What is the most visa-free country?

What country can travel the most without visa


In 2023, the most powerful passport in the world in terms of travel freedom is the Japanese passport, according to the HPI. A passport issued by Japan allows the holder to enter 193 different countries and territories without having to get a visa in advance. Singapore and South Korea are tied for 2nd place.

What is the ranking of Vietnam passport in 2023


The country ranks 88th in the list of a total of 227 territories and countries worldwide in 2023, with a Vietnamese passport holder able to visit 55 nations without applying for a visa, or just possessing an e-visa or visa-on-arrival.

Who is the best visa in the world

Without COVID-19 travel restrictions and Ukrainian war–related visa changes in place, 2023's most powerful passports in the world are:Singapore (192 destinations)Germany, Italy, Spain (190 destinations)Austria, Finland, France, Japan, Luxembourg, South Korea, Sweden (189 destinations)

What is the Henley passport index for Vietnam

VGP – Viet Nam has climbed six places from 88th earlier this year to 82nd in the ranking of the world's most powerful passports.

What is the weakest passport


The weakest passport in the world is Afghanistan with a visa-free access score of just 27, followed by Iraq at 29 destinations, and Syria at 30. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions.

What are the 10 most powerful passports

The Most Powerful Passports In The WorldSingapore (192 destinations)Germany, Italy & Spain (190 destinations)Austria, Finland, France, Japan, Luxembourg, South Korea & Sweden (189 destinations)Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom (188 destinations)

Is the Vietnamese passport strong

The latest report compiled by the Henley Passport Index indicates that Vietnam climbed six positions to secure 82nd place in a ranking of the world's most powerful passports this year.

How powerful is Vietnam passport

HANOI (Vietnam News/Asia News Network): Vietnam's passport has risen six places to be the 82nd most powerful in the world, the Henley Passport Index has shown in its latest edition.

What is the ranking of the Vietnam passport

88th in

Vietnam's passport climbed four spots to rank 88th among the most powerful passports in the world, according to the newly-released Henley Passport Index 2023.

What is the weakest visa


Afghanistan remains entrenched at the bottom of the Henley Passport Index, with a visa-free access score of just 27.

How strong is Vietnam passport

The Vietnamese passport has moved up six places to 82nd in the latest global travel freedom index as Vietnamese citizens now enjoy visa-free access to 55 destinations.

Do I need visa to Vietnam

Entry Requirements: You must have a valid passport and a visa (or pre-approval for a visa on arrival) to enter Vietnam. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your planned stay, and you must have at least one blank visa page (not including the endorsement page).

What is the 4th worst passport in the world

Pakistani passport remains fourth-worst in the world: Henley index.Pakistani passport remains fifth-worst globally: Henley index.History of the Pakistani passport.

Which is the No 2 strongest passport in the world

Germany, Italy and Spain have all moved up into second place with visa-free access to 190 destinations, while Japan and South Korea are joined in the No.3 slot by Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg and Sweden.

What are the 10 weakest passports

8th weakest passport. Bangladesh.7th weakest passport. North Korea.6th weakest passport. Palestenian Territory, Nepal.5th weakest passport. Yemen, Somalia.4th weakest passport. Pakistan.3rd weakest passport. Syria.2nd weakest passport. Iraq.Weakest passport in the world. Afghanistan. Visa-free access to 27 countries.

What are the top 5 best passports

Here are the world's 10 most powerful passports for 2023:

UK, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands (188 locations) Belgium, Czech Republic, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, and Switzerland (187 locations) Australia, Hungary and Poland (186 locations) Canada and Greece (185 locations)

Is Vietnam friendly country

Vietnam has ranked ninth among the ten friendliest countries in the world, the World Population Review quoted a survey conducted by InterNations.

Is Vietnam friendly to foreigners

According to the ranking of the friendliest countries in the world in 2021, Vietnam is ranked 9th out of the top 10 most foreigner-friendly countries in the world. Therefore, Vietnam will be an ideal destination for travelers.

Is Vietnam the strongest military

Vietnam is ranked 23th out of 137 countries in the military strength ranking 2019 of US-based Global Firepower. The country was down three places from last year, but still second in Southeast Asia after Indonesia, according to Global Firepower's 2019 Military Strength Ranking.

Is Vietnam a strong army

Vietnam's army is its most powerful military service and has been in the front of the queue for procurement, receiving T-90 tanks from Russia to help defend the northern frontier with China. Since 2015, Vietnam has turned to investing in its coast guard, ADAF, and navy.

How powerful is Vietnam visa

The Vietnam passport ranking is due to the degree of global entry it guarantees to Vietnamese passport holders, who may travel visa-free to 49 countries, but who otherwise need a visa to access 140 countries globally. National passports are ranked according to how many countries a holder can access visa-free.

Where can Vietnamese go without a visa

Visa Free Countries for Vietnamese Citizens in 2023Barbados.Barbados.Brunei.Chile.Comoro Islands *Ecuador.Kuwait *Kyrgyzstan.

Which is the hardest visa

Hardest Countries to Get a Visa to VisitIran.Turkmenistan.Chad.Bhutan.Saudi Arabia.Western Sahara.Somah2a.North Korea.

Do Americans need Vietnam visa

Do American Passport Holders Need a Visa to Go to Vietnam Americans require a visa to travel to Vietnam. You can obtain the visa ahead of time from the Vietnam Embassy in the US, or process a visa on arrival in Vietnam. This visa is embossed into your passport when you arrive at any of the Vietnam airports.

What are the top 5 passports

The world's most powerful passports in 2023

Rank Country Visa-free Access
1 Singapore 192
2 Germany 190
2 Italy 190
2 Spain 190