after the insolvency of Arthur Andersen due to the firm's involvement in the Enron scandal.

Is Big 4 hard to get in

Very hard indeed. A recent article in The Time exploring the Big Four (and KPMG, especially) revealed that PwC had an acceptance rate in 2022 of approximately 2.5%, based on the 304,000 applications it received to its 7,500 roles (including 2,000 entry level ones).

When should I quit Big 4

Whether you joined a Big 4 as a springboard for your career or were set on making partner, we generally advise professionals to make a move around three to six years of experience, in order not to leave either too early or too far into their Big 4 career.

Is McKinsey a Big 3

The three consulting firms widely regarded as constituting the Big Three or MBB are McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company and Boston Consulting Group.

Is PwC a Big 3

On the other hand, PwC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte are collectively referred to as the Big Four, that is, they are the four largest accounting firms as measured by revenue in the world. The Big Four perform most of the auditing work for some of the largest public companies in the world.

Why is 4 not used in China

In Mainland China

The Chinese avoid phone numbers and addresses with fours because the pronunciation in "four" and "death" differ only in tone, especially when a combination with another number sounds similar to undesirable expressions. Example: “94” could be interpreted as being dead for a long time.

Is 4 lucky or unlucky in China

While only a few numbers are considered unlucky in China, the number 4 is the most unlucky as it rhymes with the word that means death.

Who were Vietnam strongest allies

Vietnam has forged comprehensive strategic partnerships — the highest diplomatic designation — with China, India, Russia, and, most recently, South Korea. Many of Vietnam's strategic partners are U.S. allies, such as Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

What is Vietnam power rank in the world

The US News & World Report's ranking of the most powerful countries in the world in 2022 has shown that Vietnam ranks 30th with a GDP of 363 billion USD and a population exceeding 98.2 million people. Other Asian countries, the Republic of Korea, Japan and India are also included in the above ranking.

Which Big 4 is the best

The Big 4 Accounting FirmsDeloitte LLP is the number one firm in the United States (and in the world).PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) is ranked as the number two accounting firm in the world.Ernst & Young is rated number three out of the top 100 accounting firms in the world.

Who is the smallest Big 4


KPMG. The smallest of the Big 4, KPMG firms operate in 146 countries and territories across the globe.

Why is the Big 5 so famous

The term “Big Five” originally referred to the difficulty in hunting the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo. These five large African mammal species were known to be dangerous and it was considered a feat by trophy hunters to bring them home.

Does Big 4 look at GPA

The Big 4 do have Minimum GPA Requirements

But they aren't the same at all schools. At some schools like Texas and BYU they are only 3.2. At other schools, the GPA requirements typically are between 3.5 and 3.7 minimum. That is because the big 4 receive tons of candidates from those other schools with really high GPAs.

Is Deloitte a Big 3

The Big Four are the four largest professional services networks in the world: Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG, and PwC.

Why is 4 unlucky in Asia

The number 4 (四, pinyin: sì; Cantonese Yale: sei) is considered an unlucky number in Chinese because it is nearly homophonous to the word "death" (死 pinyin: sǐ; Cantonese Yale: séi).

Why is 4 banned in Japan

There are six unlucky numbers in Japanese. Traditionally, 4 is unlucky because it is sometimes pronounced shi, which is the word for death.